Friday, September 26, 2008

finally it worked

the videos never was working, but here's our latest little garage sale find. melissa haggled down the price from $8 to $7 (way to go hun... china really paid off)

n.e. way, this video is mostly for grammas and grampas.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


well team, I thought it was about time to let you in on a big secret of mine.

let the minds wander a bit.

ok. (gear up). i am a cheater. and i am not ashamed.

let me elaborate. I am a proud user of the Betty Crocker rip and pour bags. All's you got to do (that phrase never gets old) is pour, add an egg, maybe some butter or veg. oil, mix, and then slap on a cookie sheet. Pop it into the oven and wait for 8-10 minutes.

I have perfected the art of making cookies. Yes, some may think that "REAL" homemade cookies are SOOO much better--- to them I say this "You do your thing and I'll do mine." I've had many a conversation with my gal pals here in Tejas about the subject, and they all know of my feelings toward these cookie packs. Thankfully, they still accept me and, mysteriously, the produced goods vanish into thin air. Interesting...

These days, there are always things I am needing to bring a 'lil something to... i.e. young women activity nights, BBQs, baby & bridal showers, etc. And since we have made this little discovery, my life has been forever changed. Oh, and when I discovered the idea of putting a piece of aluminum foil down on the cookie sheet, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. No mess! (And, if you haven't invested in any cooling racks, you can actually lift the two opposing corners of the foil and lift the hot cookies out and set them on the counter---seriously, with your bare fingers too! I know, it sounds like a miracle. I get it.)

People, when these bags go on sale for $1 at Albertsons (regular price $1.50), I say, "StoCK uP!" As we have done. Seriously, they are wonderful. And, if you want to get crazy (which I occasionally am known to do), you can add delicious Ghirardelli or Hershey Chocolate Chips, or Heath toffee chips, or mini Reeses PB cups. I know. Totally crazy and TOTALLY delicious. I think my favorite combo is to get the Betty Crocker Walnut Choc. Chip pack then add the Heath and more milk choc. chips.

Try it. I dare you.
And yes, you can thank me later.

oh, word to the wise... the oven will NOT take out the cookies on its own. You still have to do that. And when you forget and they burn---let's just say, you won't want to give them to your friends. Yeah, that stinks. Maybe one day I'll really be domestic for reals. Maybe.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sunday best.

just thought you might want to see this blue eyed doll face. that's all.

Friday, September 12, 2008

things i've learned about myself---in the last 48 hours.

So, I have a lot of things on my brain... and seeing that it is 5:30 a.m. and I've been up for the last few hours with Matilda and then working, I thought to myself, "What is sleep?" so I am here updating the blog. Love that. I figure, if you're up, you're up. Why sit in bed when I can be doing SOMEthing (i was going to insert "productive", but is updating my blog really called "productive"?).

Alas here we are. Things I've learned about myself in the last 48 hours. Mind reels that there could be THAT much to learn about myself in such a small window of time, but alas, it's true. Here they are.

Note 1: I have to have some type of noise in the background of my life. For example, I have the t.v. on in the family room for the bulk of the day (mind you, it is turned down most of the way to a dull roar). I am not a big fan of silence. I have a number of theories as to why, but won't go into that. I've always been that way, because my mom used to ground me from listening to the radio when I'd get on her nerves. That was a major punishment for me!

Even now, I have music going on my computer. It's a MUST when I am working, otherwise I go nuts. The point of sharing this, is because, if ever one day you are viewing your own "Google Analytics" page and seeing that some freak in San Antonio has been on your blog for hours at a time, realize that it is me. Not because I'm trying to memorize every detail of your fascinating life (please don't take offense), I am just listening to your play list in the background. Isn't it amazing how sick you can get listening to the same songs over and over again. I tend to kill songs by listening to them too many times. Even now when I hear songs like the Spin Doctors "Two Princes (Just Go Ahead Now)"--- I smile for memory's sake, and then have to turn it off, cause I killed it in the 6th grade.

Note 2: Expectations. Now, truly, I am not trying to be cynical, but I have come to the realization that in order to save myself from major grief, I have to lower my expectations in life. hA! Nice, right? I'll give you some case and point examples.

I work from home three days a week (yes, super nice, i know). I used to be able to accomplish some of that work during the daylight hours while Matilda was asleep. But, Little Ms. Tillie Mae has now changed her mind concerning her sleep/eat/life patterns. Thus, I found myself getting frustrated that I couldn't get my work done during "normal human" hours (as I like to call it). I have since realized that it isn't doing ANYone any good when I set myself up like that. So, I now plan on working in the "cloak of night" and if it so happens that I am able to get a few hours done in the daytime, I consider it a blessing. See, I guess maybe I shouldn't call it "lowering" my expectations, rather "changing" my expectations.

