Wednesday, January 26, 2011

been busy blogging even though you may not know it.

Yes, that's right. I really have been busy blogging.  Project REWIND.  This is where I try to get my act together and post all the wonderful happenings of life from yesteryear (literally).  Oh, I saw that Tillie's 2.5 birthday post had the wrong date.  She turned 2.5 back in October.  Oops. 

So, let's go ahead and share the links:

End of June 2010---regular life AFTER the 5 week vacay
Most of July 2010 (Independence Day, garage sale, Cal, buying new car)
Family Reunion: Wood Style (end of July/early August 2010)
August 2010 in a nutshell (lizzy comes to town).  (Emily came to town a week prior to Lizzy's visit.  This is when we were so motivated and painted my town (errr... house) WHITE.  You can see that here.)
September's randoms... 2010  (kid photo shoot, restaurant supply store)
Tillie's HALF birthday, Oct. 2010 (many of you have seen this, but here it is where it's SUPPOSED to be.)

Congratulations.  You are ALMOST as caught up as I am.  We're getting there.  Slow and steady wins the race (of life).

So, I saw this video last night, and I might have teared up at the sheer amazing-ness of it all.  It's another flash mob scene, but it's all a cappella (sp?).  Amazing.  You won't regret watching it.  (Of course, when I asked Aaron if he'd seen it, he had.  Apparently it's been on the world wide web for a while now.  So, in case you aren't as HIP as Aaron is, feel free to watch it for the first time.)

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