Sunday, March 28, 2010

forth coming...

Okay, nothing major to post for the time being, but wanted to give you a "teaser" for what is YET to come.
We've decided to do a little GIVE-AWAY later this week which involves the fabric line. So, be watching for that. Tillie is a fan... obviously. Also, if you have any photos of projects you've done with the fabric, please email me and I'll share them here ( I'd love to see some of your ideas!


Also, I've been compiling photos from Calvin's blessing and came across this gem:


Man alive, I am obsessed with this boy. Could he be any sweeter? So, I had to share.

Anyway, good things to come later this week. Can't wait!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

curious about something?

ok, ok, at first I thought this idea was really strange, and I'm not super into Facebook or Twitter (still don't really understand "tweets")... but this new thing is pretty interesting.

Have you ever heard of formspring? Essentially, you can go to the site and anyone can ask a question anonymously (or with a name) and I will try to answer it. You can ask questions about my paper goods, fabric, or whatever else you've been "dying" to know. :)

A few of my friends have done it and it is pretty fun to see what people have asked them and see the responses they give. And, I may take some of the questions and make them into posts. For those of you who sometimes like anonymity, like me, this might be a good venue.

Anyway, if you want to try it out, I have a new link on my sidebar that says, "Curious about something?" you can click on that and it will lead you to my formspring site.

Ta ta for now.

Monday, March 22, 2010

the random list.

Okay, after a big trip to Utah, it's always a little overwhelming to transfer all the photos, organize them, and all that jazz... So, don't be so mad if it takes a while for me to have the energy to post. This is a NO HATE zone. Good, glad that's settled.

Consider this... me taking my fine time to post what I want, when I want. That's the privilege you get with creating your own blog (ok, I guess since Aaron has posted a *few* times, it is KIND OF his too, but that's beside the point). So, there you have it, and there you are.

Let's go back to the month of January for a minute and remember that I birthed a large man-child. Well, silly me, I decided to take on a few MEGA projects that month as well. Which MAAAAY have made me a little crazy, and stressed, and I dare say---irritable. Sorry family. Well, Tillie was clueless b/c most of the madness happened at night, and Calvin? Well, he sleeps most of the time---so I guess the apology is mostly for A-dawg. Remember, we live in a NO HATE zone (thankfully for me).

So, here's what I did. Aaron's friend from school is getting married this upcoming December and asked me to help with her "Will You be my Bridesmaid?" cards. Love this kind of stuff, so naturally, I jumped on it. Yes, the timing wasn't the best, but I love me some good wedding fun. Seriously, I love all things wedding!

So, here are the things she sent me:
These were going to be her bridesmaid dresses (yes, from fabulous J.Crew). So fun with the knot. And, she had seen this idea she found online. Love it.

Great start!
So, I pulled out my trusty scissors and attempted cutting out 8 paper-doll bridesmaids. Umm... yeah, that proved a disaster. And took WAAAAY too much time. Remember how the birth to our man-child was just one week prior to the paper-doll fun? Yes. Good.

This is what I came up with instead (scrapped the ACTUAL paper-dolls and made them virtual=much easier):




She was happy. I was happy. Aaron was happy (that it was done).

Let's see... remember how this was the month of insanity? Good. Okay, glad you're still with me. Guess who decided to take on a Z-fold birth announcement too? That would be the sucker named Melissa. You see, I had this idea in my head and I just couldn't let go of it. So... a billion hours later + a million FOLDS, this is what I sent out.

And, yes, many of you, (insert APOLOGY here) didn't receive one. I have a list of half addressed envelopes STILL on my little shelf waiting for me to find the gumption to just FINISH them and send them your way. Please don't take offense if it doesn't show up. I think I lost my steam. But, I might find it again. Cross your fingers...

Until then, you can take a look at what it was/is that I sent out:
i just loved this one. he has the most expressive faces i've ever seen. and the back rolls... who's with me on those? love love love them. (the impressive jen wildey took them. remember these? feel free to book her amazing talent).

enter the infamous Z-fold. yowzah. never again (unless i involve professional help).



Anyway, those were the latest PAPER projects that I have undertaken. Since I just opened up my Etsy shop again, I have a few more custom orders on my queue. Luckily, I'm feeling MUCH more on top of life and am excited to start on them ASAP!

----now let's change gears to a few photos taken RIGHT before we left to Utah. Do you think this kiddo looks like his father, or what?!

his faces kill me. i wonder what is going through that brain of his...

And then here is Miss Tillie. She loves to dance (wonder where she gets that from?). Remember how I told you about her rain-boots that she is in love with? Well, here they are (p.s. my sisters were very upset that I didn't post pictures of her in the boots when I first mentioned it here).







now she has finished dancing and is singing as she leans on the glass. she can be so deep sometimes. the toe point says it all.

