Saturday, June 5, 2010

project rewind: beginning of JUNE 2010--vacation part 2: utah with snyders

After having some fun up in Utah valley with the Wood family, we headed down to California to go to Disneyland. First stop: St. George to hang out in the sun. We got to stay right next to beautiful Snow's Canyon and Tuachan. Beautiful country!

this is just great, we're relaxing right next to Snow's Canyon

a shot of Tillie looking real cute

some sand dunes thing right inside Snow's canyon, it was hot, but under the sand it was cold.

wanna keep this kid out of the sun! Tillie wanted to throw sand on him.

tillie wanted to get out on her own

and she kept being all by herself

and thought it'd be fun to run around

and finally she decides to head on back

calvin look's like he's pretty happy to be on vacation... and so does papa!

And on memorial day we stopped by the St. George cemetery to see where my mom's mom was put to rest. The circle of life is nice, but it's sad to see the passing of anyone. I loved going to visit my Grandma in St. George, she always had great games and activities for us to play. This was back when we never got sugar cereal in our house and Grandma Avery would always hook us up with Fruit Loops or Cinnamon Toast Crunch or something delicious like that

one more just to show the size of the little boy... he's 4 months here

another one to remember I was there too

and here's my Grampa Avery (my mom's dad) and his wife Donna

I have a lot of great memories at this house. My mom grew up in this house, her Grandma lived next door. My Grampa doesn't live here anymore, I was surprised to see the house is green now, it's always been brown. It's about 2 blocks from Brigham Young's house.

My Great Grandma's house which is next door to the house above

we went over to the St George splash pad, we're really looking forward to using Alpine's new splash pad this summer

I don't think these guys wanted to get wet

stayin' dry!

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