Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 2010 randoms + Lizzy comes to town!

Oh, August.  This is always a good month, because it just happens to be my BIRTHDAY MONTH!  What is bad about that?  Nothing. 
Enough of the chit-chat.  Roll the tapes...

A few of the kiddos in their matchy-matchy new reunion shirts.  And, we pretended it was CRAZY HAIR DAY at the Wood School of Life.  Tillie definitely wanted to participate, so I obliged.  Cal thought it would be cool, but since he is lacking HAIR, we couldn't go all out for him.  Better luck next year, buddy.

::: Lizzy decided it was time.  Time to come to visit.  She's been here so many times, it's crazy.  But, we always love a little lizzy time.  She had a few places she wanted to eat when she came.  Long Horn Cafe was one of them.  How could we refuse?  We love that place. 

can you feel the love?
can you feel it?
oh yes, we feel it.
 ::: Craft time with Aunty Lizzy.  We decided to JAZZ up some t-shirts.  Here are the fruits of our labors.

in a little bit of a daze.

wow. same outfit. same daze. different pose.

And the gold ribbon goes to:
MATILDA!  or so it seems...
she was really excited.  can't you tell?
there we go!  Normal self.
cue the pant-less wonder.  Sorry Calvin.  I am the laziest mom---EVER!
 Thanks for the fun trip, Liz-berty.  We love when you come to play!

::: Next up, Tillie has been in a major BEAUTY AND THE BEAST phase.  She loves that movie and can quote more lines than most children her age.  What do you do?  (limit movie time? we do. kind of.)  ANYWAY, she LOVES to throw on her tutu and dance with someone during the infamous ball room scene.  Aaron happened to come home at the perfect time that day.  He got to be her dance partner.  Pretty cute.

::: After Em and Lizzy's trips down, I had caught the organization bug.  I was ON FIYAAH!  Really, though.  Sometimes it is amazing how motivated I can be.  I found this tutorial on my friend, Hannah's blog.  A great solution for random bits and pieces of ribbon.  I learned, if you have more than 5 feet of ribbon, though, it's probably better to just keep it on the spool.  Trust me on this one. 

What did Tillie and Calvin do during my GREAT ORGANIZATION purge of August?  I had the GENIUS idea to lock her in her high chair with some play dough.  Calvin?  He slept.  Just like a good baby should.  :)  Good good.
Tillie is in love with play dough.  Here she is making some SNAKES!


Here Cal is being crazy.  When he's awake, he's crazy.  When he's asleep, he's peaceful.  Amazing how that works.

:::Tillie looked like a commercial or something.  Perfect smile.  Perfect bang trim (oh wait).  I can just imagine her saying "More Ovaltine Please!" or something equally creepy.  Made me laugh.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

::: The things I do for my kids.  Just kidding.  If Aaron were writing this, he'd say the things your mom does for herself.  :)  Once upon a time, I decided to participate in a play group.  Remember?  Well, I had this glamorous idea to do face painting for the girls.  I was SURE they'd love it and sing my praises forever more. 
But, they didn't.  Tillie was the ONLY one who wasn't afraid of me.  Nice.  I even did it on MYSELF first, so they could see how easy and painless it was.  They wouldn't budge.  But, Tillie did.  So, we looked cool.  Sad the other girls missed out on the fun. We were the CAT's pajamas.  Too bad the "Ears" I painted on myself look like creepy eye brows.  But, the kid looks good.  That's all that matters.

Let's get a closer look at that darling little kitty cat.

So, there you have it.  The missing pieces of August.  Boo-yah.

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