Wednesday, January 26, 2011

thoughts on being domestic.

two posts in one day?  don't get used to it.
But, here's the thing, I've been thinking a lot about HOW to be domestic, and new ways that I can TRY to be more domestic---deep stuff, I'm sure.  I'd like to share while the kids are sleeping.  Here it goes...

image taken from some cooking website.  how's that for citation? hA!!

1. De-boning a chicken STINKS!  It's gross and I hated the experience.  It made me feel really sad inside for the chicken.  We're not huge meat eaters over here.  But, when we do eat meat, it's typically chicken.  And, when I buy chicken, I normally wait for the frozen chicken breasts to go on sale and stock pile it in my deep freezer.  I know it can be a lot less expensive to buy the whole chicken, but, I'm lazy as it is---don't add more steps for me to get the dinner on the table.  :)  I'm sounding like a spoiled brat.  As my neighbors say, "Lo Siento" (translation: I'm sorry).   I am what I am.

Back to my day, de-boning a chicken is awful.  It almost made me want to go back to being a vegetarian.  Oh, you didn't know I was a vegetarian?  Yes.  Yes, I was.  Back in the summer after high school.  We went on a long bus trip to visit our Church's historical sites (ever heard of the pioneers? yeah, lots of them were members of our church)---anyway, it was a 3 week tour.  We hit almost every truck stop between Utah and New York (and back again).  So, here's what happened:
We were at the truck stop.  I didn't want to get out and find another pre-packaged snack to eat.  So, I was leaning up against the bus window waiting for the others to get back on our way.  All of a sudden a big truck pulls up carrying a ton of stacked metal grates.  I was intrigued.  What was IN all those grates?
Then my heart sunk.
A billion live chickens.  All stacked up in the grates.
It was awful. It was horrible.
Right then, I decided I was going to be a vegetarian.

And it lasted for all of---maybe one day?  If that? 
I am what I am (she writes for the second time).   And, apparently, I'm a meat eater.  I don't like to think about where it came from.  As they say, "Ignorance is bliss."  Forever and ever, Amen.

So, back to chickens and meat in general.  I have a question---how do you solve THE RAW MEAT DILEMMA?  It's nice to have meat thaw before I cook it, but it makes such a mess.  I feel like the whole kitchen is contaminated when I do that.  The bowl it was thawing in is contaminated.  The knife I used to slice and dice is contaminated.  The cutting board is contaminated.  The scrubbing brush I used to clean it has touched the salmonella---I feel like it's a toxic laboratory.  So, lately, I've been putting the TOTALLY FROZEN meat in the frying pan and turning it on medium-low.  Once it thaws, then I go ahead and turn up the heat, using my spatula as my make-shift knife as I go.  Weird?  yes.  But, so much easier, it seems.

What are your tricks?  how do you do it?  I hear of things like "marinades" and the like, but am afraid to go back to the salmonella lab again.  H.E.L.P.

2. Baking bread.  Never do I feel more happy about my domestic skills than while I'm kneading dough for bread.  Just sayin'.  There's something that happens to me---it's like I'm connected with all my ancestors.  (Maybe I'm talking about ancestors b/c we've been on a MULAN kick at this household.  "Ancestors, hear my plea!  Help me not to make a fool of me...")  Speaking of Mulan, here is our make-shift Mulan outfit.  I felt really proud coming up with it.

Anyway, here's the fruit of my labors.  Be SO impressed.  A special thanks to my friend, Brooksie, who made this for me right after I'd given birth to Calvin.  I'd been dreaming about it for months, and finally got the recipe from her.  It's a good one.  And the kids love it too.