It's great when I can spend my energies on capturing Matilda's giggles on film or making sure we can find another great book to read, rather than thinking "how can I get her to go to sleep again or be happy enough so I can spend another few hours in front of the computer working?" Don't you agree? Me too.

You want another case and point? Sure, okay. (I know you are dying for more. hA!) Dental school, 3rd year. Everyone talks about how great it finally is to be in the 3rd year, because it's "sooo much better". You get home much earlier, hardly any tests, etc. Well team, I was expecting that to be the case. You can guess that it hasn't happened. I mean, yes, in ways this year is better, but then not in others. Why do we set ourselves up for lots of things like that?

Now, don't feel pity on me. Cause I don't. See, I have learned to change my expectations, so now I consider it "Grrrrrreat!" when Aaron comes home earlier than 9:00 p.m. See, (insert snapping fingers here) "it's just that easy!" Since doing this, let's just say, life is much better. I think Aaron would agree.

Note 3: I am a sucker for infomercials. Okay, I didn't learn that in the last 48 hours---I've always been drawn to those late night/Saturday afternoon programs that convince you to buy cordless edger that won't harm your flowers (Worx GT 2-in-1 Trimmer, yes, I just found the name of it. I really think my dad would like this!), Mighty Putty, or who can forget the classic Magic Bullet! Man, whoever was the brainchild for that one, KUDOS! And, the way they present it is totally hilarious. Aaron and I have had many discussions about this one. The whole premise is a random crowd that all slept over at the host's house. The next morning these gracious hosts make breakfast for everyone... including this crazy old smoker lady (see above gross picture---p.s. i love that i can find things like this picture on the world wide web. good times). Ahhh, I digress...

Have I ever purchased one of these items? No, not until now. (Mind you, my parents have bought TWO items for the other sucker in our family, Lizzy! For Christmas a few years ago, her big ticket item she wanted was a Scunci Steamer (she got it and loves it) and then, for another Christmas present, asked for the before mentioned, Magic Bullet. Apparently, the love for a good infomercial runs in the family).

I made my big purchase a month and a half ago and LOVE IT. Ever heard of Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer? Yeah, bought it and love it. 10 pounds lost and still loving it. hA! If anyone wants to talk to me at length about the subject, I'd definitely oblige.

(p.s. i was reminded of my love for infomercials early this morning as I was feeding Matilda--that's why I included this portion in my "things I've learned in the last 48 hours.")

Okay, that's a lot for one morning. Yeesh! I hope no one really read all of that, because they are probably going to be BORED STIFF. And if you did make it through, then you deserve some award. Thanks for helping me clear my head. I will now make my way back to bed (considering it is now 7:05 a.m.)---I think I can get at least an hour in before Matilda wants to hang out with me.

p.s. to my fellow texans--- is anyone else a little nervous about Hurricane Ike? yeah, me too. ok, i thought i was the only one.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

for becca.

Now, who doesn't love to wake up to this scene in the morning?
I love that she can be totally crying, and the second I open up that door and she sees me, she starts giggling and pumping her legs.
Now, if that isn't the best way to start a day, I don't know what is.

Becca, I know you loved it when you got to be the one to get Ms. Tillie Mae in the a.m., so I dedicate these photos to you... all the way in Jerusalem.

On a totally random note, as I was uploading our photos to the computer, I came across this one. Aaron apparently left his racquetballs in the steaming hot car. I guess this is what happens!? He played this beloved sport pretty much EVERY day that I was gone in Utah. Now he is getting multiple calls a day from dental kids and randoms he met at the gym to find out when he is going to play next. Who knew he was such the social-lite and princess-party-planner?!

I loved that he captured the magic here so I could partake (well, now you can too).

He also had a few photos of a MacN'Cheese meal gone wrong. In the microwave. In splatter form. I'll spare you those photos. Looks like it was really crazy around here while I was away.

Last but not least, I'd like to introduce you to our little boy, Tyler. Who looks a lot like Tillie. Oh, wait! my bad.

gotta love it.
yes, gotta love her. and yes, I get to kiss those little cheeks all day long.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ooootah. or utah, whatev.

well, i am here... again.  Why you may ask? Because Utah is lots of fun in the summer months, being away from our families for longer than a month was too hard to bear (just kidding), Becca was leaving to Jerusalem (just left yesterday--sob!), and Em was going to have a killer awesome birthday bash.  So, instead of coming up in October like I had originally planned, we decided to push it up a bit.  Thus, here I am.  And here's what we've been up to. (I decided I better post these before I get home, b/c all the pictures are on my family's computer).

Hot and sweaty Tillie.  I didn't want her to be cold on the airplane, so I dressed her in a long sleeve/pant outfit---but little did we know that it would be so hot upon our arrival!  Sorry, dolly! 
curious to know how she did on the plane? let's just say, when she was asleep---great! 
When she wasn't asleep---not great, AT ALL!  I never knew so many people could give me crusty stares,
 or that I could get SO sweaty in such a short amount of time.  
Cheers to a new chapter of flying airplanes in life.  Who knew it was such an experience!

