Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011, here we are.

After a stint in Utah to celebrate the holidays with our some of our favorite family and a few friends, we are back in Texas.

Here are a few things to note:

::: Calvin just had his first birthday. I'm floored. What?! He is a full blown one year old and we think he's the best. He's maxing out in the DARLING department and getting funnier everyday. I told Aaron that he is a lot like me, b/c he laughs really hard at funny things he does... even if no one else thinks it's very funny. I love it. Even more, I love him.
Here are a few pictures I took of him yesterday. I need to take legit ones soon. And, there are more from his birthday that I'll post in the Utah post, but for now, you can see what he looks like RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE (well, you know what I mean).
shot of him with his red hair

He loves to do this thing where he hides his face between his legs. He is way more flexible than I've ever thought of being.

classic cal face
another hair shot and cute profile.

here's the thing, you know I'm not a pro photographer. My indoor shots are either blurry and yellow OR stark and crazy with the bright flash. Sorry, folks. So, I made a few of them B&W. Regardless of his mother's lacking skills, hopefully you are able to get the drift that this kid is pretty cute.

my little ballroom dancer. love the tucked in slim look.
happy, happy boy.

::: The holidays were lovely. We were spoiled, royally. Pictures to come. I'm in the process of unpacking it all and getting excited all over again. One of the presents we received, Tillie is watching right now. On this very computer. At the same time I am updating this blog. That's right, we're sharing the screen. The things I do for this silly girl... Curious to know the movie title? It's her new favorite, "How to Train Your Dragon"---it's a good one. We saw it in the theater when it came out and she loved it. I think it was the first one she sat through totally GLUED to the screen.

::: Speaking of Matilda, she's in full princess garb at the moment. Nana 'Nise gave her a Snow White costume, rosebud headband, and riduculous Disney princess high heeled shoes (she got three pairs, just in case any of them get lost or Cal wants to borrow some). Also, she has her singing Belle doll that Grandma & Grandpa Wood gave her in her lap (you push her hand and she magically sings). She also has Cal's teething rings all up her arm that double as bracelets (something she totally discovered on her own) and a beaded necklace. She is in GIRLY GIRL HEAVEN. Wow. Pretty funny.

::: Whoops! I recently discovered that the owl cards I did a while back share the same sentiment that my friend, Eva's cards did.
Here's mine:

Here's theirs:

Notice the similarity? Oh my word. I gasped in horror as I saw it on her site the other day. Eva and her husband run Sycamore Street Press, and they are super successful, legit, and wonderful. It looks like I copied it, but I assure you, it was not my intention. I'm a big believer in not ripping off others' designs and taking credit. And, if you saw the two cards and thought I was being lame and a thief, I apologize. The idea to do the "woot. woot." really came from a pure spot in my brain. I love their style and check out their store from time to time and they are definitely inspirational to me, but know that the similarity between the two cards was not intentional. A blog that I read, Dana Made It, she expressed what I want to say in her post. Anyway, that's that. Sorry, Eva!

::: Speaking of stationery, I'm up to my ears in baby shower fun. I love this kind of stuff. I'm planning a shower for one of my good friends here in San Antonio. I've been busy this evening making food labels and a paper garland. I hope they turn out as fun as I am envisioning.

::: Speaking of shower preparations (the baby shower kind, not the everyday cleansing kind), I decided to load up the kids and head to Costco this morning. Since Aaron usually makes the Costco trips with me, I was a little anxious about making the trip on my own. But, I needed to find good-fool-proof fruit (for the shower), restock our freezer and refrigerator, and most important, we needed more toilet paper. :) Honesty. That's why you like me.

Well, we did it. It was a great trip. The kids were great. I will say, it's a little difficult to hold a 50 pound one year old (kidding, he's only like 25 pounds, but still...) while helping your 2.5 year old unbutton her jeans and help her stay germ-free in the bathroom stall. That wasn't very fun. All in all, though, the only real tragedy was losing approx. 40 gold fish crackers that accidentally slipped out of our little container as the kiddos were scarfing them down. Not too shabby. No tears (from the kids or myself). And, it actually was QUITE pleasant.

Something interesting to note, in San Antonio, people are really sweet when they see two little happy kiddos in the cart. I've been taking note of some of the differences between Utah and Texas, and that is one difference. People get really excited to see your little kids here---especially BABIES. Oh, they love cute babies here. Cal was a hit. And, if you're pregnant? Get outta town! People are so nice and accommodating. I think, maybe b/c there are so many families with lots of kiddos in Utah, you don't get as many "ooohs and ahhhhs".

