Monday, July 30, 2007

watch out for our tiger!

whoa! I wouldn't want to mess with this tough guy. (whoo whoo! hot bod, by the way!)

why would he be making this face? please, read on.
Alas, here we are...saving your eyes from reading my last post. Talk about way too much information from Melissa in ONE sitting. You were all nice to even attempt reading it...even though you didn't need to. And, thanks for the well wishes in the seminary department. They are much needed. :)

Anyway, on a more pressing matter... I am sure you are wanting to know the reason as to why my "usually delightful" husband would be making such a "i'm gonna tear out your liver with my teeth" face. Get a load of this: Yeah, this was our welcome home party. You know, the one our pool threw for us upon our return home from Utah.

Apparently, when there is a lot of rain the pool throws up. Eghwww. Sick imagery, but I'm pretty sure that is what happened.

However, I am proud to announce that our pool is on the "up and up" (i love that phrase). After a Saturday morning filled with Aaron scraping out the DISGUSTING - algae filled - mosquito larvae infested - slimy - stinky - abyss (while I so dutifully sprayed the hose, making sure not to get anything on my freshly washed jeans), the pool is looking much better.

Who knew something could be so gross in such a small amount of time? Not I. Anyway, it is ready to be filled and chlorinated...for a second time this summer.

Whew! Who knew pools could be sooo much fun?!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

tag! you're it!

hmm...well, I guess I have been tagged. By TWO people! Thanks Jill and Michelle...NOT! :) Man, I have been avoiding doing it, because I haven't wanted to really sit down and use my brain. When I sit at the computer, I try to avoid using that part of my life. I am like a computer vegetable when I look at blogs, so this is going to be a stretch for me. ha! now, don't I sound like a winner or what?!

Seven things about me that you may know, may not know that is "funny, random, silly, whatever" (taken from Michelle's blog) and "These facts can be happy, sad, or whatever" (taken from Jill's blog). Hmmm...ok.
(p.s. these are in no particular order.)

-i love sound. When I am by myself at home or if Aaron is studying on the kitchen table and it is like I am by myself, I always like having some type of sound going on. For this reason, I have the t.v. on low most of the day or turn on my computer and have music or podcasts going. Like right now, for example, I have an australian radio pod cast with Nicole Kidman as the guest going in the background. Am I listening to it at all? No. is sound. Should we analyze this? Feel free. I have some speculations, but I won't bore you with those right now. Oh wait! you already are bored! :) oh well. I'm tagged, what do I do?
In case you want a cool website to listen to different sounds/music/audio books...go to this site. Aaron showed it to me. It is neat because you search for songs or whatever and then you can make a playlist and then it plays Pretty complex, I know. It is good because I can listen to songs from High School Musical and other great things :) (me too michelle).

-i just got asked to be a seminary teacher. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was me, freaking out. I use the word "asked" and not "called" because, apparently you can turn these things down. Yeesh. But, alas, I said yes. So, beginning August 27th you can know where I will be every single weekday except school the chapel. Class begins at 6, but since I am the teacher (go figure) I should be there at 5:45 a.m.
Wow. I told Aaron a few weeks ago that we should make some goals to be better at scripture study and really study. ha! Well, guess who got a call that VERY NIGHT! :) It's my fault, I know. jk. I really am excited about it...and wow, what an excuse to really get into the scriptures.
I'm just overwhelmed. I mean, I was IN seminary approximately two minutes ago. !!! You know, the STUDENT! And I had teachers like Brother Halverson, who is incredible and knows the scriptures and their applications like the back of his hand! Me? When I found out I am teaching Old Testament I wanted to cry. Oh, wait! Did cry.
Anyway, so get excited. I am.

-i have a love/hate relationship with the phone. I am not a fan of talking on the phone unless I am really in the mood. But I love to text message. What a beauty. You can communicating without really "talking". Love that. Also, if you try calling my house phone, you'll probably get my answering machine (if it is working). Every time the power goes out, it shuts down the answering, because it has been so stormy for practically the entire summer, we consequently don't get messages. We don't really answer the home phone, b/c we only got it for the internet (which we use WAY too much).
So, if you want to get a hold of us, call our cell phones.
And if you don't have one of our cell phone numbers, well, sorry charlie. Guess you can't talk to us. :)
And, my friends know that I am pretty bad with calling back in a prompt manner. I call back, but don't be mad if it is a day or two later. :) Hope no emergencies happened. Oh! and leave a message if you want me to call back. Oh! and I don't answer numbers that aren't already on my, again, leave a message. Way too much information.

-i am a procrastinator/deadline/wait until the absolute last minute person. 'nuff said.

