Saturday, February 26, 2011

january 2011 randoms

I wanted to take some photos of the kids in their Sunday outfits before church (it starts at later this year, so we have TONS of time before church these days---you'd think we could get there on time, but alas...).  Anyway, humor me.  Enjoy a few pics.

Tillie is singing her new favorite song, "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.  She knows every single word and when she gets to the chorus---well, hold on to your hats, because she belts it.  Amazing, this one.

wow.  The song is finished.  Could you feel her passion?  I know.  Me too.
Now, for a little more calming experience... her Nana and Papa gave her a thousand little card games, and they all live happily in this pencil box.

oh, she's singing again.  she must take after her mother...

man alive, I sure do love this crazy KOOK!

Now Cal was ready to join back in the fun.  I love seeing them side by side.  Especially when they are DEEP in concentration.

::: Next up, we decided to go Mini Golfing one afternoon.  Tillie loved the experience but hasn't figured out the "proper" way to putt.  Aaron really wanted her to get the concept down.  It was funny.  She liked her method better.  Her method was MUCH more entertaining, that's for sure.  You be the judge.

Cal started getting bored in his stroller.  So, we decided to let him in on the action...

he really enjoyed his introduction to the high intensity sport that is Mini Golf.

::: I bought Tillie a new jacket from Target.  She really wanted the PINK one (her new favorite color, apparently).  Aaron and I opted for the navy blue one.  Besides, it's much more practical with all the crazy colors she has going on in her little dresser drawers.  Anyway, I asked her to put it on when we got home, and it was like PULLING TEETH.  Anyway, I felt like capturing the little Mopey Mope.  I can't wait to buy school clothes for her when she's in high school.  :)

feeling a little better.  I have NO idea why.  Maybe I bribed her with candy??  I wouldn't put it past me.
::: Aaron spent almost every weekend in January and the first part of February OUT OF TOWN.  It stunk.  He had lots of different work things going on, so we decided to keep ourselves entertained.  And, because we live in San Antonio, the temperature was around 70 PERFECT degrees outside.  So, I took the kids outside to play on our STICK-LIKE grass (oh, how we love thee, Utah grass) while I painted a new Valentine's day painting.  The kids loved hanging being outside.  It was lovely.

Is Calvin happy or what?!

I told Tillie to take Jasmine on a "magic carpet ride" (a leaf we found in the grass)---here she is singing, of course, "A Whole New World" yet again.

Since Tillie has sung the song SOOOOO many times, Calvin also knows it by heart (well, kind of).  Here he is joining in the chorus. 

I smell talent.  Broadway, here we come.  Oh yes, I'm gonna be a stage mom.  I can't wait...

The end.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Gymnastics day

On a day that Aaron had off from work, we decided to mix up the "normal routine" and go to a gym in Aaron's old stomping grounds, near the medical center.  The kids loved being able to jump around on the equipment and dance to the music.  It was a fun time.

The day kept getting better.  On the way home, guess what we spied?
 Yes, that is a car/boat.  Amazing.

I'm asking for one of these for Christmas.


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