Wednesday, April 30, 2008

6 days old?!

ok, team...
this is melissa reporting. No, I don't have time right this second to give you the "happs" on what went on during the labor/delivery part or give details about how life is as a new mom (many adventures to report), but I will let you see what we've been up to.

now aaron knows what we do all day when he is at school! PHOTO SHOOTS!

talk about a dolly!

matilda mae wood

(good story of middle name coming soon).

these purple ones are from our "Perfectly Purple" photo shoot (thanks Kajsa, for the title). We wanted to try on my sister's little outfit from 20 years ago (it is really small!) and we had to take pictures for her sake! (and for ours too!) My brother said she looked like a little lavender jester. hA! we totally agree!

These next ones are from our "Pretty in Pink" photo shoot. It is amazing how willing she is to do ANYthing when she has just been fed. Love that, good one, Tillie Mae.

love that she is already so proper and crossing her ankles so dainty. good work!

Hope you enjoyed the show! More details to come. I know you are all really anxious, right?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

matilda face pics!!!

it sounds like a lot of people are a little sick of looking at melissa and me and just want to see matilda. here she is! lots of close-ups of her face.

i promise y'all will get to hear from melissa as soon as her mom let's her get internet surfing again. right now she's on a strict regimen of: 1-feed the baby, 2-rest, 3-repeat!!!

ps- matilda has a full name now. and a middle name is included in it. but i feel like i should leave the telling of how we figured out what our little angel was gonna be called to the pro. melissa will fill you in soon!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


here she is!

this is Matilda!

It is impossible to even start to describe how much we love her!
We love her more and more each time we pick her up.

Matilda is probably going to have a middle name... the birth certificate lady was nice and let us hold on to the paperwork through sunday. There are two strong contenders for her middle name and we'll let you know when we have her middle name picked out.

Melissa and i can't get over how incredible she is!

Her grandma just flew into town last night and as you can see from the pictures, both grandma and matilda loved getting to see each other.

Melissa is still doing great!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

a new little someone is here!

more words to follow... i gotta get back to the hospital!!! :)

i couldn't be more proud of my BEAUTIFUL wife! We have the most perfect little angel in the world. The baby is super healthy and so is the mama. I think melissa looks AMAZING in all these pictures. The baby was delivered by c-section at 2:33pm on Thursday, April 24, 2008.

8 lbs 2 oz
20.3 inches

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

just in case...

I had just had to write you this down. You know, to remember it always...

My mom bought one of those pilates balls for me when she was down here and I have been LOVING it (we heard some places use them as "birthing balls"). Well, team, by far it is more comfortable than our La-Z-boy recliner or couch... I bounce around all day in it. Good image, I know.
But, anyway, I was telling one of my co-workers about this latest discovery and she said some of the people in her office have used it at the desk with their computers when they have back aches. So, today, I thought, why not give it a whirl while I'm working?

Well, with that preface, imagine me eating a few Reeses Peanut Butter eggs while on the ball. Now picture some awesome music playing in the background. I'm a movin' and a groovin'. Well, as I was unwrapping another treat to pop, the little egg rolled out of it's package onto the floor. No big deal, I'll chuck it... right after I ...reach for it. Now, this is where you can picture me (remember? 9 months pregnant?) ROLLING right off the ball-- SO close to smacking my face on the corner of my desk. I was centimeters away from a broken nose. Let's just say it was a close call.

Moral of story: Beware of sudden movements on the big ball. It could just prove to be a disaster.

Thanks. ok, gotta get back to work. duh.
oh, and p.s. these next images were NOT the positions I was in before I rolled off. I won't be trying these slick moves for a while. thanks.

couldn't even try it if I wanted to.

step up 2 - the streets...

there's no baby yet, so melissa and i decided to do something crazy. we went and watched the awesome movie "step up 2 - the streets". it was so full of awesome/rad it was a little bit hard to go back to our lives.

***----Ok, this is Melissa stepping in... thanks Aaron for alerting me that you updated the blog, but we can't just have a one sided post for this one. Let me interject a few delights experienced regarding the movie. We were over by the airport (Aaron had an unexpected day off from school), I was distraught that we had just dropped off my mom and Lizzy to go back to Utah, and Aaron suggested we go see what was playing at the dollar movie theaters. Fortunately, we had an idea of what was playing, b/c Lizzy had looked them up online last week for something for us to do (but we never ended up going). So, I say, "Well, Em has seen Step Up 2 and liked it a lot, maybe that?" and Aaron's response is, "Step Up 2, The Streets?" Yes, Aaron even knew the subtitle to the movie. That was it. We had to go.

So, we go. Surprised that it is the exact replica of the Movies 8 theater in good ol' Orem. The movie... Entertaining? sure. Would we recommend it to all our friends and family as the probably not. But, we did feel like we needed to dance or do something dramatic with our hands & arms (wave them in street thug style) as we came out of the theater. But, we held off.

