Thursday, July 30, 2009

the 411.

okay, okay. Totally left you hanging.

Picture 4

so, if you do the math, we've known about this little addition for quite some time now. In fact, I am 17 weeks along at the moment. And, I thought I'd better let people know ASAP before they think that I've been enjoying too many Tex-Mex meals down here in Tejas. I'm at that really LOVELY spot where I just look really overweight in the tum-tum (or as some may say, the infamous "beer belly"). Awesome.

So, with that said, we get to find out all the details of this wee one here in about two minutes. Or two weeks, whatev. Same difference.

The time is flying by.

I haven't meant to keep it a secret, and actually, a bunch of you already know. It's just that it's not ALL consuming my EVERY single thought of the day, like it was before with Matilda. And, I wanted to get caught up with the events on this blog FIRST. I know, I know.

So, you want to do some more math? Good. I'm glad. This means that little Miss Tillie Mae will be 21 months older than Baby Smooshy.

Are we crazy? Perhaps. Was this all planned? Yes. Have I been able to get used to the idea yet? Not quite sure. Although, I will say this, there are MANY of YOU out there that have similar time distances between kiddos. I am SHOCKED! I thought WE were crazy, but apparently, MANY OF YOU are CRAZY TOO!


So, what was the thinking involved? I'll give you the reader's digest version. Because, I think a lot of you may think we have TRULY lost our minds.

You see, it all goes back to The Plan. I capitalize it, because of it's importance. You see, Aaron and I had a plan. In our minds, we were PLANNING on around 2.5-3ish-4ish year gap between kiddos. That is what the distance was in my family, and I liked it. Aaron had more of a 2 year span between his family. All's well. The plan was this: Make our plans, and if Heavenly Father needs to tweak OUR plan, then we can go from there.

Well, rewind to 2008. Matilda was around 4 months old, and I remember having the impression one night that, "Whoa! We need to change our plans. We need to push our time-line up!" And when I started thinking of the reality of that, I started bawling. Well, that woke Aaron up, of course, and I told him my thoughts. He thought it sounded a little crazy (rightfully so, I think it was 4 a.m.), we should go back to bed, and think more about it later.

Well, we talked a lot more about it. And kept coming to the conclusion that we should wait. And wait. And wait. But every day, in the meantime, my thoughts were consumed with it. Before I'd go to bed, when I'd wake up, eating lunch----you get the idea.

Finally, we got used to the idea of adding to our family and decided that it was a good thing to go ahead and try adding to our family.

Next thing we know, I'm pregnant. And, fortunately, for me, MY math was wrong. I thought they would be 19 months apart. For some reason 21 months sounds much better to me. Whew! :)

So, there's the story.

These pictures remind me how much I love little babies. They are all of Matilda. And, the professional looking ones, are in fact, professional. My lovely friend, Catherine, took those.

who can forget the tiny little baker?

Have I been sick? Yes. Have I thrown up? (love these details) Yes, thank you. Luckily, I was in Utah during the big sick part, so I had my family to take care of the two babies. Matilda and the one we like to call Melissa. Thank heavens for moms like Denise!

And, if I eat something every hour, on the hour, all's well.

So, there you have it.
This is when I remember how NOT fun growing a baby can be. No, this is not me right NOW---this was two days before Matilda was born, thank you very much. I know what you were thinking. I'm getting big, but not THAT big. yet.

That's the story.

Get excited for Baby Smoosh-face. We are.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

have you heard the word, bird?


hmmm... what's this thing on me?


OOooooh! I get it!


oh, how exciting! such fun news!

Jazz on the Riverwalk

Okay, if any of you happen to listen to NPR in the evening on the weekends (or maybe is it just Sunday?) you will have heard "Jazz on the Riverwalk". The Jim Cullum Jazz band is pretty rockin' and we went on a double date with Aaron's parents to give them a LIVE listen.

It was a TON of fun. I have never been a huge Jazz fan (well, other than Utah's premier basketball team, and doing my signature dance move "jazz hands")---but it is because I was ignorant. The only real Jazz I had heard before was from one of my favorite soundtracks, Swing Kids---and then trying to learn piano pieces with the syncopated rhythms back when I was younger. Not much exposure.

But, this was awesome. And, it was fun to be out on the town, knowing little Till-face was tucked into bed with a delightful babysitter. Good times. All around. Unfortunately, we had to leave a little early, because I told our babysitter we'd be home by around 10:30ish---but, I think we all would have loved to "linger a little longer." :)

Here are some pictures and, if you're lucky, I'll be able to post a little tid-bit of the video.

ummm... why I look like I just woke up from a nap, I don't know. wahhh. and, I thought at one point in the day I had put on make up. oh, brother...

