Sunday, June 6, 2010

project rewind: beginning of JUNE 2010--vacation part 4: utah AGAIN

The hits keep coming.  I guess that's what happens when you spend 5 weeks packing in the FUN!  :)  Can you believe we were there for that long?!  I know.  Crazy.
Let's start it out with some pool shots...

Babies like swimming in this pool---especially since it's like BATH WATER.  oh my.  Where was this pool when I was growing up?  And, why can't I swim in it everyday of my adult life?  Sigh.  I guess we need to come live in Utah again.
Cutie Cal around 5 months.
Kirstin (Aaron's sis) and darling Krieg.
Liz-bert and Tillie Willie.
Auntie Melody and Max going off the slide.  I love it!
 ::: We went boating with Snyders at Deer Creek.  I've never been a fan of this little lake growing up, b/c it is WAAAAY too cold.  I love how beautiful the area is (I mean, LOVE LOVE), but hate taking a dip in the water.  So, I didn't even BRING my swimsuit on this little outing.  I know.  That's how much I hate COLD WATER.  But, that Tillie.  She is adventurous.  Here she is taking a little dip with her toes.  So cute in Lizzy's old life jacket.


love those boys.
::: We were able to get up to the Zoo with some of our favorite friends.  Gotta love Natalie and Jandee.  Their husbands were working (like the rest of the human race), but Aaron came along.  He was definitely outnumbered, but still had a good time with us chatting gal-pals. Jandee is a pro in the photography department.  So nice that she let me swipe some of these pictures!  :)

I was IN LOVE with this new baby elephant.  HOW CUTE is he/she?  :)  One day, I hope to have an elephant of my very own.
The giraffes were A-mazing.  Who is that tall?  Seriously?!  I'm going to Africa to live, I guess.
Beautiful Jandee and Ike.
I spy, with my little eye: cute Natalie and Amelia.
"matchy-matchy.  green squared" (name that movie).  planned?  not really.  what a happy duo! 
 ::: More swimming.  What can I say?  It's fun!

Cal hanging out, pool side.  Here he is modeling my FAVORITE shirt ever.  I loved it on him and was pretty sad when it didn't squeeze over that big buddah belly anymore.  Oh well, it got some good wear for a while. 
We found this old swim suit of Lizzy's in the garage.  We thought, hey, maybe it will fit Tillie.  You should have seen how saggy and stretched out it was on her!!  hA!  We tied up the back to try and make it work, but it just got worse and worse as her swim session went on.  hAA!  But, a cool concept! 
love this picture with Tillie and my mom.  Don't know what Tillie's lips are doing, but I love this of my mom!
::: Last photo to finish the UTAH summer trip.  My dad barbequed some ribs (which I'd never had before).  They were really sticky.  Here Tillie is discovering that when she put her hands on her cheeks, they'd stick!  So funny.  She was quite the entertainer at the table.  That girl...

Anyway, there you have it!  FOUR installments of our 5 week vacation to Utah and California!  A big thank you to our friends and family who entertained us the entire time!  We love you all!
(insert me, Miss America style, blowing kisses and waving to you all).

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alpineavery said...

So much fun to see your fun!! Let's do it again!!! As always, Thanks for posting, you are amazing!!!


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