Friday, January 21, 2011

Project rewind, yet again.

Here's the thing... I have pictures from our UTAH and CALIFORNIA trip from JUNE 2010 (yes, that would be OVER 6 months ago) to post.  What?!  Sorry.  That's what happens when you are gone on vacation for 5 weeks!
A lot happens.  A lot of NOTE worthy events, too.  So, it's NO WONDER I've been putting it off for a LOOOONG time.  I procrastinate.  It's what I do.  Don't be haters.  I'm getting my act together.  Slowly, but surely.

So, if you care (which, if you don't, I won't blame you) here are the posts of our big vacation time:

Part 1: Utah with the Woods

Part 2: St. George with Snyder fam

Part 3: St. George and California

Part 4: Utah, again.

More to be updated soon.  But here's a few for now.

These posts were brought to you, in part, by:
Costco---for helping me find some really great Gala apples to keep me awake during my marathon night of updating.
My Dad---for giving me a super comfortable office chair to use at my computer.  Back and bum support (oh, yes I did) is a must for marathon blogging sessions.
iPhoto---thanks for arranging my photos into automatic "Events" so I can quickly and easily find the pictures I want, when I want.
Pandora---this website provided me a fascinating supply of music.  Their Quick Mix option is great.  You can select MULTIPLE artists, and then they provide the play-list.  Awesome.  Tonight, songs were provided by John Legend, Katie Nash, The Weepies, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Sarah McLachlin.  Good times. 
And, a HUGE thanks to Tillie and Cal for STAYING ASLEEP and giving me a few hours of uninterrupted peace and quiet.  Mega kudos to them.

Thank you.  God bless.  Good night and Good luck.

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Kate said...

You have been busy blogging, isn't it a great feeling getting caught up though!?! I'm in the process of catching up too... Cute posts, looks like you guys had a great vacation this summer! Disneyland looked like so much fun, I can't wait to take Kennedy sometime! Is that your parents backyard with the pool in it? It is seriously beautiful with the mountains right behind it, so pretty! I miss the mountains!


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