Anyway, after we got back into the car, I ask Aaron (something to the effect of this), "What would that be like to live life like that? Can you even imagine yourself going to dance clubs like that or living that life?" and Aaron's thoughtful response was this, "I couldn't even handle being that awesome. Seriously, I can't."

I died laughing. Aaron died laughing when we realized what he had just so blatantly admitted.

Then, we see a Port-O-Potty off the side of the road (major construction going on), and I saw that it had been "tagged" by some street thugs. (You know, we had just seen a movie all about territory and "the Streets" and "coolness", so it was on my mind). And I thought aloud, Who tags a Port-O-Potty? Who tags that of all places? Is it to claim/mark their territory? Like, our thugs are the only ones that can use this one?--- if so, Awesome. No, dOuBLe AwEsoMe.

That was our date out. I think the key word here was AWESOME. **----back to Aaron's post.

ok, update for everyone is melissa is still looking great as a pregnant *(thanks Aaron)*... but we both are so excited to have the baby here. we'll keep everyone posted.

Melissa's mom and sister came down last week and helped us get the house soooo ready for the baby. *(pictures to be added very soon of all the goodness we accomplished!) * We had a great time with them, but time ran out for Lizzy and she had to go back home *(you know, that whole school thing?)*. Melissa's mom will be on the first plane back as soon as she hears we are on our way to the hospital.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

no druggies here.

Ok, for some clarification, I am not popping any pills to make this baby come sooner. Yes, I have thought of it, but have not gone through with it. They are called Primrose Oil pills, and they are supposed to get things going, but I am too afraid.

So, thanks Aaron, for knowing what medications your pregnant wife is taking, and, thanks to the public for thinking I am a pill popper. :)

Baby? yeah, she's not here yet. We have been walking up and down the streets of our subdivision, so if you see me in the wee hours of the night, you'll know why.

We had a scare on Sunday morning that involved us rushing to the hospital and staying for a few hours to run tests. I hadn't felt her move for a long time and we were really nervous. Unbeknownst to most of you, Aaron is a great speed racer. We got to the hospital in record time and thankfully found a very strong heart beat from this little one. But, she still wasn't moving for a while when they were monitoring her. So, they checked fluid levels and did all sorts of things, and the verdict was/is that she must take after her mom. She is a good napper. :) We'll see if that holds true when she greets us in real life. Thankfully, everything still looks good.

So, my friends, we are playing the waiting game. Lizbert (my sister), my mom, Aaron and I are all on pins and needles passing the time. Let me know of any tricks that may speed this whole process along. We are REALLY anxious to see this baby!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

north carolina

my little brother just got his mission call to Raleigh, North Carolina.

Everyone says it is pretty, there's good food, and nice people. Sounds like it'll be great!

congrats Elder Wood... melis, me, and the baby are proud of you!

also, i found out the scuppernong grape is the state fruit, north carolina is the birthplace of flight, and... what is it... oh yes, first english settlement in the americas!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a special request

my dad has been itchin' to see what the yard looks like. this is what it looks like. i tried to erase the phone tower and mess with the colors in the second picture for a good time.

melissa is still pregnant, but she's trying all the stuff pregnant girls can try: hot foods; primrose pills (whatever those are); she went to San Marcos yesterday to do some outlet shopping and walking... all that resulted in was more clothes for the baby. everybody's telling us we're gonn wish we hadn't rushed this little girl into our lives, but we can't wait to see her and hold her!

ok, short post. we'll keep y'all updated so you can know when we our gonna be celebrating our little girl's birthday! (ps - still no name picked out, we're hoping when we see her we'll be inspired)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

shout out

"uhhh...don't let that strange lady pick me up!"
(i imagine that is what she was thinking in her mind's eye)

***** dIscLaImeR *****
ok, so other siblings of Aaron and I, please don't be mad/sad/bugged/etc. if i don't do the same thing for each of you. It's all about timing here, people. It is Saturday morning, Aaron just left to Houston to participate in the Olympics (yeah, he's a champ), and i am pregnant (aka with child) waiting for this baby to arrive. ok? ok. Timing is everything... and time is what I have right now, so don't be haters. *****

It just so happens to be my darling sister's birthday. She is turning twenty and I can't believe there are four children in my family all in their twenties. Now, if that doesn't make my parents feel old, I don't know what would. :) jk roland and denise.

Here are some pictures I happened to find on my hard drive. Oh, and when you have a father who LOVES posting embarrassing pictures on his website, it is amazing the goodies you can find! YESSssss! Without further delay---- bEcCa, hApPy bIrThDaY!!

we got twinner hats. little house on the prairie style... love it.

what can we say? we don't listen to EVERYthing our parents say.
this was our punishment.

i don't think becca has ever seen these pictures i took of her before her dance...
hence, that is why there are a few of them. (my dress, thanks).

