Sunday, April 26, 2009

the teethers...

just a quick funny anecdote, if you will...

if you have had the chance to see little Matilda's not-so-little teeth in the previous post, you will have a better appreciation for the story I am about to share.

I was at the dr.'s office when the nurse commented, like so many others do, about the size of Matilda's teeth. The lady, being of Latino decent, said, and I quote, "Whoa, mama's (referring to matilda--apparently Mexican for baby) got some big teeth, don't she? Her teeth are bigger than mine!"

With that, Nurse-face flashed me a big cheeser-of-a-grin to prove her point.

I replied, in shock, "Oh my word! I think you're right! Her teeth are bigger than yours!"

... so, I don't know what else to say. It was a good story.

That little mama (matilda) takes after her mama (me), and yes, I take after my mama(denise). Big teeth run in this family. Ah, another sign that the hospital definitely did not switch my baby with another one. (which, can you imagine such a thing?! But, sadly, it happens!)

And, to my darling baby, please know that you are absolutely PERFECT in every way.
That's all.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

matilda song

ok, my apologies to all who listened to the "tribute to matilda" playlist on the sidebar of our blog.
i asked Aaron to add some songs yesterday, and he did. which, was nice... but I asked him if he had LISTENED to any of those songs. The answer was no. So, if you had to listen to that guy who had a scratchy-druken-tone-quality, or the spanish-techno-delight---well, I apologize. Just because it had the word "Matilda" in it's title, doesn't mean it should be a part of our tribute to the dolly.
I'm sure Aaron is sorry too.

I just did my favorite one right now. So, if you want to give it another go, feel free.

birth. day. one. year. ago.

Well, in the week that I have been home from Utah, I'm on load number 5 of the laundry (and still counting)---way to ring in Earth Day this week, right? :) Oops.
All the mail has been opened. Bills have been paid.
Clerical errors on two of those bills have been fixed.
All the newspapers, junk mail, ads, etc. have been dumped in the recycle bin.
Bags have all been unpacked. Refrigerator re-stocked.

But, the biggest feat has been pulling out Matilda's 18-24 month clothing and putting away (sob!) all of her 6-12 month clothing. She's a big girl now.
Apparently "BABY" is a term of the past and now she is considered a "TODDLER". WHAAhhat??

again, whaaaaaat??

was it really her birthday yesterday? a FULL blown year of life?

If anyone else is freaking out about that, feel free to get in this boat with me.

I'm dying.
I am happy. I am sad. I am sentimental. but most of all, I am lucky. Really really lucky.
she is the best thing that has happened to us. by far. ever.

Two days ago, Aaron, Matilda, and I met up for lunch at Arby's. While there, we met a really sweet older man that was talking to us for a while. He said as he was leaving, "Well, enjoy this, because this is about as good as it gets..." We smiled and waved goodbye (yes, even Tillie waved goodbye, she is so talented).

Since that day, we've been talking a lot about what the man said. Let me explain.

Yes, life is the best right now. Better than we could ever imagine. But, we keep finding that the best keeps getting better. For example, when I decided to marry Aaron, I thought I loved him to capacity. But, 4+ years later, I'm proved wrong. I love him even more than I did back then.

Matilda Mae also has broken the love-o-dom-etor... she broke it at one week old. And, now, our hearts are FULL to capacity. Our cups runneth over. She is the best. And, it keeps getting better.

So, to the kind gentleman at Arby's, we respectfully disagree with you. I believe, hope, and pray life will only get better and better. Our experiences will affirm that statement.
To take from Marta,
"I look at [her] and know what living the good life feels like."

And, to my little sunshine, we love you. Thank you for being the brightest little light in our lives.
xoxoxoxo to the umpteenth degree.
love your mama and daddy-o.

For your listening pleasure, we put on the actual blog a few different songs in her honor (for all you google reader & blog line people).

we did two birthday celebrations. one in utah, one here. both fun for different reasons. i'll post pictures from the parties later. here was her invite to her family.


these pictures were taken yesterday---on the actual DAY of her birthday. we were lucky, because San Antonio decided to take a day off of life too, to celebrate her day (well, and fiesta). Fun fun fun.







happy happy birthday, sweetest sweet sweet of my life.
love, us.

Monday, April 13, 2009


So, Aaron and I decided that we very well could be beach bums for the rest of our lives.

Man, alive. Is it me, or does it seem that the VERY best lighting you could ever want, is always found at the beach? (I should post all our photos from various beaches we've been to, and they will ALL prove my point!)

Anyway, we went to Port Aransas on DAY 1 of Aaron's Spring Break with the Jessop family, and we left before we had the chance to play with the Smith family. The reason for our quick exit was that Aaron would be heading to LA and me to Utah super early the next morning (try 4 a.m.).

But, we were SO glad we finally made the trip down to the coast. It was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures.

p.s. yes, I am still in Utah---vacating it up! But, I posted these pictures to Flickr before I left, so now, that I have some "down time" while I'm here (first time in days), then I thought I'd post some. Enjoy.




That Aaron. He loves to sing and dance. It makes no difference if he is on a mountain top or at the ocean front. What a card.



I like looking at profiles. I think it would be crazy if Aaron's profile was stuck like this next one ALL the time. hA!


even though my stomach drops every time Aaron does this with her, I have to admit, this is a pretty cute picture (and get a load of those little pink sandals. her little toes were so cute in those!)





The two knuckle-heads ready to brave the water. Now that's hard core... or not.




(reminds me of a scene from Gidget!)

Cute little Dylan. What a treat he is!


I love these next two of Tim and Melissa. They look so darn good. That is why I had to enlarge these images. Now, that's a good looking couple.




Gotta get those pictures of the un-sung photo takers. Good work, Melissa!




you can see the drama played out. Let's just say this, Easton loved the sand. He wanted Matilda to enjoy the sand. Matilda hated the sand. And, probably hated Easton at that moment in time. :) Gotta love cute babies.





there you go. beach day, spring break, 2009.
p.s. that little gold hoody was mine when I was a baby. oooh, tender!

random pictures.

SO, things have been happening as of late.
everyone in our little family went to the beach.
someone in our family went to LA.
two someones in our family flew to utah.
someone in our family went to the Hannah Montana Movie premier.
someone in our family went to the Hannah Montana Movie and TOTALLY & COMPLETELY loved it and is considering watching it again in the theater (seriously, it was THAT good).
someone in our family cut 10 inches off their hair.
someone in our family ate the "All American Chocolate Cake" for the first time yesterday.
someone in our family is loving to pull themselves up on EVERYthing.

---there are lots of things to report, but for now, we're vacating = lack of blogging. But, mind you, there has been NO lacking of fun. Busy and good times all around.

Here are some photos of the wee one right before we decided to vacate. There are lots of pictures, but I don't care. That whole thing called "EDIT" doesn't happen when it comes to this dolly. Why don't you call the WAAAHmbulance.

be prepared. more goodness is on the way.


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