Presenting Brooksie's Amazing Cinnamon Swirled Healthy Amazing Sweet Potatoed Bread (and yes, I did just make up that title).

yes, it was THAT delicious.
some of the ingredients used.  This is a *healthy bread and I feel like a granola while making it.  And, yes, those are CINNAMON CHIPS!  AMAZING!  Sold in your baking aisle, by the regular choc. chips.  You can thank Brooksie later.
yes, you do use SWEET POTATOES in this recipe.  Or, maybe in your home you call them CAMOTE CORTADO.  Either way, it's delicious.  All you do is rinse the syrup off, mash up, and dump in the bowl!  Amazing!  Much better than peeling, boiling, and THEN mashing.
The secret is the WHITE whole wheat.  It only looks like regular WHITE bread!  It's really GOOD FOR YOU.  So it's okay to eat a whole mini loaf by yourself.  Oh, wait.
Here they are in my new mini loaf pans.  And, no, mine never rise really well.  I think I'm lame in the YEAST department.

The pretty side.
The monster side.  Oops.
let's focus on the beauty of this one.
 Good times in the kitchen.  Good times.

::: Matilda is in love with this little pink chap-stick.  She is getting a little chappy these days, so I said this can be her special chap-stick.  She is in love.  Let's watch her apply it while Cal plays with blocks (because you obviously have NOTHING better to do.  You are, after all, reading my blog).

turning the dial to get more coverage.
"mom, are you catching this? here I go."
yep, good rub together.
oh, calvin.
no, m'am. we don't put it on our cheeks!
that's better.

There you have it.  A real play-by-play with Tillie's chap-stick.
Proof that sometimes things I cook turn out lovely (at least on one side).
And, questions about raw meat.

If that's not a domestic post, I don't know what is?!

been busy blogging even though you may not know it.

Yes, that's right. I really have been busy blogging.  Project REWIND.  This is where I try to get my act together and post all the wonderful happenings of life from yesteryear (literally).  Oh, I saw that Tillie's 2.5 birthday post had the wrong date.  She turned 2.5 back in October.  Oops. 

So, let's go ahead and share the links:

End of June 2010---regular life AFTER the 5 week vacay
Most of July 2010 (Independence Day, garage sale, Cal, buying new car)
Family Reunion: Wood Style (end of July/early August 2010)
August 2010 in a nutshell (lizzy comes to town).  (Emily came to town a week prior to Lizzy's visit.  This is when we were so motivated and painted my town (errr... house) WHITE.  You can see that here.)
September's randoms... 2010  (kid photo shoot, restaurant supply store)
Tillie's HALF birthday, Oct. 2010 (many of you have seen this, but here it is where it's SUPPOSED to be.)

Congratulations.  You are ALMOST as caught up as I am.  We're getting there.  Slow and steady wins the race (of life).

So, I saw this video last night, and I might have teared up at the sheer amazing-ness of it all.  It's another flash mob scene, but it's all a cappella (sp?).  Amazing.  You won't regret watching it.  (Of course, when I asked Aaron if he'd seen it, he had.  Apparently it's been on the world wide web for a while now.  So, in case you aren't as HIP as Aaron is, feel free to watch it for the first time.)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Project rewind, yet again.

Here's the thing... I have pictures from our UTAH and CALIFORNIA trip from JUNE 2010 (yes, that would be OVER 6 months ago) to post.  What?!  Sorry.  That's what happens when you are gone on vacation for 5 weeks!
A lot happens.  A lot of NOTE worthy events, too.  So, it's NO WONDER I've been putting it off for a LOOOONG time.  I procrastinate.  It's what I do.  Don't be haters.  I'm getting my act together.  Slowly, but surely.

So, if you care (which, if you don't, I won't blame you) here are the posts of our big vacation time:

Part 1: Utah with the Woods

Part 2: St. George with Snyder fam

Part 3: St. George and California

Part 4: Utah, again.

More to be updated soon.  But here's a few for now.

These posts were brought to you, in part, by:
Costco---for helping me find some really great Gala apples to keep me awake during my marathon night of updating.
My Dad---for giving me a super comfortable office chair to use at my computer.  Back and bum support (oh, yes I did) is a must for marathon blogging sessions.
iPhoto---thanks for arranging my photos into automatic "Events" so I can quickly and easily find the pictures I want, when I want.
Pandora---this website provided me a fascinating supply of music.  Their Quick Mix option is great.  You can select MULTIPLE artists, and then they provide the play-list.  Awesome.  Tonight, songs were provided by John Legend, Katie Nash, The Weepies, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Sarah McLachlin.  Good times. 
And, a HUGE thanks to Tillie and Cal for STAYING ASLEEP and giving me a few hours of uninterrupted peace and quiet.  Mega kudos to them.

