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project rewind: beginning of JUNE 2010--vacation part 3: St. George and CALIFORNIA

After the Snyder family headed back home, we stayed for another two nights in St. George.  We pretended to be tourists and went around town.  The last time I had been there was YEARS earlier, so I didn't remember much about the town.  It is great.  And, sheesh, it has GROWN.  The highlight of the trip was listening to Aaron tell me all of his memories with his grandparents there.  He spent a lot of time in St. George growing up, and it was fun to relive his past a little bit.

here we are at Brigham Young's house. This is just around the corner from Gma Wood's house (where she grew up) and their family has a lot of memories here.  Here we are taking a quick picture under a darling little arbor.
We used this photo in our wedding video of Aaron's family.  Apparently, this is the same stretch of sidewalk (in front of Brigham Young's house) that Tillie is on below?  K'Lynn, correct me if I was misinformed.
Pretty amazing to have Aaron's little daughter playing here years later.  Tillie was LOVING the place.  I don't think the tour guides were loving her, though.  She was loud and they were trying to get us through quickly b/c they were expecting a big bus of tourists from France.  It made for a GREAT tour---not.  They didn't want to really answer questions b/c they were rushing.  But, that's okay.  We'll go again, I'm sure.  Pretty amazing place.
Running.  Her usual form of transportation.  Love those chunky little cheeks.
doesn't get sweeter than that.  (Too bad we have that random couple in the background.)

::: Next up, Tuacahn is amazing.  We loved looking around here.

The things I sacrifice for my children... I look lovely, I know.  But, I couldn't help but post this HAPPY BOY pose.  And, funny that he shares his father's amazing ballerina-esque TOE POINT.   AAAA!  I love it.

Tillie is no respecter of water.  Lakes, ponds, fountains and even gross run-off thrill her.

::: Since we had a big break before Aaron started work, we decided we should visit California.  It just so happens that one of Aaron's BFF's Mark and his darling wife, Bekah live there.  That was a big reason we wanted to go.  They have two little boys and they couldn't BE any cuter if they tried.  It was SO much fun to hang out with them.  We're trying to figure out a way for us all to start a commune one day with Aaron's best friends.  It's amazing us wives like each other so much too.  Amazing.  So, until the day we all live next door, we'll have to keep doing trips like this.

The kids did great on the drive down.  Give Tillie a dvd and she's great.  Calvin?  Sleeper/Happy Camper Extraordinaire.  Easy cheesy.  I was surprised how quickly we got there.  LA and St. George aren't very far from each other!  Nice. 

The day we drove in, we all decided to go see the Dodgers play.  Hence, why I am looking like I'd been through the war.  Bekah, on the other hand, is always photo ready.  A gift, indeed.
Look at those two kiddos.  They are so alike!  Both shy at first, but then warmed up to each other.  Tillie STILL talks about RussRuss and Baby Ruke (Luke).
Mark, baby Luke, Aaron and baby Cal.  Happy as can be.
the view from our seats.  I thought I was going to trip and fall off the balcony.  It is so steep!  I wonder how many people fall to their deaths each year?  Seriously, I was anxious all night!!
 ::: The next day, when Mark was at work (oh yeah.  people do that in the REAL world...), we decided to go exploring.  We went and saw Aaron's old house in Thousand Oaks.  He loved living here and has a lot of great memories here (like I said, this trip was a trip down Aaron's memory lane).  So, we took a picture of his old house.

:::Then we decided to drive down to Malibu and grab some things at a grocery store.  We were both shocked at how FANCY-PANTS everyone was there.  And, the cars?  Wow.  Crazy nice.  It was like stepping into another world.  That area is unlike anywhere I've ever been.  Pretty fascinating.  We picked up a box of pizza and headed over to the beach.  Gotta love the beach.  I am wondering what it would be like to LIVE so close to one?  Amazing.  We had a nice afternoon hanging out.
I'm in love with Cal's safari hat.
Tillie is in love with sand.  Look at that pink and orange ball of darling-ness.  So cute.
Aaron and Tillie were out playing forever.  They loved it.  And, I loved watching them.  It was lovely.
always a hand full, this one.  Oh wait.  What a sweet boy.
Beach towels courtesy the Snyder family.  I grew up with these towels.  Too funny.  Tillie, of course, REALLY loved them.  The pizza was amazing (used fresh pineapple) and we got a bag of cherries.  Perfect lunch for a perfect beach day.
::: Next up was DISNEYLAND! Oh, yes we did.  It was SO much fun.  I told my mom during the day via the cell phone, there is a reason why they say it's the "Happiest Place on Earth" (my mom agreed. Our parents had taken us when we were young, and while there she purchased a bumper sticker that read, "Happiest Place on Earth", b/c it was magical to her too back then.  Pretty sweet.).  I mean, honestly, Disneyland is so clean, you see grown biker men with little Mickey ears on their heads, kids smiling, it was great.  
And, don't get me started on how AWESOME it was having a LEGIT place to go and nurse the infant child during the day.  Normally, you find an abandoned bench, put a blanket over you and the sweaty child, and go for it.  But, here, there was a lovely air conditioned room, with privacy stalls, rocking chairs, high chairs in another room, a room dedicated to changing your baby's diaper---I'd never seen such a place!  It was great.  Too bad I didn't have the camera to show proof!  Big deal in my book.

