Saturday, June 30, 2007

rainy days and pools...

So, I thought you might want to see some more from our Jamaican adventure...enjoy.
view from our hostel porch.

ok. that is all the photos I feel like waiting for at the moment.

Who knew that we would have a bunch of chlorine and shock treatment in our garage? Not I. Too bad that the weather has been extremely wet these last few days and we can't be bathing beauties in the pool. Guess how many gallons of water it holds at 80% capacity (that's what the spec's say) ? Ok...I'll tell you, 1779 gallons. Thanks to the good people at SAWS (San Antonio Water System).

I really don't have much to say right now...other than the fact that I am eating some Delicious Grandma Sycamore's bread with homemade strawberry jam. In the background the Dixie Chicks are playing "Soldier's coming home" (or whatever the title is).

OH! We found out this morning that Kirstin, Aaron's cute sister that is my age, just had her baby last night. !!! They named him Max (can't remember middle name) Starr. Pretty cute. She wasn't due until July 7th and we were all excited to think that he could be born on 07.07.07...but alas, we'll take the kiddo early! :) There will be more on the baby that apparently looks exactly like a mini Klinton (her husband).

All's I'm saying is this...Life is good. And, I wanted to give a shout out to ya'll to say, "Heeeyyy!"
So, hey.
Have a happy Saturday.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

cleaning/organizing...attack the stacks!

this was a great picture of kemy with a real jamaican mon. ha!

So, yesterday Aaron was able to come home really early from "work". He called at 10:30 and said he was on his way home. So, somehow Aaron was able to get me into a cleaning mood (which doesn't happen very often, just ask him), and he pumped music all through the house and we went crazy. How was he able to pump music through the house? Awesome speakers? No. Just our t.v. We both have our laptops, but the volume isn't the greatest...hence, we put cds into the dvd player and BLAST it. Having a small house has it's advantages.

So, he went at it in the kitchen, cleaning the oven, toaster oven, mopping the floor and just DEEP cleaned everywhere. I, on the other hand, attacked the bedroom. My mom has complained for years that my piles are awful. I feel that I have organized chaos. I know what, for the most part, are in each of the stacks. But, for a long time, I have had major stacks on my night stand and two dressers. So, I attacked the stacks. That has a nice ring to it. I just added that to the blog was that good.

Anyway, I was surprised to find some wonderful things along the way...I found nail polish, so I painted my nails. I found my old hand-held tetris game that my mom sent to me in I played to level 5. I found a ziplock of lipsticks and I proceeded to give myself a makeover. I found a ten dollar bill...thought of what I wanted to spend it on. I found an old calendars and flipped to see what I was doing this week last year. Graduating, can you believe it? So, I decided to reminisce for a while. Found a stack of pictures from get the idea. Don't ask me why all these things were all together?! They are big stacks. :)

My favorite is when Aaron came in and saw my lips all glossy and weird makeup...nails painted too. He was like, "What have you been doing in here?" ha...if he only knew.

And I wonder why it always takes SO mUcH tImE to clean/organize. Can we say A.D.D.? Perhaps.

Anyway, that is not the reason I decided to post today. I wanted to show some pictures of what's been going on here...

I am sad to report that our good friends, Chris and Kemy are leaving us and heading off to Seattle. I won't write their last names, just in case someone wants to steal their identity. :) You're welcome, Kemy. I dropped Kemy off at the airport yesterday and had a really sad ride home. They have been a lot of fun to hang out with and we are pretty bummed they are leaving.
In honor of their departure and another cute family in our ward, we had a little Girl's Night. Kemy is in the middle in black and Rebecca is in the red. We are sad they are leaving! But luckily, there is a really fun group of gals to console each other in their absence.

Before the big departure, we went to the Gunther House (such a cute place! not to mention DELICIOUS too). Here are some photos of that event.

delicious food! Kemy's favorite, Eggs Benedict. And Chris got a mixed berry waffle...we got breakfast tacos and strawberry waffles. wow, talk about wonderful.
Since I put together a big disk full of fun pictures for Kemy, I thought I'd post some of them here. Here we are with Kip, Kajsa, and cute little Jaylie and the rest of us at Longhorn Cafe. Delicious burger place. We love it.

Here's a different picture of us enjoying probably the Jazz or maybe 24. Oh, I know it was the Jazz, because Kip is standing up...Kip is quite the fan. You should watch him watch the game. It is, in a word, AWESOME!

Anyway, Lots of fun with Kemy and Chris! You will be missed!

To totally change the subject, Aaron and I have been looking into getting a pool. Yes, a pool. If you are thinking a major pool, think again. We have looked at the Costco pool for a while, but didn't want to make quite an investment. :) So, the next best thing? Walmart. Ahhh, walmart. They sure had quite the selection.


aaron is getting the ground ready. Do you like our beautiful secret garden? ha!


Well...actually, this is that night. Do you love Aaron's cute legs? He will die that I posted that! I guess he thought the water would go a bit higher. It is 3'x12'. But obviously, it isn't filled to it's capacity here in the picture. I will post some better ones later, but get excited for now! We are!

POOL PARTIES at the WOOD HOUSE! Get excited! Oh, and don't bring your won't need them. I promise, you'll be able to touch the bottom!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

we be jammon' in jamaica!!

yes, you read correctly.
we just got back from jamaica.
was it planned? no.
did we book the flights at 10:45 a.m. and then leave to the airport that night around 7:00 p.m. ? yes.
ha! Talk about spontaneous. Now no one can say that I am not adventurous. Thank you.

Aaron was helping our friends, Chris and Kemy, look for a flight before they start "real life" to Costa Rica. In the process, they stumbled upon this super crazy deal for flights leaving from Dallas to Jamaica for $, he and Jared decided that it would be cool to go for the weekend (jared's girlfriend was out of town, so he was free :) ) and us...well, we could swing it. And then their other friend down the hall at school came in and said he wanted to come too, but that his wife couldn't come because she doesn't have her passport (sad! Jill get that thing ASAP!), and then we knew that Kemy was free b/c her husband was doing a humanitarian thing in Laredo,, we booked the LAST 5 spots on the plane and headed out!

isn't this little kiddo so cute? They were doing swimming lessons out in the ocean. too cute.

It was funny because none of us had any time to do real research about Jamaica. We had all seen Cool Runnings...and knew plenty of Bob Marley songs...but this was our only "real" knowledge of this country. ha!
But it was fun. Everyone wanted to braid Kemy's big hawaiian/japanese hair and of course, Quintin's long locks, everyone offered us drugs of every sort...but we declined all of the invitations and just hung out.

Right before we went to the airport, Jared and Aaron picked us all up some flippers and about wonderful! It was so great to have those and swim around and then come back on the beach and relax.

Love that.

this is us...the new jamaican bobsled team. oh wait...this was just in the airport.

check out that farmer's tan. LOVE IT! :) This was the first day we were there, in Montego Bay.

there is my little snorkeler. so cute.
we be jammon, mon.

packed up to full capacity in the taxi van.

no disrespect, mon...but we don't want to buy your bracelets or postcards.

i love this picture of the boys. Future dentists? I guess so...that motley crew.

So, enjoy some pictures of the event! Crazy! We're back a few days later, with a little more color on our faces, a little sand in the backpacks, and lots of fun pictures!
One love, mon! Respect.


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