Thank you.  God bless.  Good night and Good luck.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

oh, that thing she does on the computer from time to time...

So, I just sent a few packages (of orders I'd done) out the door yesterday.  I have to admit, it's like a natural high for me when I see the fruit of our labors printed and packaged up.  As my friend, Kennan, sometimes says, "It brings a tear to a glass eye..." (that makes me chuckle to myself every time I hear that).

My friend, Bekah, wanted me to create a baby shower invite.  The mom-to-be had already picked up the crib bedding, so I took the sheets and bumper for inspiration: here's the link.  And, here's a picture from their website.  They had some fun peacocks/damasks/and polka dots. 

They don't know if the baby will be a boy or girl, so here were a few ideas for the invite... (and yes, I changed the info. so the innocent can be protected. I think Kelly's last name is my favorite.) And the wording?  All Bekah.  She's amazing like that.  She's my go-to-girl when I have no idea what to put!  :)


P.s. Bekah said that the new mom liked bunnies, so maybe, if it worked, to add a white bunny.  Hence, the bunny on the far right one.  HA!  Kind of random, but fun to add a bunny to my repertoire.  I already have been making Easter things with him.  I know.  Roll your eyes.  This is what I do when the kids go to bed.  Sue me.
In the end, they chose this white one.  
I was a fan of how clean and crisp it turned out. 

Next, I planned a baby shower.  It was really fun and it was for someone I really really like, Ashley W.  We did a fun gray/yellow/pink color scheme and she is a fan of elephants, so naturally, I jumped on that.  We sent out a little postcard with the 411.  Here's what it looked like:

I'll post pictures from the party later.  But, it was funny, I needed a birthday card ASAP, so I swapped some things around, changed a few colors and VIOLA!  A new birthday card.  I also needed another card for a non-birthday package, so I changed the words to "happy day".  It works.  Kind of fun with the bright balloon, right?  Right.  I'll answer that myself.  Kraft/gray/red.  Great combo, if I do say so myself. 

Next we had some Bridesmaid Cards to attend to.  I was pretty flattered, b/c the customer had bookmarked my store, so that when she got engaged, I could make her some too.  Well, I have had my shop closed for a while, but I made an exception when she emailed me.  
Who can say no to such nice people?  Not me.  And, she had such patience!  I told her in November when she emailed that they wouldn't be ready till mid January, and she was okay with that!?!  

So, even though these Bridesmaid cards take so long to do (p.s. remember, I wasn't the one who came up with it, the amazing Anna from Rifle Designs did on a DIY site, and I was helping a bride come up with a digital version for ease of life and then a few people have wanted some since.  Hence, the cards were born.)---anyway, they turned out pretty fun.  

Her colors were rose, plum, gold, and a gray white color.  So great.  
And, it helped that her bridesmaids were all getting some really fun J.Crew dresses.  All different styles, same color.  Now that's classy.  Hence, the different dresses.  

My friend, Jen, had a baby a few months ago, and I did these for her.  Some thank you cards and some prints.  I had a picture of her baby bedding too.  Makes my life so easy!  Basically, I just took colors from the bedding to make the stationery.  So fun that she had pinks AND blues.  Here's the bedding (and the link):

Anyway, here are the cards that ended up happening (bear with the lighting. the color isn't as true as the others when I was photographing, oh well).  And, don't you love her little name?  oh my.  So sweet.  And, this baby girl?  She is as darling as babies come!  I'm telling you what--- D-A-R-L-I-N-G!