-i love naps. LoVe love love naps. One of my best friend's mom always used to take a nap in the afternoon. I love that. I hope I can be just like that when I grow up. It doesn't have to be an hour or two hour deal, even for a half hour is good. I just LoVe to sleep. We could analyze that one too, couldn't we?
My mom always says this "how would it be!?" when she finds out that I have been napping (that word sounds like i'm a little baby or something), and to that I say this: "It is all about priorities. If a nap is important to me, I schedule it into my day." and then she tells me all of the things that need to get done by her in a day, and I again say, "where are your priorities mom? obviously a nap isn't one of them, and if it was, you'd take one yourself." and then we finish our conversation and then I'm tired. So, I sleep...again. It's my priority :) just kidding.

-i love to surf. the internet, that is. I love looking at crafter's blogs and getting inspired to create my own unique things, (notice my list of inspiration links). I use their ideas as a jumping off point. I love how you can learn how to do ANYTHING on the internet. I wanted to learn how to hem pants, so I searched for it and viola! I see step by step how to do it. I want to make a new quilt, so I search for it and get crackin'. Love that. Love the internet. So does Aaron. Lots of days you can see us at our kitchen table with both of us on our laptops just surfin' (as we fondly call it). What is funny, is that Aaron probably loves it even more than I do. Now that is a strong love. We probably will always have wireless station in our house with laptops by our side. Always.

-last one? hmmm....I better make it a good one. hmmm.... i told you that this deep thinking is hard for me.
Okay, maybe I can combine this one. Life is good. I love the fact that I have the knowledge of the gospel and it touches EVERYthing in my life. I mean, without it maybe I wouldn't have had the desire to really get married to Aaron. We could have just moved in together had a fling and when we want out, we just give back the apt. or house key and leave.
Had we not wanted to develop a REAL deep love and make covenants to be each other's support and promise to grow spiritually together and all that other good stuff, I don't know if we'd be here right now. You know?
Even now...I think to myself, how did we really do it? I mean, I was so fickle while we were dating, back and forth, saying "maybe we should take a breather for a minute..." but, I knew it was right. I had a confirmation that it was right and that we could/would be happy. So, we did it.
Best decision ever. Best ever.
I love having the tools to happiness. I know what to do to be happy. I love knowing. Knowledge is power, isn't it? The hard part is really DO-ing all those things to be happy. Luckily, I married a DO-er. And that I have a support system of DO-ers that inspire me to be better. Basically I am a lucky girl. Thanks team. Thanks for helping me use my brain.

TAG. you're it. I officially tag whomever is reading this blog (and if you've already done it, you don't have to do it again unless you want to or if you want to add anything to your list, feel free. You can have an addendum. Love that word).
BUT! if you must need an official tag...then I tag:
Natalie J. Monson, Sarah Stucks Craig (yes, that means you have to update your blog again), Sarah B. Johnson, Jandee M. Jones, Kirstin W. Starr, Kelly ? Babcock (i don't know your maiden name's initial!), Kajsa Nielson, Melissa Jessop, and Kemy Nielsen Bates (this is an excuse to finally do your blog!). Again, ANYONE who wants to has an excuse to list 7 things about themselves, even if I didn't officially "tag" you. Consider this your tag.

Whew! Breathe first. Now, get crackin'.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

details, details...

So, I was just looking at pictures on my family's computer of old pictures. I came across these photos from a little bit over a year ago. Yes, we have lived in Texas for longer than a year. Holy Cow. Strange, I know. Here are just a few pictures I found of us right before the move and when we arrived in San Antonio.

gettin' ready to move down to texas! (my sister Becca, me, Aaron, and his little bro. tyler).

look at how naive we were, we had no idea it would take THAT long (well, at least I didn't).

me & becca on the riverwalk

tyler and aaron...same picture posed spot

Topic Change: So, I just read that last post for the first time. Umm...remember how I didn't even give the link to my melimba blog? yeah, sorry. details...these are the things I forget most days.

This is the link to my other blog.

Well, our Utah trip is coming to an end. We leave today. I am writing this post on our family's computer in the room we call "the scrapbook room"--but, do we EVER scrapbook in this room? no, never. This is the desk I wrote all of those high school and jr. high papers from. This is where I first learned about the internet and would LOVE sneaking in here to sign on to that hotmail chat thing. I was pretty much addicted and when I would get in trouble, my parents would take away computer "chat" privileges.

Ahhh...those were the days.