Anyway, it was just an observation, and generalization, for sure. Oh, and another thing I noticed while in Utah---there are so many WHITE people! :) hA! I never thought about it growing up, but I notice it all the time when I visit. It always floors me that there are so many people who look and dress so similarly to myself in Utah. Kind of funny.

::: Speaking of pleasant Costco trips, (let's get back on track) I don't think I've ever told you about why I love running errands. Enter BRUCE, the Great White.

Yes, that is his name. He came to us the day after our '95 Camry died. Back in August, Aaron wanted to take Matilda to see "Toy Story 3" one evening. I thought it was too late for her, but he really wanted to go. They went and loved it. I had stayed home with our sleeping 6 month old baby. Next thing I know, I get a phone call around 9:45 from Aaron saying that they were stranded and okay, but that he thought the engine had "blown up" (---imagine my reaction!) and they needed a ride home. We had his micro-machine, Ruby, at the house, and b/c it's a stick shift and, as Aaron says, "needs a lot of love" when you start her up, I told him there was no way I could pick them up. Our friend bailed them out, thankfully, and the next day we went around to dealerships to find our van. We're planning on more kids in the future (near and/or far) and I had been researching options for months.

Luckily, BRUCE was waiting for us at Gunn Honda (highly recommend the place. Their "one simple price" and "no haggle method" is the bomb). He came to us USED, so they needed to do a few things with him, but the price was right, and we've been thrilled ever since. Who knew Aaron's 1988 Corolla, Ruby, would outlast MY Camry? Crazy.
Let's take another look.

I have a DEEEEEEP and ABIDING LOVE for this vehicle. Make fun and call us what you want, but our entire family LOVES our van. I never knew an automobile could bring me such happiness. And, don't get me started on the AUTOMATIC sliding doors?! sigh.

You might be surprised, but MANY MANY people have told us,"Oh, we're not VAN people..." Aaron and I scratch our head when we hear this response from our friends (no, we don't literally scratch our heads, just figuratively). What does that mean, "We're not VAN people..."? You don't like amazing storage? You don't like incredible convenience? You don't like removable + folding seats? You don't like freaking amazing innovation?
That's cool.
Enjoy your drive, but as for Aaron and me, we are PROUD VAN PEOPLE. I want to say something like, "VAN.ers for life!" but I'll refrain. :)

And, I know that we didn't buy the Toyota Sienna, but I feel as cool as this couple from this music video. Yes, I'm sure you've all seen it, but if you want, feel free to watch it again and imagine Aaron and me as the parents in the video. You're welcome.

::: I've decided I have great talent in the tangent department. Wow. How did we go from Calvin turning a year to Tillie's princess costume to Costco and then discussing my love for our van?

I knew you were worried, but have no fear.
It might be a new year, but it's still the same me.

Until the next time that I feel like talking your ear off...
peace out.


Rebecca Snyder said...

great news! glad to hear the costco trip was successful. Did you name the van Bruce after the chocolate cake boy on matilda?

Katie said...

Melissa, you are too funny, I literally LOL when I read your blog. Love it! And I have the same love for our used odyssey. I've never been a "car" person, they get you from A to B, but with kids it makes all the difference to have a van. I think people that say they aren't "van" people are more concerned with image than practicality, not me :-)

The Girl said...

You make me laugh. And that Cal is adorable. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!

Kate said...

Ha! I always love reading your blog Melissa! I'm glad that you had a wonderful time in UT and that you are back in town. I'm excited to see you tomorrow night and all the cute things you have been doing for the shower!

Tyler and Erin said...

What a handsome little boy! I can't believe he is one! That means mine is almost one. AHHH!! Love reading your posts as always. Always entertaining!

Kelsi said...

Haha I love you! We are totally van people too! I LOVE my van and even though people might think I am weird to have a van with only two kids, we love having the extra space. Oh and Calvin, he is looking so grown up! He is so dang cute with his giant smile!

emily snyder said...

or is Bruce as in the shark in finding nemo?? i am a bigger fan of it being named after the kid in matilda like becca voted.

can we see pictures of tomorrow night??

and i am still deciding how i feel about aaron's post . . . but all i know is that i love he is in our fam!!

Becker said...

Cal is a door a bull. Tillie is innovative and sharp as a tack (teething rins for bracelets? Holla!) and I am definitely a van person--just not yet. My ole' lady '97 Chrysler that fits three across the back AND three across the front is suiting me fine. Plus, no payments. Always good. But someday. Maybe after the 3 across the back are filled and we need more room ;)


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