Sunday, October 31, 2010

the primary program and halloween festivities.

Oh boy.  First off, let's just put it out there---Happy Halloween. 
It's weird having Halloween on a Sunday, isn't it?  But, alas, we'll make do.  And we did.  Barely.
Let's talk about it.

Every year, our church has us do a little program for the rest of the congregation to share the lessons and wonderful songs we've been learning about all year.  Since I've been the chorister for the past year and a half, I've cared a little more about these programs than the average joe.  We've been working so hard on the songs for the past year, and the kids pulled it out.  Mind you, I had visual-aids all done up that I was flipping through like crazy, and hand jives and dance moves (literally) to help remind them of the words---but in the end, I think the kids did well.  Hopefully the theme of this year, "I Know My Savior Lives" came through and reminded people about the reason we go to our church meetings and do what we do.  Here's a link to some of the songs we sang.  They were lovely.

My own kids?  They did pretty good.  Unfortunately, my right hand man and life partner (oh, he's also my husband and the man of my dreams), had to step out of the meeting half way through for some work thing---so, alas.  Left me stranded with two kiddos.  Nice.  Thankfully, my pals Ashley and Aubrey stepped in and entertained my kids while I was telling the kids to stand up and sing when they weren't supposed to.  Way to be focused, Melissa. And, yes, I did have the outline in front of my face.  Sigh.

In the end, we did it.  Now, on to entertaining the kids for the next two hours... yikes.  Remember how today was Halloween?  Remember how their little bodies are FULL of sugar?  Yes.  I remember quite well.  So, I was gearing up.  As Tillie and I were flying down the hall to take her potty before going into the nursery... we realize that the excitement of the primary program maybe was a little TOO exciting for her.  She had an accident.  So, I strip her down in the bathroom stall.  Say a silent prayer of gratitude that I had the where-with-all to put her in pull-ups this morning---could have been a lot worse.

Wash up.  Drop her off and then set out for a fun "way to go on doing a great job, let's celebrate you" singing time.  My mom graciously sent down this fun "Scripture Power" bingo game that the kids were excited to play.  Unfortunately, a few minutes into the fun game time, Calvin decided to throw up all over himself AND sweet Ashley's beautiful WHITE skirt.  Oh man.  No fun.  For ANYone involved.  He had a fever too.  I decided it was time to go home.  Passed off the bingo cards to my friends and got outta there.  Luckily, another great friend, Kate, helped me out to the car.  I don't know how people do the church thing with ONE adult and stay sane.  Kudos to all y'all out there. 

Got home.  Was able to breathe a little easier.  Life started to get better.  Isn't everything better at home?  Man, I love being home. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

ANYWAY-------enough about today's craziness.  The kids are in bed, and I can appreciate better these darling pictures of the Halloween's happenings these last few days.  Enjoy.

- - - Remember how I went to Boston for a few days with Cal?  Aaron was the ULTIMATE dad and took Tillie out on the town!  You name it, they probably did it.  This girl adores her dad and vice versa.  He took her to a little pumpkin patch and here are some of the photos. 
thanks for the outfit, dad.  looks like the little boy you never had. oh wait...
love the hair flip.  does this remind anyone else of "Field of Dreams"?  me too.
"is this how i do it?"
looks a little dangerous...
and there's the fall.  love that Aaron was snapping the photo instead of being her spotter.  but, I'll admit, pretty crazy he caught the shot.
love that Texas landscape.

cute cute.
My friend had a baby shower and monsters have been on the brain.  I'm wanting to make 20 more of these and embellish them even more.  Kind of fun.  Found this idea here.
- - - We decided to take Tillie, for the first time in her existence, to an actual pumpkin patch.  I have always seen on blogs in the past, darling pictures with their kiddos amidst the pumpkins.  So, we followed suit.  I think it was fun and probably a good tradition.  This one was free to attend and the pumpkins were pretty reasonable.  So, we purchased ONE.  I am lame. I know it.  hA!  Turns out Walmart's pumpkins are a ton less.  We bought three more there.  And, that, my friends, is why Walmart is taking over the world. One. pumpkin. at. a. time. One day I will break free from the grasp this store has on me.  Those darn prices... makes it hard.

Anyway, here are the photos. 
Cal wanted to eat the corn in the tub.  Not a good idea.  His dad tried to help him understand this wasn't a good idea.  Cal, being the sensitive child he is, cried his heart out.  Here's his sad face.  Tillie loved it.
Cal feeling better.  Tillie opening her eyes.  Good times.
I bought this hat last year.  You might remember this picture?  Anyway, I was shocked that she kept it on all evening.  It's darling. 
here's her last fall with the hat.  notice the lack of hair?  Amazing the difference a year makes.
running.  remember? it's her favorite activity.
Cal's just happy to be here.  Aaron was making sure Tillie wasn't smashing pumpkins.  Her mom?  Where was she?  Recording the event.  Nice.

