Friday, May 29, 2009

jingle jangle, shingles shangle.

The only word applicable in the title would be the 2nd to last one. For those of you who don't feel like counting, that would be SHINGLES.
me. guilty as charged.

it bites the big one. and I hate shingles.

but I will say this, I'm glad to know that all my whining and pain for the last 1.5 weeks aren't in vain. Am I sad that I have shingles, yes. But, do I feel validated for being so miserable? you bet your bottom dollar.

So, people, riddle me this:
HOW do you pack for 5 + weeks of vacation which includes a trip to Utah, Alaska and then to Lake Powell? Just curious. And, with the new baggage rules, how do you do that with ONE piece of luggage, a stroller, a car seat, a mini human (aka matilda) and who knows what else? Oh, and all the while, you can't sit down or bend to pack it all because you have mini blisters every where.

As the friendly people at McDonalds sing, "I'm lovin' it."


We're heading outta here!

Heaven help us.

but, before we go, I'm on the PC side of my computer (it's a Mac) and I just found what I gave Becca a while back. Enjoy, muchachos.

collage for becca april 2009

p.s. no, the original version didn't have "copyright melimba 2009", but I added it to the digital file so no one rips it off. i'm tricky like that.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

anything you can do...

just kidding (about the title).

i don't really think like that, but as of late (well, and really the past 8 years of my life), I've discovered a complex that I have.
Yes, I have a complex and I'm going to discuss it here at this forum. Go call the WAAAhhmbulance.

I have this obsession with looking at a million inspiring and wonderful blogs/websites with beautiful images and awesome projects/paper goods and think, "That is so cool. I could totally do something like that." Or I see something neat on ETSY and think, "I could make that." Then I start feeling bad that I am NOT doing things like that with my life, and start making plans and shifting my priorities so I can "do it all"----but then, my list gets buried under the mail, or chewed up by little M. and I forget---rinse and repeat.

So, folks, I'm not a TOTALLY changed woman.
However, I did DO something.

Luckily, Aaron stepped in, to save the day, and for Mother's Day, awarded me 5+ hours to lock myself in my happy room and accomplish these things (along with backing up my entire photo collection, my computer's life, printing cards, and the like). It was heaven. I'm thinking this could be the start of a lovely tradition.

Who needs flowers these days? I say, give me the gift of TIME.

Seriously, I don't remember the last time I was BORED. If you looked around this joint, you'd see I have too many projects on my queue (sorry, we do Netflix).

So, with no further adieu, here are just three of the many things accomplished on that good day.

These are available right this minute for purchase in my shop. Give me a little bit more time and I'll show you the rest soon.

xoxo, melis

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

pop it like it's hot.

yeah, I thought it was a clever title, too.

I'd like to dedicate this post to a food item that once was a part of my life, but then I shunned it (overdose you could say), and now, I feel, it is here to stay.

"What food item could make such a come back?" you wonder. Well, my friends, it happens to be a little thing called POPPED CORN, or for the layman, (I almost was going to write "lame man", but decided not to do that) (here's what the definition is for layman:a person who is a non-expert in a given field of knowledge)----anyway, most call it POPCORN.
Now, for some of you, the darling children's song, "Popcorn Popping" comes to mind (speaking of, my mom created a RAP for that one time. Awesome). But for others, who, too, share a love for this treat, you may just be glad that I have hopped on the bandwagon.

Either way, I am here. No, rather, the POPCORN is here. And it is here to stay.

My family used to have an "Air Popper" when I was younger. I have since seen a few of them "popping" up at friend's homes. So, I was going to ask you, the audience of three, where I might be able to find one of these beauts. But, all's I had to do was punch it in to Google, and viola! I found one to purchase at my local Wal-Mart! So, I think I'm going to go get one.

I came up with a really complex equation. Just call me Einstein...
Air Popper = Healthy popcorn = Cheaper popcorn = more popcorn for consuming = happiness.

The period at the end of happiness meant that I was concluding the my equation.

So, there you go. The proof is right there (I also wanted to say "the proof is in the poof" --- going along with the pun of POPCORN. I am liking to capitalize every letter in the word POPCORN, because it is that special to me).
I could go on and on about the complexities of how miraculous it is that each kernel, when popped, is so beautiful. Seriously. Have you ever studied popped kernels? I think it is a miracle. Aaron might use a different word, but whatev. This is my dedication.

Anyway, just when you thought I had NOTHING to talk about...

There are really a ton of things going on right now in life, and I probably should be doing something a little more, how we say, productive. But, I just wanted to give a shout out to a healthy, fun-lovin' snack.

Three cheers for POPCORN!
Now for the mothers in my life, say it with a Dixie/Spanish Fark accent: POP POP POP Carn!

Oh, another note, that actually totally relates (mind reels...), is that we went to CORNYVAL last weekend (you need to check out the "official" web page for the event, it is a real gem. The happy corn pictured at the top is taken from this website). The event was great! More on that later!

Anyway, happy wednesday.
peace out.

oh, and go pop yourself some corn.
you'll thank me later.
p.s. if you don't have an air popper, and don't want to eat the really buttery-not-so-good-for-your-thighs-microwave-kind, then go find Orville Redenbacher's new "Natural" line. The Simply Salted kind is pretty delish and good for you. ok. that is enough tips for the day. sheesh. what am I? some kind of expert?

Friday, May 1, 2009

things that make me happy.

People, it's all about the little things in life.
The little things make me happy.

It is a good day. The beginning of a new month. The sun is shining. All is right in the world.

So, let's make a list of the things that are topping my HAPPY list today:

- OxiClean. never ceases to amaze me. Because I can't use bleach on Matilda's crazy colored clothes, then I use this delight. Did I say just on her clothes? Oh, I use it EVERYwhere in my house. I am a huge fan. It makes me happy.

-this guy. Kalai. Sarah and I were his NUMBER 1 fans before anyone ever had heard of him. True story. He was playing at Thanksgiving Point for the Utah County Fair, and we were the ONLY two in the audience, besides his wife and sound guy. Yes, we were that die hard. Back in 2002? Right, Sar? Anyway, I've been listening to his music while doing life today, and I'm still diggin' it. Here's a great song. Good stuff, all around.

-Folding mini clothes. (Can you tell I've been doing laundry?) I never tire of folding little bitty human clothes. Never.

- The Costco Kirkland brand - plain white t-shirts. We bought a pack of them for Aaron a while back, and he looks SO good in them and they are made out of the best thick cotton. Very cool. Great purchase. He just walked out the door with one, and we both are STILL big fans.

- Exercising. Let me explain. Because, probably, in your head, you are thinking, "Wow, I never knew she was so full of it..." Please hold. Okay, let's talk.

No, it isn't the feeling I have PRIOR to or DURING the sweat, it's the AFTERmath. I always feel better about myself and my life when I have taken a half hour out my my day to exercise. So, thanks, Tony. You're doing me good.

- 1/2 days of school for Aaron. Yes, today would be one of those days. And, fancy this, he will be
spending most of the time off with ME! Normally, he spends the 1/2 day off improving his chances of specializing and doing good... so we don't totally benefit from those 1/2 days off. But, today we are.

-Shamu. I get a little teary every time I see this HUGE killer whale do back-flips. Call me a sucker. Whatev's people. I don't care. I'm a SeaWorld lover. And, with that, we're off to see our sea lovin' creatures. Peace out, yo.

Go and have a lovely day yourself.
Okay? Okay. good. Reeaady, break!


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