My friend, Miss Chalk, asked for me to do some prints for her Young Women in her ward.  She's the President and on top of things like that.  The theme for this year is the 13th Article of Faith. I love it.  What a great theme.  So many good things in that "article" (what do I say? verse? phrase? belief snippet?).  For those of you who don't know what the Articles of Faith are, basically, it's a synopsis of what we, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, believe.  Here's all 13 for your viewing pleasure.

Here's the 13th Article of Faith:

We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul—We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

Honestly, it's great one.  So, as you can see, there are a LOT of words, so it was hard to figure out how to create a print with them.  Anyway, with Becca's help, we succeeded.  Here are two of my favorites...

Anyway, there's the 411 in the design department.  I'm pretty lucky that I get to do this stuff.  I have maybe TOO much fun doing it.
Also, I started working on more fabric ideas, because I really enjoy doing that too.  We'll see if anything comes of it.  

Until then, peace out. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

6 year anniversary follow up...

Okay, so Aaron broke onto the blog with my FULL permission.
After "the incident" (as I like to call it), and he was certain that the stunt he pulled would be considered FUNNY (whoa whoa whoa... i gotta chime in... i don't think i ever thought this was going to be a "funny" incident... but when it was over i thought everything that had happened was in face... FUNNY! / all the writing in green is mine(aaron's)), he asked if he could post it on the blog and see what our friends had to say on the matter.

Vindication. Validation. Ahh, the smell of victory... I knew I was justified when I read your comments. Gracias, friends and comrades. (yes, yes... you definetly won)

Let's retell the tale from my point of view.
Because Christmas was two minutes ago, and then follow it up with Valentine's Day + Aaron's birthday in another few minutes---let's just say, we don't go all out for our anniversary. Heck, we don't go "all out" really, ever. We cheap (true true true). We're easy to please. We like hanging out whenever we can (with or without the kids), so you can imagine my SHOCK when Aaron waltzed through the front door on the day of our anniversary with a BIG beautifully wrapped box from Tiffany's. Seriously. Jaw dropped. Utter confusion. Is this MY husband?
My friend, Ashley, can attest to my disbelief. We were waiting forever for Aaron to get home so we could go visit another friend. Knowing we were WAY late, I decided to hold off on opening it. So, we left, but I couldn't stop talking about how crazy it was that Aaron actually PLANNED in ADVANCE a present for me. And, hello, it's got to be nice considering where the box was from... Yada yada. Ashley made a comment that "Maybe the reason why Aaron's held off on gifts in the past is because of no real income, and that now, since he has a real job..." I cut her off. No, I was sure that's not it. :)
Anyway, I get home, still in awe that he did something. I kept commenting to him, "I can't believe you did this..." as I was opening the box. And, he was just beaming with pride through it all. (untrue... so untrue... i don't remember a single beam of pride!)
Little did I know that he'd be on my black list within seconds...

So, I open it up to see this jagged-rock-crystal-jewelry-box-situation and I was still trying to be really pleased and excited so he wouldn't see how weird I thought it was. In my mind I was going, "He knows I don't really wear jewelry... This is a nice gift, but I'm not really into crystal... why would he get me this? How much did he spend? I hope he got a good deal..."

And to find out it was just a weird present given to the doctors at his work? Lame. Not funny. It was just weird. And, when the day had started, I had ZERO expectations in the gift department. But, after the little teaser before I went with Ashley, I had all sorts of expectations.
p.s. does anyone else think it's weird that the docs at aaron's work all got crystal jewelry boxes? okay. me too.