Oh, and the fact that we all had the TIME OF OUR LIFE helped.  The day was perfect.  We loved being able to hang out with some of our favorite friends through it all.  Mark and Bekah, you are the best. 
Here are some photos we took throughout the day.  Most of the pictures don't need much explanation... just a happy day, all in all.

Russ was REALLY excited to take a picture on Aaron's lap.  Or not.  HA!
Get a load of Baby Ruke's CHEEKS!  oh my.  so darling.
I was loving Mickey's house.  I was a sucker for all the puns (who me?)!  Mouseway piano?  Funny!  Tillie didn't think it was as funny as I did.
I was dying over the laundry room.  SO funny.  I was like, "Aaron, quick take a picture of Tillie and me!" And he was like, "Why? Of what?"  I guess NO ONE thought it was as clever as I did.  Regardless, I got my picture.  408 1/2? Come on.  So funny.
Mark was a trooper and sat out on the mini roller coaster with the babies while we took RussRuss and Tillie on the ride.  Neither of them had been on a roller coaster (obviously, they are like what, 2? barely?) so, we were worried how they'd react.  Luckily, they both seemed to enjoy it (Especially AFTER they got off).  :)
Aaron filmed us the entire ride holding his camera, just so.  Pretty funny.

Not a great picture, I know. But I'm a HUGE fan of Mary Blair, one of the main artists behind the "It's a Small World" ride.  She was a genius.  If I could be like her... oh man.  That'd be awesome.  So, I kept snapping pictures all through the ride.  Kind of funny.
Oh, gotta love taking a picture of the picture.  Space Mountain is CRAZY!  Thanks, Mark and Bekah for letting us go for a ride!  :)
We were QUITE the crew.  I love it.  And, California Adventure is pretty great too! 
Once upon a time, Aaron taught Tillie how to get "toe jam" (gross, i hated writing that) out between her toes.  Well, she turned into a monster.  She is a little OCD in that department, and now, whenever she is having a "break" she'll take off shoes and socks and get down to business.  What?!  So weird.  Thankfully, now she's kind of grown out of the obsession, but it was pretty ALL CONSUMING 6 months ago.  Here she is taking a rest.
oh my word.  what a kook!  too funny, but strange and crazy at the same time.
Our attempt at a legit family photo.  Gotta get the one in front of the castle, right?  Cal and Tillie were over it.
let's try again while in line for Dumbo.  This is where Tillie learned what "TAKING TURNS" meant.  She still talks about taking turns at Dumbo.  Too funny the things that stick.
Riding Dumbo with my little girl was the ULTIMATE highlight for me.  She was THRILLED, I was happy, it was one of those special "ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD" moments.  It was perfect for a few minutes.   What a great memory.
If Tillie had her way, we would have stayed at the "horsey ride" (as Tillie called it) and Dumbo ride ALL DAY.  These two places were the highlight of her day.  For sure.  Cal looks like he enjoyed it too.  :)
Last ride of the night, the little boat ride that takes you around the story book places.  Don't know what it's called, but it was sweet.  Cool to be on the water too.

 All in all, it was a perfect day.   Really, it was a perfect trip (other than the fact that Tillie and Cal forgot how to sleep at night---sorry Gardner Fam!).  
Oh, and I can't forget to write that it was so fun to stay up late chatting and laughing with Mark and Bekah.  They are good ones, I'll tell you that much.  It was a blast.  We miss you guys!  Thanks again, friends.

So there you have it, our road trip of 2010.

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Mark & Bek said...

We had such a great time with you guys. I hope we can visit you before too long.


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