The infamous bridge picture. We had to get in on it.

As did the Woods. I love this fake dive move that K' is pulling. Nice form!

Ok, let's get serious now.

It was a great visit! Thanks for coming down!

Mc to the Nay = McNay

Aaron's parents decided to fly down for a little FUN fun Aaron's last week of school (3rd year, mind you). We had a TON of fun during their short stay. I'm thrilled to announce that I finally got to go to the McNay art museum here in San Antone. On a different trip the Wood's had made down here, they went---but alas, I was working full-time and Aaron was in school, so we finally had our grand adventure.

I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun activity. And, besides the art (which I was surprised how many big-named-artists they had) the museum was INSANE. So so so so so beautiful. The woman who owned the house, Mrs. McNay was a collector and quite the little artisan herself. She was the one responsible for all the stenciling you see on the ceiling beams and more. You can read more about her here.

Anyway, I was a big fan. Here are a bunch of photos we took while there. Feel free to click on the image for a bigger delight for your eye balls.

poor child of mine.

I am in love with these stairs. Yes, please.

It's all in the details, my friends. Do you love that she put in these five little tiles? Yeah, me too.

us admiring it all.

Pretty darn amazing. Yes, I'll take all of it to my house one day. Stencils, tiles, courtyard, and all. Thanks, in advance.

ok, people, we're getting closer to catching up! be so proud.

Monday, July 20, 2009

died laughing.

okay, okay, I know you LOVE seeing all of my fun family memories. I get it. But, I think it is important you see something that made me laugh out loud. Literally, laugh out loud (no, not LOL, thank you cyber-techy people).

So, my sister's friend, Shara, shared this wonderful website with her readers.
Without further adieu, I present
A delight. You'll see why. I made these as screen shots, so you could read both the titles AND the commentary under each photo. So great. Enjoy. And, let's all thank Shara.

p.s. if you want to see the ORIGINAL link, feel free to click on the photo and it should take you to the real post.

do you agree? are those funny, or I am crazy?? Yes, those ARE funny. I know it.

tara & jared engagement shower

Our good pals, Tara and Jared, (both dental students) finally decided to get married. This has been three years in the making and we all couldn't be happier for them! So, we threw a little BBQ party for them.

It was funny, Aaron and I were in charge of the meat (we did something like 15 pounds!) and on our way out the door, Aaron asked me, "Do we have some sort of apron I could wear?"
And, I was like, "Well, yeah, we have these two (a frilly green one and a red one that matches the kitchen."
His response, "No, one that says something like, 'Kiss the Cook' or 'Grill Master'".
My response, "Uh, no. We don't have one of those. Sorry."

Is he a NUT or what? hA!

Anyway, it was really fun (and blasted hot, but comes with the territory). The food was delicious and I think people had fun. Mostly, we wanted the darling couple to know we all fully supported the idea of marriage and think it's a WINNING decision. Hope that came across. :)

Here are some pictures to prove it all went down.

Jared got Tara a cake in honor of her birthday. Pretty cute. He called and told us, "I've got dessert covered. A big cake from Costco. But don't tell Tara, it's a surprise." Nice work, Jared.

little Lincoln. He is two months younger than Matilda and was walking WAY before she could even consider the idea. Nice work, Lincoln!

cute Calli and baby Tyler. He's almost as big as her! What a cutie!

darling little baby Jackson. Is that face darling, or what?!

Jami, the proud owner & parent of the above mentioned child.

some of the girls.

most of the boys.

Congrats, Tara & Jared!

Carnivals and Cornyvals.

So, I'm not even sure when these first pictures were taken. It was a while back, but I thought they were fun and definitely fall under the theme of this post, "Carnivals and Cornyvals". I think the Nielson's were out of town on this first set of pictures. Them and the Jessops are our partners in crime and we do lots together. All the boys are in school with each other and we live a few houses down. We really like these people. Hence, the photos... :)

Me, excited at the prospect of getting Cotton candy. The first time in a lot of years.
And, it was blasted hot and under a RED tent. Hence, the "GLOW" you see. :)

Enjoying the fruit of mine & melissa's efforts. You're welcome.

went for the black & white option on these two. I think things like popcorn and cotton candy are TIMELESS. :)

Do you love little Easton in the stroller? Look how comfy & happy he is!

yes, the blue teeth option was one that we TOTALLY bought into. Lookin' good. We know.

little dylan. he thought we looked so good with the blue teeth, that he TOO, should sport the look.

NOW, onto the CORNYVAL, as promised.
Gotta love these things. Cracker jacks (both the candy and people) everywhere you look. :)

Good hot & sweaty times in Texas.


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