Wednesday, December 16, 2009

special thanks.

Let's see...

I have some thanking to do. Thank you, mom, for yet again, educating me that I am not, in fact, "9 months pregnant" as I said I was in my last post. She took me through each month and counted over the phone (which I assume, she was also illustrating with her fingers as she counted (she uses her hands a lot when she talks)). I am actually 8 and 1/2 months pregnant. After her "speil" I nicely told her, "thank you" and then said something like, "When you wear elastic waistbands, over-sized-shirts from your husband, and look like I do at the moment---you deserve to say whatever the heck you want and people should just nod their heads." We both laughed and agreed.

So, correction, I'm technically not 9 months pregnant. My doctor reminded me that I only have TWO more appointments (meaning the next two weeks) and then the third appointment is when the baby will be here! ----insert audible gasp here--- I know. Tell me about it.

While we're in the mood of thanking, let's give another special thanks to Ashley for giving me the BEST EVER white chocolate popcorn recipe. It is so good, in part, because it is SO easy. Ahh, those are the best kind of recipes.

You want to know the POP secret (pun intended)?

Pop ANY kind of popcorn. Yes, I'm talking the microwave-able bags. I did Kettle corn, Ashley did another kind. Both tasted great. Melt a half of a bag of white choc. chips. Drizzle over popcorn and mix with fingers (pre washed fingers please!) to evenly coat. Then, spread on wax paper to cool. Package. You're done. Easy cheesy.

So, I did a *few* neighbor gifts this year. I'd like to do a lot more, because I think it is fun to give people little gifts, but alas, as my doctor so sweetly noticed (another special thanks inserted here) as I was at my appointment yesterday morning--- I'm retaining water. I'm swollen. Nice. Thanks for noticing, doc.

These days I FEEL major pregnant. And, standing for long periods of time (you know, melting white chocolate chips, doing dishes, etc.) just isn't as fun as it might have been a month ago. So, if you got one from us this year, consider yourself blessed. If not, please understand it's not you, it's me (love that line).

Here's a glimpse of what they looked like:

Now, as I type, I realize that my mom is a subscriber to my blog. Thanks, mom. So, I can't really well post images of what I've been up to, because I hate ruining a real surprise (remember how I said I'd post what I did the other night? well, wait. some more).

But, I'll post some snippets of what SHOULD have been finished LONG ago. Yes, this was the painting that was started in Tillie's room before she was born. And, since I had the paints out the other night, I crept into her room and pulled this puppy off the wall and finished her up. I don't like it as a WHOLE (most paintings I never do), but I like a few parts of the whole. Here are the parts I'm more glad about:
And, while we're in the mode of thanking (wow, I guess this should be my "Thanksgiving" post too), I wanted to thank Matilda Mae (yes, my first born) for so kindly biting me. Hard. Two incidents. One on each leg. Mega bruises now. Both times I had been talking on the phone. Can we say attention starved? Wow, let's fix this situation asap.

(here's the most recent picture of the gem (thanks, Becca). Get a load of that darling face. Oh my. She is SO cute. Yes, I know. Super darling. But, let's focus on those chompers!)

When I was asking my mom what I should do about the biting situation (also telling her my fears of a certain newborn being bit), she said, "Well, you know what the books say?"
"What?" I responded.
"Well, I don't know if I agree with it, but they say to bite the kid back."
"WHAT?!? That is AWFUL! I can't believe you are telling me this!!"
"I said the BOOKS say this, not ME!" retorted my mom.

(long pause.)

(me thinking.)

"Well, I hate that idea." And I still do.
(in the end my mom said she can't remember what she did when my sister Becca was a biting terror. in fact, she didn't even really remember that Becca had a biting problem. I remember. Probably because I was the one getting bitten. Nice.)

So, any other suggestions blog land? Let's nip this in the bud before January 8th, okay?
(p.s. I used to think the phrase was "nip this in the butt" and never quite understood why SO many people would use the gross expression. And, more, I never could figure out what it meant! Now, we're all resolved. Good.)

h. e. l. p.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


tillie got her first ever legit hair cut.

she is perfect no matter what her hair looks like (now it's a darling little bob), but I have to admit, I'm a little sad that the bulk of her little darling curls have gone the way of the wind.

Our friend, Bre, was the master behind the scissors, and let me tell you... she is talented. When little Tillie decided that she'd rather die than get her hair cut (she displayed this by constantly turning her head and screaming at the top of her lungs)---Bre was able to do a top notch job. (p.s. don't mind my lovely outfit or large belly).

We went to Walmart and got some grocery essentials in life. That, as always, is a thrill. ... not really. But, I'm happy to have milk & tortillas in my life, and in celebration of Matilda's new do, I picked out some new little clippies for her hair.

Then life happened, like normal, for the rest of the day until I decided that it was time to work on some Christmas presents. Matilda was snug in her crib, Aaron has been busily studying for his big BOARD exam this next week, and I've *somewhat* accomplished my daily "must do" tasks. So, I pulled out most of my paints, my favorite paint brush, some fancy pants paper and got to work.

Four hours later, my back is killing me (hello 9 months pregnant on kitchen chair) but my heart feels good.

Remember how I was a painting/drawing major? Remember how I used to paint for hours every day? Well, life doesn't allow for me to do that very often these days, but when it does happen, it makes my whole self feel so glad.

Don't get me wrong, I don't regret where I am and the path I've chosen (aka pregnant mom and wife)---of which, honestly, lots of days I think, "How do I get to be this lucky? and doing what I get to do each day?"--- but occasionally, it does feel good to pump up some really wonderful Sufjan Steven's Christmas music, leave the dishes in the sink, not worry about anything in the world, and paint whatever I'd like. I realize, though, if I did this everyday, all that would be left is an achy back, dirty home, sad child, and sad me.

So, for today, painting was good. In the meantime, computers are great because I get to still be creative and do things without all the cleanup! Here are a few things I've been able to do lately:

...and there's a bunch more, but I'm not in the mode to take pictures of it all (seeing as it is 11:16 p.m.). But, I'll post a few of the painting I finished and started once I have good light tomorrow.

Well, that was tonight.

Life is good.

oh, and my Christmas playlist is up on the blog for your listening enjoyment. and, p.s. I LoVe the new song "The Christmas Song" by Owl City. You should totally check it out (it's somewhere on my playlist).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

just had to share.

This girl is seriously the light of my life.


Lots of times I wonder how life could get any better?
Just had to share.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'bout time...

If you've ever watched the movie, The One & Only Genuine Original Family Band, then you'll know where I got the title to my post. If not, then, sad for you (I love that movie. I've said it once and I'll say it again).

Anyway, so, it's been a while since I've posted, no?

Welcome to the mothah-load. I'll do some brief updating, because we've been busy busy busy. You see, remember how we are welcoming a child in a matter of WEEKS, people? Yeah, so that means I'm burning the midnight oil getting things accomplished over here.

And, when you are busy creating things, de-cluttering, laundering, decorating, practicing up for the ward Christmas party (yes, Aaron and I are playing a piano duet), doing stationery orders, etc.---well, the blog has taken a back seat, that's all. We'll get all caught up soon. Don't you stress out, okay? Good.

*Halloween was great. Matilda was as cute as ever dressed up as a teddy bear. Don't worry, I got the costume last year for $2.99 at the Children's Place Outlet and I'm so glad I did. Yes, I am a proud bargain shopper. I love me a good deal. Here she is so cute (oh, this was the try-on day, with no long sleeved shirt under... so she looks a little "red-neck-ish-ghetto-fabulous". but you get the drift).

*This is what Aaron was for Halloween. Facebook. Get it. If you watched "The Office" episode the night before, like we did, then you'll see where we got the idea. I think Aaron's smile is pretty funny in this one. I can see him pulling the same face in 5th grade.

*Our sweet little friend, Dylan, had a birthday party so we made him some dinosaur stationery and a little tote bag (rumor has it he may want to be a paleontologist when he grows up).

*And, this one is to show Matilda's love for not ONE but TWO sippy cups. She likes variety.

*We went to the Zoo with the Jessop family when the boy's had a day off from school. Let's just say this... Tillie loved it! It was a ton of fun watching her and the kids see the animals. I still have my issues with zoo's, and don't love that they cage up animals (I'm scarred from an experience at a Chinese zoo where they had the panda bears in chains and shackles)... but I do like the chance to see such crazy cool animals up close.

We also rode the train around the park. That was lovely too. Here we are waiting for the train.

* My mom came into town for a SUPER quick trip to help me BLITZ the craft room into a baby room. We did all the beginning pieces and I can't believe how much I was able to PURGE (old school work, art pieces, you name it...), and after she left we had a garage sale with our friends. Aaron and I made out with over $200 when all was said and done (craigslist sales included) ?!?! Who knew?!
That was cool. And, makes me excited to get rid of more! Here are some pictures with my mom and her FAVORITE grand-daughter (ok, maybe she's the ONLY granddaughter, but who's asking?).
p.s. I'll post pictures of our handiwork AFTER it is decorated. Right now it's just drab.

* And now on to the most exciting news as of late. Look at what I found one morning as I was pouring some Kellog's Corn Flakes into my cereal! I screamed aloud, "Tillie, we've struck GOLD!" It was like an early Christmas miracle. Look at the size of that FLAKE!

See, momentous occasions really DO happen on regular, ordinary, boring mornings.
The proof is here.

Nice. So, there you have it.
That's what we've been up to, as of late.

Friday, December 4, 2009

busy beavers...

So, it's been a busy last few weeks from us. And, while I've started another post with pictures clear back from Halloween, I thought it would be good to announce what's happening this weekend. I'm doing a booth at a Holiday Open House on Saturday from 11-3 with my melimba stuff.

Here's the flyer for more details (for you San Antonio people).

My good friend, Kristen, is putting it all together and asked me a while back to participate. I've never done a little Holiday Fair before, so I'm not quite sure what to expect. But, I'm gonna be prepared! If you are in the area, come stop by. Because, you see, I made a lot of cookies today (9 dozen to be exact for all the things we have going on this weekend). And, if you come, you can say, "Hi!", do some holiday shopping, and get some treats. Win win, I'd say.
(here are the cookies that are cooling as I type---p.s. Kristen Smith, yes, these are totally home-made from scratch, no Betty Crocker cookie pouches. Crazy, I know. You would love these, because they are the real deal. I may or may have not used both margarin AND butter. I thought of you the whole time I made them and thought you should know).


I've been wanting to clear out all of my old Holiday cards that I made (any leftovers I'll post in my etsy shop). You see, they were all hand-painted and then sewn. And, with Matilda in my world, not to mention another kiddo here in about 5 minutes (or 5 weeks), I've decided that I am going to discontinue these types of cards. So, I'm clearing them out. Here's a shot of some of them in a little display thing I inherited a while back:



Here's what I've been creating as of late for the event:


and I'm especially excited about these new pins (I'm also selling hats and mittens along with them)!!





I'm also selling a bunch of things that I have in my shop as well, so if you want to come on down to check it out, do it!

Okay, one last thing, before I leave, I have to tell you what happened this morning. Aaron has a big interview for school today that we've been anticipating for a long time. Well, as he was getting ready to leave, in his freshly ironed shirt and sharp looking suit, I looked up and noticed his hair was a little different. Like I've shared before, most days Aaron doesn't spend ANY time in the mirror, so I was a little surprised.

So, I asked, "Did you put something in your hair?" And he nodded yes.
I asked, "What was it?"
He responded with, "Some green stuff that you have on the bathroom counter."
Knowing that I have multiple hair products in green packaging, I asked, "Which kind?"
He said, "I don't know, it's the kind you squeeze out in your hand and it's all white."

Now, out of the two of us, Aaron is usually the BRAINS of the operation, but it felt nice that for once I knew more about something. It's called mousse.

Nice. A little hair mousse for a little something extra. Good thinking, Aaron. He looked good. Hope today went well. And, if nothing else, at least his hair looked nice.

Ta ta for now.


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