Anyway, how did it all get resolved? Well, we found out that there was a Tiffany & Co. at our fancy pants mall. So, I did my best to look fashionable so that when the employees saw me enter, they'd know that I was definitely worth their time. I'm sure they'd know I was made of money and regularly shopped at their establishment.
Pipe dream.
By the time we finally made it to their store, my previously slammin' hair-do was flat and wet. Maybe I resembled a wet rat? Yes, the rain ruined the dream. Or, maybe my cover was blown when Aaron and I had to tag-team the double doors to get our double jogging stroller through their beautifully heavy glass doors. Or maybe it was when my 2.5 year old started running toward the crystal goblets? It's a little foggy at the moment, but let's just say I wasn't kidding anyone.
Aaron, among other things, is perceptive. After I told the guy my situation (the reader's digest version, "I received this as a gift, and it's not really my style. Is there a way I can exchange it?"), and he told me that they don't carry very many things in that price range ($75. And of course they don't!?), Aaron leaned over to me and said, "You should spend more money and get something you want. Seriously. I'll take the kids out to go play. Take your time." (i just didn't want to be in trouble anymore)
Insert "Awwww, good one, Aaron" here.
That was a really great thing he did.
And, seriously, if Tillie was in that store any longer, I think I would have gone crazy.

So, after looking at all the charms and deciding I didn't want anything that said, "Tiffany & Co." all over it, I asked if there were any plain/simple rings. The guy was trying to be nice, but said flatly, "The rings START at $100." I tried to play it cool. I said, "oh, yeah, well I could pitch in some of my own normal money..." Yeah, cool. Play it cool.
Whatever. The lowest priced rings still had "Tiffany & Co." plastered all over it. And then there was another one with their New York address inscribed all over the front. Why would I want that? Like I need to know their address. Why? so I can send them a postcard? Weird.
I know, I know. I kid. I get that Tiffany is an establishment in NY. There is a ton of history associated with their company. I know. Lots of people are into it, but, honestly, I'm not really.
So, seeing that I wasn't going to fork over any of my REAL money, the guy switched gears to their "leather goods".
In the end I bought a 2011 Planner.

My mom has been buying me planners for YEARS. They have never been used (sorry, mom). But, he said I had to get something right then, b/c with no receipt they couldn't do something for me unless there was a transaction? What? Lame. Now I have a $27 credit. Meaning I spent almost $50 fake money on a really pretty blue planner. What?! I'd better use it. It is really pretty, though, right? That blue... So, moral of the story, let me know if you want my $27 gift card, b/c I won't be using it. Seriously, let me know if you want it.

Also, Aaron and I are happy. Even though we sometimes drive each other crazy and do things we think are funny, but the other person thinks it's rude (in fairness, we BOTH make mistakes. Like sometimes I tickle his feet, and he gets SO mad). We have fun. We are glad we got married. We make a good team. We still like hanging out with each other the most.
My sister sent us a few funny e-cards in honor of our anniversary.
My favorites were "I can't believe how much I'm not sick of you."
The other one said, "Let's celebrate the day you gave up on finding anyone better than me."
Pretty funny. good times. happy 6 years.

In case you want to SEE if we are still fans of each other, here's proof. We had a photo session tonight. Sunday night lounge clothes. Kids were in bed by 6:00 p.m. (church starts WAY late this year, so the kids missed their naps and were BEGGING to go to bed. literally.) We had the night to our selves. This is how we spent it.
p.p.s. I'm a huge fan of the remote control at the ready. Nice. Thanks, Aaron.

re-enacting a few poses our photographer wanted us to do on our wedding day.

gazing at me. remote control still near by.

that's a lucky guy. great pucker, melissa. don't you all wish you had someone with such a great pucker?

...and the hits keep coming. My sisters and I used to say, "Kiss the Royal hand..." I thought it was funny (per my usual). Aaron thought it was a little odd. hA!

Aaron is a good sport. Looks like he's done with the photo-marathon-session.

Welp, th-th-th-that's all folks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

need some help here

ok, quick question that i'd really like everyone's help on...

yesterday was jan 11, 2011... the day before melis and i have been married for 6 years.  i was at work and was given a random box in that color tiffany & co puts everything in (melissa just said tiffany blue).

i walked into the doctor's lounge and the other dentist was there with my office manager and my office manager was saying "let's see if dr. wood has the same reaction as you..."

i said, "oh great, it's my anniversary tomorrow"... the other doc had just said he was glad he had something for valentine's day now.


today when i got home from work i gave melissa the box and she was all super excited and everything and was telling her friend how great it was that i did something unexpected and she was so happy.  unfortunately she had to leave the house right then and couldn't finish opening it until she got home.

when she got home she was still so happy i'd thought of her on our special day.  "i can't believe it!" she kept saying, "what?!... this is great... why did you do this!?"

as she finally got the package open she got to this:

finally at this point she's still saying she can't believe i'd thought to do something like this in advance and it's not like me or anything and why did i do this... i didn't really know what to say.

so i just said i got it at work the other day and hadn't even opened the box yet.

which leads me to the big question...

