Thursday, January 31, 2013

California vacation part TWO---Disneyland 2013

A big reason we went to California, was so that we could go see our favorite California friends, Mark and Bekah! They said they wanted to meet up with us at Disneyland and we jumped at the chance to hang at the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH with them! The first day they joined us and it was a ton of fun! I have hardly any captions, b/c they're all pretty self explanatory... we had fun and LOVED it!

This first one, Cal was giving Lightning McQueen a solid hug! :)

We happened to run into Judy Terry and her family at California Adventure! What a small world! (pun intended!)

Ready to rock for Day 2!

Highlight of MY time at California Adventure---clam chowder in the sour-dough bread bowl. Aaron took the kids so I could eat in peace. It was DREAMY! haha!
Wait, I lied. I loved the sourdough bread bowl, but it was MAGIC riding the carousel with my little dolly as the park was closing. It was just one of those TOTALLY happy moments where I wanted to freeze life. Tillie was grinning ear to ear, I was grinning ear to ear... it was the sweetest. And, yes, it DID top the clam chowder. ;)

Love taking the double stroller. I don't know how people do Disneyland with kids and NOT have one! 

Tillie picked out a sparkly Mickey necklace and Cal got Jessie, the Cowgirl. They were BOTH super pleased with their purchases. All in all, it was a WONDERFUL trip and so fun to spend all that time with our sweet little family.

The next morning, we met up with the Gardners for lunch one last time on our way out of town. It was fun to see all those cute faces before we flew back to Texas.

The perfect way to end a great trip! THREE SLEEPERS IN A ROW! Thanks, Gardner family. Thanks, Mickey Mouse. California was a dream!


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