Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Reunion: Wood Style, August 2010

Aaron's little brother, Tyler, got home from his mission from North Carolina!  (WHOOP! there it is!)  In honor of his return, and in honor of the new tradition, we decided to have a REAL family reunion.  It was really great.  We stayed in a cabin in beautiful northern Utah and had a weekend of good old fashioned fun.

Here's what we did...  (aaron was in charge of the captions. can't wait to see what he wrote.)
i think this pinata was given the name ernest p. fluffyspurs... i think

garrett is a really good athlete... watch out  (he ended up knocking fluffyspurs's head clean off)
little girl cousins gettin' in on the act
taking a breather
we had to let the other guys have a turn after garrett's wrath, so we put his head on again as good as we could and hung the pinata again
caden getting ready for the bigs
create your own caption here... i got nothing
did someone say chocolate cake?!

adam must've just said a good one 
when you're the best of friends...
you're not even aware you're such a funny pair
having so much fun together
you're the best of friends... oh wait, i mean mom and son (but you can be friends)
calvin wearing a hat... and wearing it well
*The craft portion was our plan.  We brought the paint, Gma & Gpa Wood provided each family with colored t-shirts.  We all had a logo to work with (Wu-Tang Clan (who's that?) modified to say WOOD. Aaron's idea. I thought they turned out rad.).  Here we are busy at work...

I think this one speaks for itself
thanks for helping us set up the shot G!

 I thought these last few on the flight home were pretty funny.  We were lucky enough to get these front seats (what's the word, Aaron?  (here ya go melissa... BULKHEAD... but, there was no bulkhead, so we can call them row 4 seats)  ---when they were serving the First Class passengers their fancy delights, they did this.  Adding insult to injury.  Nice.

Ta Da! 

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