Rude or Funny?

please vote and leave it in the comments.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011, here we are.

After a stint in Utah to celebrate the holidays with our some of our favorite family and a few friends, we are back in Texas.

Here are a few things to note:

::: Calvin just had his first birthday. I'm floored. What?! He is a full blown one year old and we think he's the best. He's maxing out in the DARLING department and getting funnier everyday. I told Aaron that he is a lot like me, b/c he laughs really hard at funny things he does... even if no one else thinks it's very funny. I love it. Even more, I love him.
Here are a few pictures I took of him yesterday. I need to take legit ones soon. And, there are more from his birthday that I'll post in the Utah post, but for now, you can see what he looks like RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE (well, you know what I mean).
shot of him with his red hair

He loves to do this thing where he hides his face between his legs. He is way more flexible than I've ever thought of being.

classic cal face
another hair shot and cute profile.

here's the thing, you know I'm not a pro photographer. My indoor shots are either blurry and yellow OR stark and crazy with the bright flash. Sorry, folks. So, I made a few of them B&W. Regardless of his mother's lacking skills, hopefully you are able to get the drift that this kid is pretty cute.

my little ballroom dancer. love the tucked in slim look.
happy, happy boy.

::: The holidays were lovely. We were spoiled, royally. Pictures to come. I'm in the process of unpacking it all and getting excited all over again. One of the presents we received, Tillie is watching right now. On this very computer. At the same time I am updating this blog. That's right, we're sharing the screen. The things I do for this silly girl... Curious to know the movie title? It's her new favorite, "How to Train Your Dragon"---it's a good one. We saw it in the theater when it came out and she loved it. I think it was the first one she sat through totally GLUED to the screen.

::: Speaking of Matilda, she's in full princess garb at the moment. Nana 'Nise gave her a Snow White costume, rosebud headband, and riduculous Disney princess high heeled shoes (she got three pairs, just in case any of them get lost or Cal wants to borrow some). Also, she has her singing Belle doll that Grandma & Grandpa Wood gave her in her lap (you push her hand and she magically sings). She also has Cal's teething rings all up her arm that double as bracelets (something she totally discovered on her own) and a beaded necklace. She is in GIRLY GIRL HEAVEN. Wow. Pretty funny.

::: Whoops! I recently discovered that the owl cards I did a while back share the same sentiment that my friend, Eva's cards did.
Here's mine:

Here's theirs:

Notice the similarity? Oh my word. I gasped in horror as I saw it on her site the other day. Eva and her husband run Sycamore Street Press, and they are super successful, legit, and wonderful. It looks like I copied it, but I assure you, it was not my intention. I'm a big believer in not ripping off others' designs and taking credit. And, if you saw the two cards and thought I was being lame and a thief, I apologize. The idea to do the "woot. woot." really came from a pure spot in my brain. I love their style and check out their store from time to time and they are definitely inspirational to me, but know that the similarity between the two cards was not intentional. A blog that I read, Dana Made It, she expressed what I want to say in her post. Anyway, that's that. Sorry, Eva!

::: Speaking of stationery, I'm up to my ears in baby shower fun. I love this kind of stuff. I'm planning a shower for one of my good friends here in San Antonio. I've been busy this evening making food labels and a paper garland. I hope they turn out as fun as I am envisioning.

