Saturday, January 26, 2008

funny picture

. i thought this was funny and wanted to share it. yeup. that's all.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my version... i know you've been waiting for it.

Yes, team.  We really did celebrate our 3rd anniversary at the Monster Truck Rally.  Who's decision was that?  I'll give you ONE guess.  How romantic was that?  :)  Suuuuuper romantic. Okay, Okay, it is easy to make fun, but truly, it was great.  I mean, where else can you see millions of people standing up and applauding a truck on fire?  Or people going crazy when the huge truck flips on it's side and loses a wheel??  Seriously, it was awesome.  The sheer size of these machines was... well, hmm... what's the word... neato!!  It was fun.

Now granted, we ended up being there for over 3 hours before I said, "ok, hon. we gotta go." It wasn't that I wasn't thoroughly enjoying myself, but more of the fact that we were in the absolute middle of row, hard plastic seats, didn't have time for a "real" dinner, and being extremely pregnant, and it was 10:30 p.m. --- I was ready.  Too bad that they still had about 8 more trucks?!  Yeah, nuts.  

How did we decide on such an event to ring in our 3rd year?  Well, let me explain.  For the first time in a while, we both had a Saturday free.  I've been eyeing some things at Ikea in Austin and been begging to go the flea market there too.  So, the day time was dedicated to things that I wanted to do and the night was up to him.  He chose Monster Trucks... I chose to shop till we dropped. 

Austin Flea Market?  Yeah, skip it.  Wait!  Unless you want used electronics or crazy Mexican music... or disgusting old clothes.  Yep, that's the only reason why you should venture there. Ok, to be fair, they did have some cool cowboy boots (none that I was SuPer thrilled about though) and Aaron did get this UT hat...  Go Texas!

Afterwards, we went to Macaroni Grill (Aaron had never been) and it was delicious.  Then to Ikea to buy this lovely for the baby's room.  It is TOO cute.  I am in love.  I want the whole line. We both HEART ikea.  We decided we always want to live near one. Then to the San Marcos Outlets.  We decided that is our kind of Flea Market.  You know, the kind that don't actually have fleas?  ha.  good times.  

So, there is the explanation.  Take it or leave it.

p.s. do you want to hear a great song? check out Rihanna "Hate that I love you".  I'm loving it. You should too.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

American Gladiator

Melissa made a really nice post for me so I wanted to dedicate another really good one to me. The new American Gladiator is on TV, and I'm really enjoying it. Here's a clip from an old episode... my favorite part is the interview with the guy after he does real good.

PS - Melissa and I had a great anniversary. We went to a flea market which was pretty much a bust, then to Macaroni Grill, then to Wal-Mart so we could package our left-overs in a cooler, then to IKEA, then to the Alamodome for the "Monster-Jam"

The show was great, but we were stuck in kinda bad seats between some big stinky guys.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

this is a post to the one I love most!

well, it's officially been three years that we've been married.  I was able to find a bunch of pictures from our life together and put a few of them on here in dedication of the grand event.  Don't you just love that picture of Aaron above?  Me too.

I was talking to my mom a while back talking about how sometimes I feel like life is so crazy and was wondering if I'm really ready to take on this whole experience of "motherhood" and she told me, "Melissa, take a look at how much you have been able to do!  Both you in your own life, and then all that you've done with Aaron.  You have been able to travel and experience so many things... things that most people aren't able to do in a lifetime."  True that, mom, true that.  

As I was looking back on these pictures I remembered how lucky we have been.  I remembered how lucky I am.  Aaron is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.  It is so wonderful that we STILL have sooo much fun together.  

Some of these pictures are from when we taught english in china, others are from our random trips--camping, san fran to portland, jamaica, and all the other dorky/crazy things in between.

Everything is better with Aaron.  Everything is funner (yes, I will make that a word) with Aaron.  Basically, Aaron is the  So, this post is dedicated to the one I love most. 
Here's to many more grand adventures!

Eventually I will add some of our wedding pictures.  Now would have been the opportune time, but alas, I have to scan in lots of those.  So, until I figure out the scanner with my new computer, you can enjoy these.  ok?  ok.  don't be mad.  thanks.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

has it been that long?

so, let's not take notice of the last time we posted. ok? ok, thanks.

new year. new post. new beginnings. new pictures to post. get excited.

please take note that most of the Christmas pictures will be posted at a later date...seeing that I didn't bring the camera to Utah, and my sister Lizzy (age 11) got a digital camera for Christmas---well, let's just say there are lots of pictures taken and it might be a while before they are actually downloaded to the computer. So, until then, you will have to see what we have been up to since we arrived back in Tejas.
Christmas, by the way, was completely wonderful. We LOVED being in Utah with our families and dear friends. It was a good "escape" from what we call "REAL life." However, we are also glad to be back into the swing of things here...oh, and did I mention the high is supposed to be 74 degrees today? Yeah. Thanks, Texas.

Here is a picture from what is the most EXCITING purchase thus far in my life. I did my research and was going to spring for a fancy pants crib that was beautiful (dark AND white wood)...but alas, decided to go for something totally classic in the same style that has been around for years and years. It is SO fun to actually have started a "BABY" category in our Quicken program. I have a feeling that the category "arts & crafts" isn't going to have the highest expenditures for long! :)

Now, you may be wondering, "What is that darling thing draping off the corner of the new beautiful crib?" Well, I'll tell you what, it's a little quilt my mom made the day she found out we were having a girl! She is such a hoot. Let's see s'more detail, ok? ok.

I know, I know. You are all jealous. But, sorry. Don't be such haters. Just be lovers of the goodness. So, one day I will be able to whip things out like this...but until that day happens, I'll keep buying beautiful fabrics like these found at Broadbents in Lehi.

Aaron was thrilled to find out that I had bought even more fabric this trip. As the lady was cutting it, she asked me what I was making. I had to think about it for a bit and then answered, "Something completely wonderful. I'm not sure what exactly it will be, but it will be wonderful." Yeah, Aaron loves answers like that. See, this would be one of those things that go into the "arts & crafts" categories on Quicken. Good times.

I'll just post these little do-dahs I made pretty much the night I got back from Utah. I forgot that I had to do the bulletin board for the primary room and the new theme is "I am a Child of God." So, I went back to my poster making days and pulled out the chalks and markers to create these kiddos. (This is mostly for my mom, she always wants to know how things like this ended up looking like...because she is the one I am frantically calling for ideas).

And last but not least, it seems it is the season for babies. I love it! Three of my friends are having babies here in about two minutes and I went to Costco to find some little outfits for them. These 3 happen to all be having boys too. So, I was at the checkout stand with 3 of the exact same outfits in the same size and the lady said, "don't tell me you're having triplets!" CAN YOU IMAGINE?! Yeah, now I am visibly pregnant to I that big?? :) Innocent question. Anyway, I also made these little notecards for the fun.

Anyway, lots of baby love going on over here. We are sOoOOo eXcItEd for this little dolly to make her first appearance! Aaron gave me a hug the other day and she totally kicked him in the gut. It was awesome. You so should have been there. :) My sweet little ninja. Bye for now!


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