Tillie Mae loves her Papa Snyder.  I love it when she looks up at who's holding her.  

Becca loves zucchini (or likes to pretend that she does).  Remember how the "Snyder Family Garden" NEVER produces things other than tomatoes? Well, Becca has apparently has a green thumb and resurrected our garden.  It now grows foreign things like basil, rosemary, peppers, strawberries and more! We are all SUPER impressed with her skills.  Who knew you didn't have to BUY things like that?  Not I.  

We hosted a bridal shower for one of Becca's friends and had WAY too much fun with frosting the cupcakes.  
When I get back to Tejas, I am going to invest in meringue powder.  That's the secret to beautiful frosting!
Who knew?!  Becca and I had contests on who could create the most beautiful swirly roses.  I'm sure I won. 
 Although, Becca thinks she did.  Whatev. 
Then, with the leftover frosting, we made wrist corsages applied directly to our skin.  It looked beautiful enough for the prom.  Oh, wait... did we eat it?  Yes, we did get sick.  Gag.  Just thinking of it makes me want to...

beautiful paper lanterns provided by our next door fabulous neighbors, the Gundersons.
 We used them for the bridal shower and then two days later for the next shin-dig.  Keep reading.

Ahh, yes... the next big THANG.  Em's 30th birthday bash.  

I decided to block out the specifics of the party with address and sorts, b/c you never know what kooks are reading.  :)  It was REALLY REALLY fun.  That was the invite.  And here are photos of the event decor.  I've included a few with people, but most of those pictures are on Em's blog.  Special thanks to our neighbors who provided paper lanterns, serving platters, flowers, etc.--not to mention helped to restock the food!  THANK YOU!

we totally think we are Martha worthy.  Whatev.  We know it rocked.

the party princess... miss matilda mae herself, made an appearance.

mom's face says a million things.  "i really don't have time to pose for your picture, but b/c I am nice, I will humor you."  Thanks, mom.

this is how I felt about all the fun!

this is how Lizzy felt about all the fun.  Posin' it up with Maddie Wheadon.  Remember how tall Lizzy is?

And, this is how Becca felt about all the fun.  Going with the flow.  All's good in the neighborhood.  Love this picture.  Love her shoes too.  Oh, and love this girl.  Remember how she is in Jerusalem right now?  Cool/uncool.  (thanks, jesse for the phrase).  Cool that she is having the experience of a lifetime, uncool that she is not here with me now.

incredible cupcakes made by the lovely Jana Gunderson.  She has more talent than we know what to do with!  
And, the cookie jars turned out pretty cute too---if I do say so myself.  :)

let's take a close-up of those cupcakes!  Awesome, right?!

the lanterns all a glow with the pretty twinkle lights.  We were in love with it all.  Special thanks to Becca, who hung most of the lanterns on her own while I was feeding Tillie, and then, per my request helped me re-hang them for the non-clumped look.  She wasn't too happy about that idea, but did it anyway.  You are a trooper and a champ.  In the end, we did like it much better, but it was a bugger to hang them all.
There's my grandma walking and K' holding Tillie.  Good times.

ok, another shot.  Here is a shot of part of the yard and "Joshua Creek" in the background.  Remember Mr. Hinton in Jr. High?  The French teacher?  Yes, that is him and his band doing a sound check.  They were really great!

Tillie loving her other grandparents!  They came early to help with the rest of the setup (and to hold the little diva!).  Thanks!

Us with the beautiful Craig family.  Remember how I have been friends with Sarah forever? And room-mates twice? OH!  and remember how Sarah had her baby hours after this event? What?!  I know!  She had been having contractions for the last few days, and during the party they were 8 minutes apart!  WHAT?!  And remember how gorgeous she is?!  Who looks like that at 9 months?!  No one, but beautiful Sarah.  Golly, she is great.  And, remember how she almost had her baby in the car??  Yeah.  CaaaRRazy!  
p.s. it was cold, so I bundled Matilda up. That is why she looks so strange.

I got to hold lil' Nina Mae!  Ok, she is a total doll face!  Look at her!  I can't decide who she looks like more... Whit or Billiam??  A perfect blend, I say!  It was SOooOOoo good to see Whit (another GORGEOUS forever friend--how did I get such pretty friends?!!) and catch up!  I was THRILLED to meet the infamous little Nina.  She is WAAAY too cute for words.  
Loooved every second of it.

and last but not least, the party queen herself!  Yes, the guest of honor, Miss Emily!  She looked so good!  There were lots of pictures to choose from with her and her guests, but this is my favorite one of Em.  She is awesome and totally deserving of an awesome party.  I am so glad I got to be here and help out with the fun.

Here's to 30 years, Em-dawg!  Lots of love.  Good times ALL around.


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