::: Speaking of shower preparations (the baby shower kind, not the everyday cleansing kind), I decided to load up the kids and head to Costco this morning. Since Aaron usually makes the Costco trips with me, I was a little anxious about making the trip on my own. But, I needed to find good-fool-proof fruit (for the shower), restock our freezer and refrigerator, and most important, we needed more toilet paper. :) Honesty. That's why you like me.

Well, we did it. It was a great trip. The kids were great. I will say, it's a little difficult to hold a 50 pound one year old (kidding, he's only like 25 pounds, but still...) while helping your 2.5 year old unbutton her jeans and help her stay germ-free in the bathroom stall. That wasn't very fun. All in all, though, the only real tragedy was losing approx. 40 gold fish crackers that accidentally slipped out of our little container as the kiddos were scarfing them down. Not too shabby. No tears (from the kids or myself). And, it actually was QUITE pleasant.

Something interesting to note, in San Antonio, people are really sweet when they see two little happy kiddos in the cart. I've been taking note of some of the differences between Utah and Texas, and that is one difference. People get really excited to see your little kids here---especially BABIES. Oh, they love cute babies here. Cal was a hit. And, if you're pregnant? Get outta town! People are so nice and accommodating. I think, maybe b/c there are so many families with lots of kiddos in Utah, you don't get as many "ooohs and ahhhhs".

Anyway, it was just an observation, and generalization, for sure. Oh, and another thing I noticed while in Utah---there are so many WHITE people! :) hA! I never thought about it growing up, but I notice it all the time when I visit. It always floors me that there are so many people who look and dress so similarly to myself in Utah. Kind of funny.

::: Speaking of pleasant Costco trips, (let's get back on track) I don't think I've ever told you about why I love running errands. Enter BRUCE, the Great White.

Yes, that is his name. He came to us the day after our '95 Camry died. Back in August, Aaron wanted to take Matilda to see "Toy Story 3" one evening. I thought it was too late for her, but he really wanted to go. They went and loved it. I had stayed home with our sleeping 6 month old baby. Next thing I know, I get a phone call around 9:45 from Aaron saying that they were stranded and okay, but that he thought the engine had "blown up" (---imagine my reaction!) and they needed a ride home. We had his micro-machine, Ruby, at the house, and b/c it's a stick shift and, as Aaron says, "needs a lot of love" when you start her up, I told him there was no way I could pick them up. Our friend bailed them out, thankfully, and the next day we went around to dealerships to find our van. We're planning on more kids in the future (near and/or far) and I had been researching options for months.

Luckily, BRUCE was waiting for us at Gunn Honda (highly recommend the place. Their "one simple price" and "no haggle method" is the bomb). He came to us USED, so they needed to do a few things with him, but the price was right, and we've been thrilled ever since. Who knew Aaron's 1988 Corolla, Ruby, would outlast MY Camry? Crazy.
Let's take another look.

I have a DEEEEEEP and ABIDING LOVE for this vehicle. Make fun and call us what you want, but our entire family LOVES our van. I never knew an automobile could bring me such happiness. And, don't get me started on the AUTOMATIC sliding doors?! sigh.

You might be surprised, but MANY MANY people have told us,"Oh, we're not VAN people..." Aaron and I scratch our head when we hear this response from our friends (no, we don't literally scratch our heads, just figuratively). What does that mean, "We're not VAN people..."? You don't like amazing storage? You don't like incredible convenience? You don't like removable + folding seats? You don't like freaking amazing innovation?
That's cool.
Enjoy your drive, but as for Aaron and me, we are PROUD VAN PEOPLE. I want to say something like, "VAN.ers for life!" but I'll refrain. :)

And, I know that we didn't buy the Toyota Sienna, but I feel as cool as this couple from this music video. Yes, I'm sure you've all seen it, but if you want, feel free to watch it again and imagine Aaron and me as the parents in the video. You're welcome.

::: I've decided I have great talent in the tangent department. Wow. How did we go from Calvin turning a year to Tillie's princess costume to Costco and then discussing my love for our van?

I knew you were worried, but have no fear.
It might be a new year, but it's still the same me.

Until the next time that I feel like talking your ear off...
peace out.


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