*warning*  best picture of the two of them to date.  I love that they are BOTH smiling. BOTH looking at the camera.  And, heck, look how darling they look in front of the pumpkins? 

cute dwarfy little pumpkin.  almost bought it.
 Made two rounds of cupcakes in a week.  Recently I bought a legit canvas frosting bag and new frosting tips from a cool restaurant supply store (more on the store later).

- - - Took pictures of the kids plus our cute neighbor.  (who we just found out is MOVING! nooooo. not another best friend moving.  boo.)  Story about Tillie's REPEAT costume from last year?  Okay, I'll tell. My mom, being the savvy shopper she is, found some sale costumes last year after Halloween. Trying to guess the sizes for the following year, she purchased a 2T cow costume for Tillie and a 12-18 month leopard costume for the baby boy we'd have.  Little did we know that Tillie would sprout up to a 4T and Calvin---well, we all know he's a BIG BIG boy, so he, being the 9 month old that he is, wore Tillie's 2T cow costume.  Tillie fit in the bear costume again, but the leggings were more of a capri style this year.  Ahh, who cares?  

Here's Tillie last year:
 and here she is this year...  hA!!
oh cal.  love that boy.
at a darling little trunk-or-treat activity that we didn't realize we (and anyone else who wanted to come) were invited to.  good times.  it was fun.  the kids got way too much candy.  good times.  I love what Cal is doing in this picture.  I imagine him saying, "Cowabunga!"
 - - - Since we opted out on the actual trick-or-treating on Sunday, we thought Tillie and Cal might like to get a little more wear out of their costumes.  So, here they are at our most favorite store ever, COSTCO.  Too funny.  I love Cal's hat I got in Boston.


So, there you have it.  Halloween 2010.

Monday, October 25, 2010

in my 26 years, I've learned a few things.

It's true.  I've learned a few life lessons in my long 26 years.  In case you are struggling or need a pick me up, here are a few ideas that might make you feel better:
1. Take a shower.  Showers are not over rated.  They automatically make you feel 87% more on top of life.  Living life in your pajamas isn't rad.  Actually it is sad... especially when you have an unexpected visitor.  (I have no personal experience here. oh wait...)
2. Try brushing your teeth.  Another simple act that will always make you feel better.  I promise, my dentist husband didn't set me up to that one. 

3. Sometimes a little bit of chocolate can lift your spirits.  I'm sure there's a legit study on this to prove I am right.  In case you think you need to open up that bag of Halloween candy, remember that there is probably a bag of chocolate chips in your cupboard.  If you take 10 of them out, it might help your mood.  But remember, close the bag as soon as you've taken 10.  If you grab any more than that, you might start feeling regret (says the girl who may or may not have eaten 1/2 a bag over the last week).

4.  Pick up the clutter in your house.  You will be surprised what can happen to your mood if you turn the timer on for 20 minutes, turn on some pump-up music, and race against the clock.  You can accomplish a lot in 20 minutes.  I'd forgotten that concept and I remembered today.  It's amazing.

5.  Move your body.  I'm anti-gyms.  I feel like I have 10,000 other things I want to do rather than 1) pay a huge sum of money, 2) take the time to drive there and back, 3) sweat in front of other people.  Again, I don't mean to offend if you are PRO-gyms.  I still like you.  In fact, one of my sisters is PRO-gym, and I love her.  So, don't be mad, for heaven's sake.  I like the concept of work out videos that I can do on my own time, in my own space.  Or, I'm also a fan of getting outside and walking or trotting (for you anti-runners out there. let us unite!).  Regardless of what you do, if you're pro or anti, moving your body will make you feel better. 

So, there you have it.  Unsolicited advice from your neighborhood dweeb.  I'm still trying to remember these simple lessons, so don't think I'm a pro.  Trust me (or take it from my husband), I'm not.
And who says you don't get an education from blogging?
Happy Monday. 

p.s. I'm using my scanner more and more these days. so I thought I'd add a few "awe-inspiring" illustrations I did.  you're welcome.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tillie's HALF birthday---2.5 years old!

This girl.  She is the best.  2.5 and there's no stopping her. I'm a proud mom.  Here's a little bit about her:
Lover of markers, Belle, Ariel, reading, brushing her teeth, pony tails, singing, peeling paper off of crayons, stickers, and RUNNING.
when you ask her, "Tillie, what did you do today?" she'll always start her list with, "Um, I did some running..." and rattle off more.
She can talk to you about triangles, octagons, squares, circles, ovals.  She can count to 10 most of the time (sometimes she forgets 4!).  She is obsessed with books and will fill her bed with them at night.
Likes to say prayers, sing "I am a Child of God" and then "All Aboard" before she'll even consider going to bed at night.
Loves her brother Calvin.  A regular mother hen.

She is a good one and we're so glad she's ours.
Get ready for a Matilda overload.  How could I not?  Have you seen that face?


And, not to be left out during a photo shoot.  Here's a few of her little cheerleader...
Go Tillie, Go!


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