Good times. Good times. Th-th-th-that's all for now, folks.

the toothpaste thief

Dear Matilda,

Your father and I are really proud that you enjoy brushing your teeth so often. Truly, it's a dentist's dream. However, it's a little gross that you feel you have to sneak into the bathroom, grab the toothpaste, run to the corner of the bedroom, and proceed to squeeze it into your tiny fingers and then lick them.

Honestly, it's gaggy, and I'd appreciate it if you'd stop.

your mom

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

back in the saddle, again!

Well, thankfully my mom obliged when I asked her to travel back to Texas with me. Somehow traveling with two children under two years of age didn't sound too fabulous to me. Luckily, the man to man theory worked and we arrived back in the Lone Star state intact.

In our short few days together here, we've already had to pack away half of Calvin's wardrobe (did I mention that he's in 6-9 month clothing now? yes, at the tender age of only 2 months old!!!).

is it me? or do they look like they are almost the same size?

Also, we re-organized Tillie's closet and packed away her 12-18 month clothing and de-junked some of the random things I've had laying around in there. Heaven bless my mother and her organization powers. She is something else...

Mind reels that I would have more exciting things to talk about... but alas, this is pretty rad!

1) Jocelyn from the Fat Quarter Shop blog asked to interview Becca and me about our fabric line (insert an "Aaaahl-right!" here). We gave her a few precious photos of us back in the day and we'll see if she decided to post any of them. :) She told me it would be posted sometime on the 17th (yes, that would be St. Patrick's day. How lucky for us!). Check it out and let us know what you think!

2) My Etsy shop is open again! I went on a little maternity leave, and am ready to be back in action. Since, as you saw above, we've done a little spring cleaning, I decided to put those cute onesies on SALE. They are now listed for $10 each. Feel free to check it out if you are interested.

3) New cards are coming soon. I've noticed that I don't have tons of boy stationery in my life. Hello, that is sad. Especially for Mr. Cal. So, I've decided to change that. Think robots. Think cowboys. You'll see them soon.

4) Lots of pictures from Utah to be posted soon too. We were able to bless this big baby of ours and see many good friends and spend time with our great families. We love going home.

Anyway, lots to talk about! Good times all around.

Friday, March 12, 2010

it's FINALLY here!!!!

and we are PUMPED!
okay, okay, the fabric is even better in person! I just happen to be writing you today from the great state of Utah. Lucky I came when I did---because the fabric has ARRIVED!

Even better, it is in STORES NOW!! You heard right, our "Rainy Days and Mondays" fabric line is available in stores right this very minute.
can we get a what-what?!

We keep doing "google" searches and find more and more people spreading the word about this fun fabric line! To all of you who have, THANK YOU! We are flattered and so excited about the good buzz that has come our way.

You wanted to hear a rad story, right? I knew it. So, I am up at the Riley Blake Designs headquarters this past Tuesday morning to see the line IN PERSON and pick up a few bolts, when I heard that a fabulous quilt shop in South Jordan, Utah named Material Girls, had received our line on Friday, and had SOLD OUT and needed MORE of our line! Mind you, it was TUESDAY MORNING when I found this out. Plus, they are closed Sunday, so that means only 2 full days of selling. How does that make us feel? AWESOME!

A lot of people are wondering where they can get some of this fabric, and we're directing them to the Riley Blake Designs website's "Where to Buy" tab. Go there to search for your area. And, what should you do if our line isn't available in your local quilt shop? Feel free to tell them you want it, and that they should order it. :)
Or, you can also click on this link to see a list of all the online retailers carrying it.

This website, Fat Quarter Shop, has a lot of great images of the actual fabric photographed (see below) and have even asked us to be guest bloggers on their blog! We'll let you know when they publish it. All these images of the actual fabric were taken from their online store. We love them. And feel so legit!

(great photos, Fat Quarter Shop!)

Anyway, here are some things we found via the world wide web that make us feel so glad inside:
Taffy Talk did a giveaway of our fabric on their blog yesterday and had 152 people enter! Click here to check it out.

My Heritage Fabrics blog said this about our fabric, "Riley Blake just shipped this collection and it is generating more Ohhhs and Ahhhs in the shop than anything that has arrived for a while."

And, we also saw this cool post by the folks at Piecelove blog, "After scouring the Internet for two days and looking at every quilt fabric company website I could find, I have now decided which upcoming fabric line I adore the most. This: It's called "Rainy Days and Mondays" by Melimba & Beccabury of Riley Blake Designs."

Soooo nice! We are SUPER jazzed. Here are our faces to prove it (yes, it was late on Tuesday night and we look just daaarling, but we don't care)!

Let us know if you happen upon any other news. I think it would be fun to create a Flickr group where people can post their pictures of projects they make with the fabric line. And, I think a GIVE AWAY with some free fabric should happen soon. Don't you?

So, from the snowy state of Utah, I'm signing off saying, "Oh my heck, thank YA soo stinkin' much!" (I can make fun, b/c I'm a Utah girl).


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