Wednesday, February 28, 2007

we're in business!!!!

The song keeps playing over and over again..."we're in the money..." just kidding. we really aren't. But, I have news (this is melissa if you didn't know that already). Missy, Moon Mippy's owner (the store I work at) said she'd love to sell my cards whenever I was ready. So, I emailed her and told her I was ready and that ever since I have moved to Texas I've been working on them basically every night and most mornings before work. So, I made up a catalog and she placed her first order last week. I delivered those cards Monday, and they put them out on display Tuesday, and a few have sold! Get glad. We are. (the picture is a sample of one of them...i just hadn't clipped the thread yet...oops).

You wanna know why I am even gladder about my life? Well, my mom just left (and I have to say, I cried so much, it was like we were moving all over again)---oh! that is NOT the reason I am glad! I am glad that we accomplished SOOOO much while she was here!!!! Let's talk about how incredible we were. As our old Playstation game "NBA JAM" used to say, (we're) "on fire!" Yes, we rocked.

These are some shots from our front room/family room. We did valences for the windows out of black fabric and then we used the leftover brown raw silk from our wedding for some awsome pillow forms we found at the Crate and Barrell outlet (super cheap too and feather squishy too!). Then we used some of my favorite fabrics and used those with brown and black fabric to tie it all together for the small pillows. I love them! And, even better, it makes sitting/laying on the futon a wonderful experience. I used to always hit my head on the wooden handles and now...well, let's just say I fell asleep last night on the futon. Aaron had to wake me up to go to sleep in our real bed. how is that for comfy comfort? yeah.

These are some shots from our newly designed bedroom. We made drapes and pillow...and found a curtain rod with these neat little clear do-dads at the end. Exciting, eh? Oh, there used to be a third little Chinese lantern in the corner, but it fell off on Aaron's head. ha! That was funny. But, we still haven't put it back up. Sheesh. We stink.

Here is some photos from our new kitchen! This is the only window in the whole house that we don't have blinds put up...and haven't for the last oh...8-9 months. I hate the idea of people being able to see in and we can't see out at night. SO, finally we have some awsome curtains up! I sewed button holes at the top and we got little ring binder clips on there to hang it up, so it slides like a dream! We're loving it! and it is so much brighter!

oh, that cactus aaron and I bought one of our first weekends down here. It was itty-bitty when we bought it for a dollar at the Boerne Market Days. This is the first plant we've ever had that has stayed alive for longer than two weeks. Oh, yeah...that is why we love cactus's ??? you don't have to water them.

Here is the big curtain we got for our huge glass sliding doors. We bought a quilted shower curtain and then added this fun bright fabric to the bottom to make it long enough, and then to the top...because we could. Be proud. It looks so great in real life. Taking pictures at night isn't the best...I have been meaning to take them in the day, but we are.

oh, and this is a curtain we found at the Pottery Barn outlet...$3...yes...before it had 2 hearts embroidered at the top, but my mom covered it with our fun stripes to make it WONDERFULLY wonderful. It looks pretty cute hanging in our kitchen.

Now...get excited for the grand finale'.

I know I am.

Now, this part...maybe I am the most excited is my craft/sewing/awesome room. It is insane. Just look at the pictures and you'll know why. I had no idea how big this room was! It was a mess before...I had to tip toe around becuase I had so much all around the room and on the floor.

Can you believe how wonderfully nice it is? Mom, don't look at the stack on the little white rubbermaid dresser, I still haven't "dealt with that pile" yet. :) You love me. Remember that, you love me. Now for the close up.

If that site isn't incredible, I don't know what is. I have a spot for EVERYTHING now!!!! We found that wooden cardstock divider holder at Office Max and it was mis-marked in the back of the store, so it was supposed to be a lot more than what we paid for it, but because it was mis-marked and there weren't any of the cheaper ones available, they gave it to us for the cheaper price. Way to go Office Max. And, way to go bargain hunters. Truly, one of the many things I have learned from mi madre is how to find a deal. Sigh. Love that.
Okay. For not posting for an entire month, you should all be very proud of me. I know I am. Ha! Happy St. Patty's month.


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