"can I get a what? what?" thanks, awkward arms.

becca always looks to me for guidance. she wants to be just like me
(as shown here. this is me demonstrating how to eat Chinese cuisine.
See, before my instruction, she was eating like a barbarian. wow, she's so lucky I'm around).

again, she is so lucky I am around to show her the ropes of the world.
(this is me pinning on her date's corsage)

i took this picture. she is STILL in love with this hat.
i am STILL in love with the glasses.

i can't believe she got a scooter. sigh.
but, she looks pretty darn cute. (thanks to my skirt and coral shirt). hA!

she has such a funky style. darling, just darling.
(thanks to MY bracelets, converse shoes and NO thanks to my mom's old dress & fruity scarf.)

i'm the one who totally got her into the racing scene.
we are BIG racers and win every event we enter. it's hard being so fast, you know?
(shhh...becca, don't tell, no one needs to know that we finished dead last
because we walked the entire way. ok? our secret.)

If you want to know what a rad gal she is, feel free to check out her blog.
She is really funny and makes me laugh super hard.
thanks becca, you are the bomb-diggity.

p.s. oh, and yes, people, that is HER darling baby picture at the top. in case you were curious.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

business or pleasure? how 'bout a 'lil bit of both.

Here are some shots from American Academy of Dental Research meeting in Dallas (the place Aaron went to over spring break)... this shows the straight-laced-business-side to Aaron. This is serious stuff.

Now, that's the Aaron we all know and love. He learned all his moves watching
Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right. Some call it the "Asian squat"---I call it super hot.

Another really great pose. I Love it. The camera loves it.
I knew you all would too.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

now, when is she due?

The title of this post is probably the question I get asked most these days, "Now, when is she due?" And to that, my friends, I have no good answer. Well, I have an answer, but it takes a little while to explain. So, here's the explanation: When Aaron and I found out we were pregnant, we did the math and checked many of those online "due date detector-things" and figured out that my due date should be April 12th. Neat, my sister's birthday. Cool.
Okay, now my first every OB/GYN appointment was when I was about 5 weeks along. While there, my doctor did an internal sonogram to see what my due date would be. We were told April 22nd. Ok. fine.

Fast forward to our real true sonogram that we had around 20 weeks. The sonographer told us that the date the baby was measuring was April 14th, and almost always the doctor will change the due date according to what the baby measures (that's what she told us). And, it made sense, according to Team Wood's calculations. Great.
Well, folks, our doctor never "officially" changed our date like the sonographer said she would. As she said, "The baby will come when the baby is ready to come." Which, yes, I agree (mostly). So, we are due either the 14th or the 22nd. Take your pick.

Let's talk. My mom & lucky Lizzy (it will be her spring break) are coming on the 14th. Cool, fun, great! Hopefully, just in time to see this baby come and help me figure out how to do the "mom" thang. But, guess when the dr. said she'd induce me (if we came to that)??---April 29th. What?! (insert sigh here). Yeah. So, I have no idea what to expect anymore.

Hence, why I am writing this post at 5:20 a.m.

People always say, "You will never feel ready"---and I think I am believing that more and more each day. I am all mixed up in the "emotional" department. Don't get me wrong, I am not a blubbering mess and have been the most "emotionally stable" during this pregnancy than I ever have been (true story, ask Aaron). It is such a weird time right now. On the one hand, I am SoooOOoo uncomfortable (at night especially) and am SoooOOOoo excited for her to come and play and really see what she looks like, how she'll act, etc. So, in those moments, I want her to be here in two minutes!
But, on the other hand, I am petrified. I keep thinking "Who were we kidding?" and "how naive were we to think we were ready for this?" and "Me? a mom? Can I get a what? what?"--- I mean, we really have been wanting this for such a long time and it definitely was something we have been planning and preparing for... but to be a REAL TRUE LIFE MOM is... well... what's the word? overwhelming.

Deep breath. There, I said it. I know that I am not crazy in my thinking. I am sure most of you moms out there relate. I know it will be the greatest thing ever to have her here, but I worry. I totally blame my mom for that trait. CONFESSION: I am a worrier. But, yeah, most of you knew that.

This blog thing is funny. I mean, I know people are going to be reading my thoughts. Part of me cares and wants to "put on a happy face" (which, in all reality, I am truly thrilled about this baby) but then the other part of me wonders if it is okay, in this venue, to write down some of my "not so exciting and fun" thoughts. Get my drift, folks?

So, there it is. My jumble of thoughts. Take it or leave it. hA! So, ask me what date I am rooting for? I will tell you this, it just depends on actual hour of the day. