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project rewind: beginning of JUNE 2010--vacation part 1: utah with woods

I think the TITLE of this post MIGHT be the longest one to date. But, let's be specific, shall we?

After graduation on that Saturday in May, Aaron's family flew back to Utah on Monday and we followed them the next day. We had discussed just flying back together as one big happy family on the same day, but when we tried to get flights with them, we saw a pretty steep price tag. So, rather than have the ease of 4 other adults to help cart these two rug-rats across the country, we decided to save a few bucks, do it by ourselves, and fly out the following day. Amazing that ticket prices can change so much depending on the DAY you decide to fly and WHEN you purchase your ticket. Goodness.

Anyway, we made it. Both kiddos did great on the flight. All was well.

Since both our families live 7 minutes away from each other, it can get a little crazy going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. So, this time around, we decided to do "WOOD style" the first part of the trip. Of course, we see the other family for bits and pieces here and there, but it makes it easier for everyone when we can set up a home base one place for a chunk of the trip, and then switch it up for the other part.

Here Matilda is playing on the amazing Utah GRASS with bare feet. That doesn't happen here in South Texas. No way. Too pokey/weedy/ouchy. And, if you haven't noticed by now, our kids often play BOTTOMLESS (opposite of topless). Even now, as I type this, both kids have no pants on (but Tillie does have undies on and Calvin is sporting a diaper). Nice. Easy breezy, literally.

Cousin "Maxers" (as Tillie calls him) was there upon our arrival too. Auntie Melody was sweet enough to play with the kiddos. She is such a great aunt!

having the time of her life, obviously.

cute Maxers.

when it comes to athleticism, this girl is her father's daughter. if she wants to give it a try, she'll just go for it. this makes her dad very happy. this makes her mom very uncomfortable.

these two love each other, if you hadn't noticed.


ahhh... kissing cousins. funny and cute. I don't think they'll think it's very "cute" in 10 years. hA!!

One of my all time best friends, Sarah, started up a little playgroup each week (you go, girl). Luckily for me, my darling sister-in-law, Kirstin, is in it too! Not to mention some of my other most favorite people on the planet. I call this a win-win-win-win activity. Glad to be a part of it. We ventured to the Thanksgiving Point Farm place. I see this place on LITERALLY every Utah County blog, and it's always looked like a fun place. So, we were excited to give it a try.

Tillie loved it. It will be apparent as you see these next few pictures.

...maybe she loved it TOO much. Who feels comfortable enough to climb INTO the pen with the animals? Oh, that would be Matilda.
Remember, she is her father's daughter as mentioned above?

why do I love this picture so much? I MIGHT just blow it up on and frame it. If I had a cow, I'd want it to look just like this one.

She was feeling pretty confident with her little fingers here. Two seconds later when the geese tried to take a little nibble, she wasn't feeling too confident anymore. In fact she was screaming and crying. Nice.

and they're off!

my cute friends from high school their little ones.

oh, did I mention that Aaron was the only "Dad" to be seen. We loved having him there.
And look at Tillie loving that horse!

gotta love Tillie's straddle.

**Hanging out at the Wood home. Love it here.

obviously, Cal did too. here he is at about 5 months.

Uncle Adam wanted to prove to us how long his legs were and how he could easily cross the beautiful, lush, green lawn (i added those words, but I can't help admire the grass!) in only a few strides (can't remember the number).
Anyway, here he is. Amazing, Athletic, and Agile Adam.

Tillie was calling to the neighbor's dog while she was "chalking it up" on the front sidewalk.

father and son. a good looking duo.
Take a special look at the size of Cal. He is a mere 5 months here but in 12-18 month clothing.

let's get a closer shot of the little man of the hour.

maybe an even closer shot. oh my. that little smile of his...

happy happy boys.

I call this the cock-eyed look. It's a good one.

**Cousin Baseball Event! It's funny I entitled that because we went to Tillie and Cal's cousins' baseball games. And, their last name HAPPENS to be Cousins. Amazing pun indeed!
The clouds were threatening all day---then it started raining.
Here are a few shots that happened prior to the downpour.

Cal in his hat and little jacket. Thinking that he'd be right on with the baby sizing, I bought these articles of clothing PRIOR to his birth (i'm really liking the word PRIOR). You know, 12 months in January? Perfect time to wear hats and jackets. Well, as you can see, the hat is a little snug. The jacket fits good. Luckily, traveling to Utah, we had sense enough to bring these along in case of cool weather. In Texas, these would have just hung up in the closet.

adoring crowd.

no words.

have I ever mentioned that Tillie loves to run? I love this shot with cousin Maxers up ahead.
Lydia was somewhere around here too.

walking with grandma.

a little paradise for kiddos. look at all that open space to RUUUUUN!

and to conclude the post, an awesome action post of Power-Hitter-Cousin-Caden Cousins.
Hello, All Star.

the end of part ONE.

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