Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tillie's HALF birthday---2.5 years old!

This girl.  She is the best.  2.5 and there's no stopping her. I'm a proud mom.  Here's a little bit about her:
Lover of markers, Belle, Ariel, reading, brushing her teeth, pony tails, singing, peeling paper off of crayons, stickers, and RUNNING.
when you ask her, "Tillie, what did you do today?" she'll always start her list with, "Um, I did some running..." and rattle off more.
She can talk to you about triangles, octagons, squares, circles, ovals.  She can count to 10 most of the time (sometimes she forgets 4!).  She is obsessed with books and will fill her bed with them at night.
Likes to say prayers, sing "I am a Child of God" and then "All Aboard" before she'll even consider going to bed at night.
Loves her brother Calvin.  A regular mother hen.

She is a good one and we're so glad she's ours.
Get ready for a Matilda overload.  How could I not?  Have you seen that face?


And, not to be left out during a photo shoot.  Here's a few of her little cheerleader...
Go Tillie, Go!


emily snyder said...

love love LOVE that girl!! hello. she is the cutest thing ever. and cal - love him just as much. how is that possible?!?!

alpineavery said...

as always--thank you thank you for sharing!! Too cute to handle, wish you were closer!! Let's talk today.

Sarah said...

Yes... I have seen that face before... oh wait - that was your face! She looks so much like you!
Happy Half Tillie!


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