Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chiming in real quick

I know. Lots to catch up on. But I wanted to post a picture of a certain doll-face who I'm obsessed with (as I am with his predecessors, Tillie and Cal).
Hugging these kiddos extra tight in light of the tragedy that happened in Connecticut yesterday.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas back in Texas, mom travels with me on plane, Aaron's work party 2012

Aaron had a big formal work party in Florida, so he left us in Utah to party it up while he did some partying of his own. Here are a few pics he took of the night.

My mom graciously decided to fly home with me and the three rascals. THANK HEAVENS! It was fun to show her the house with some Christmas decorations.

We went to Ikea to look at different hardware options for the big drawers. It was such a stressful activity for me! In the end, we finally figured it out! I'll post pictures eventually... Let's just say this, Aaron is a patient man.

Aaron took the kids on a little hike/walk at Erwin Park while me, Nana, and Benny found Becca!

She took us on a tour of her favorite store, Central Market.
We also went to the fabric district and found this GEM of a fabric for a future Tillie room! I'm in love!
Sunday night walk.
Tillie loving the bib!
We had Aaron's work Christmas party. Dressy casual is not a great scenario for me---super casual is a better fit. Hoody sweatshirts? Yes. But, I stepped up my A game and bought a glitzy, sequin top and felt pretty fancy pants for the night. Thanks for helping me find something to wear, Mom!

Photo shoot by the Christmas tree in Sunday best!

Haircut for Calvin. He is terrified of the clippers, so dad had to hold him down! Poor boy! It was for his own good, though! We didn't want to shave off his ear when he'd wiggle around! :( Traumatic for everyone involved. Such a shame too, b/c Cal used to LOVE getting his hair clipped. 

Making homemade ornaments!

My friend convinced me I needed to get my hair highlighted, so I took a few "before" pictures. I was pretty happy with my hair and the color, but if was gonna make me look awesome, I was all too happy to oblige.

In the meantime, Tillie decided to make wings for her friend. I died. They are so cute! And so is her face!

We went shopping and Aaron found this Buzz Lightyear shirt for Calvin. I think he likes it.

My darn hands. It's getting worse and worse, and harder and harder to open them.

But this little heart breaker makes anything hard in my life go away. I mean, really!?! THIS FACE!

Aaron told me to go shopping and get out of the house. It had been a hard day, so I listened to him. He's good at telling me to take a time out.  I love that man.  So, I decided to get serious about Tillie and Calvin's room. I found cute blue quilts for their beds at Home Goods and decided to paint those random craigslist beds I found a nice orange color. Here I am picking the paint color at Home Depot.
Next I went to Target to get our groceries. I think I walked up and down every aisle in that store. Silence is golden. Alone time is a gift.

When I got home, I decided to write the lyrics to Silent Night on my new chalk board. I like how it turned out so I snapped a few pictures. It's amazing how recharging a little alone time can be!

Little Calvina is such a cute gal. ;)
Speaking of CUTE...

Yet another reason I love my husband, Aaron.

He installed faux wood in the fireplace so we can now use our fireplace! The hits keep coming! What a great guy!
Some work I did on the computer. Perhaps I'll create some new prints...

We made Aaron a breakfast casserole for him to take in the mornings for work. Look at how delish it looks! And so good for you, too!

Beautiful Texas.

Working on a new fabric line---almost finished getting the files ready for KOKKA. Should be pretty great when they are FINALLY ready!
Hanging out with Becca by the tree. I sure like having her around---for 10 million reasons.
Tillie had a preschool Christmas night. It was darling watching her sing and performing songs.
Benny thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Can't you tell?

We ran to Costco afterward. The kids LITERALLY ran everywhere. Crazy.

I'm finally breaking through the fog and am starting to organize. Fabric by color. That was fun!
Our new neighbor, Mr. Bob, gave the kids these DARLING bears for Christmas! Can you believe how sweet that was?! What a darling man. The kids were thrilled and love playing with them.
We are lucky ducks, indeed!


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