Anyway, it has been a good little trip. We love being home. We love seeing our families and friends and just hanging out. Thanks for all of the fun, team Utah.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

melimba...and who doesn't like cupcakes?

enjoy the cupcakes I made for a work party the other day. they were quite delicious, if I do say so myself.

dear team,

so, i spent a morning and updated my *melimba* blog. I have an actual website for the company at
but there aren't tons of pictures of actual cards that are available. Alas, I posted a BUNCH on the *melimba* blog. Eventually, I am going to figure out a way for people to go to and automatically lead them to the melimba blog until I am really happy about the REAL layout for the website. You know? si. It is hard to figure out website coding and all that jazz...but Aaron did a good job for now.

Anyway, if you are curious to know what I've been up to, feel free to take a peek. And if you are interested in ordering anything, let me know. I'm excited, today I am going up to another store in SLC to make a big delivery. Fun fun fun.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

check it

So here we are in utah. This is a picture of us sleeping. Look at how peaceful Utah is. Really peaceful.

Uh-huh... melissa accidentally spilled bleach on her collar and so it is her sleeping shirt.

We went and watched my nephew play baseball yesterday. I thought it was great cause i got to yell at the umpires a couple times (payback for all those years when I was the ump) and melissa felt really bad each time an 8 yr old struck out and had to walk back to the dugout with quiver lip.

Not really sure what we're doing today, but I'm sure it doesn't involve 1) anything to do with UTHSCSA 2) work of any kind and 3) mosquitos & crickets (San Antonio's gettin' taken over).

Oh yea, we are going to HP5 tonight.

Also... shout out to sarah craig for her uncharacteristic-non "bi-annual" update. We're all very proud. Oh, and congrats on getting the cast off.

Hopefully we can see some of you Utah people while we're here.

Adam and Ashley... you need a blog.

Monday, July 9, 2007

let freedom ring...and mustaches that make me want to ...sing! (or puke, whatever).

uncle rico delivers.

oh, wait. maybe he's more like kip. either way i say, "GROSS."

I was trying to figure out a way to post LOTS of pictures and save on space. Now it is a disjointed mess. I apologize. Hey, I have lots more of these cute kiddos, but couldn't post them all. Parents, if you want any pictures, feel free to email me and I'd be glad to send them your way! :) Happy 4th of July!

Some of the pictures look all messed up... just click on it and it'll look better!

would you look at all these cute kids? and crazy adults? :) lucky for the pictures, the lighting was great because it was grey and wet! All of the cute little outfits were probably destroyed, but we had a fun time. Right? right.

Babcock engagment photo...with the camcorder. love it.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

bbq and pool-side delights

So, I just want you to all be impressed that I have posted more entries in the last week than I have ever done in my entire life.

yes, you are welcome.

let freedom ring. If this isn't country pride, then I don't know what is. I was at WalMart (a true American treat) and wanted to buy a flag. As I was selecting the flag of my choice, Aaron pops around the aisle to notify me that we not only have a flag, but one that was flown over the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. I love that I married an Eagle Scout! So, is the flag. Long may she wave on our front porch without blowing off in the wind!

A little trivia for honor of Summer AND my 2nd favorite holiday, the 4th of July.
I posted this on the Primary Newsletter this month. Here it is:
The longest frankfurter ever was cooked at a summer cookout in 1999. How long was it?
7 feet 8 inches, 26 feet 2 inches, 13 feet 4 inches

Take a stab at it. I'll put the answer at the bottom of this post. Prepare to be amazed.

Yesterday Aaron and I felt like we were a "Real" family when we started cleaning out the garage, found shelves at Lowe's for better storage solutions, looked at pots and flowers in the gardening section (and then quickly decided that we aren't responsible enough to keep anything alive), then came home and hooked up the infamous propane tank on our bbq, (we have waited over a year ! to purchase that darn tank!). We also got fresh cherries at the supermarket and some fun things for our first bbq that evening.

We both looked at each other after the perfect day and said, "Is this what real life is like?" If so, we love it. We loved being able to work together and do projects on the house and then have fun with friends that night. It was good. Really really good.

Kip, Kajsa, and cute Jaylie in our pool. Take a look at Jaylie's cute little swimsuit! Too fun! And do you love our pool cover hanging over the fence?
And I love our sunflowers, it makes a nice backdrop for the "family portrait".

Aaron and fun Dylan. I think Aaron has found his new best friend. There was tons of room to throw the kids around. They were the perfect size for the pool.

I (melissa) was the photo taker...just picture my head where that blue ball is, okay? good. See! Look how much ROOM we have! Room a plenty.

Anyway, it was a really fun day. So, I thought you might want to see and hear about it.

Oh! and the answer to the hot dog trivia? Okay, here 'tis.
The answer is 13 feet, 4 inches! The humongous hot dog was created in West Homestead, Pennsylvania to honor National Hot Dog day on July 20, 1999. Pass the mustard! (Taken from Time out for Kids)

I think that last part, "Pass the mustard!" is my favorite part. fyi.


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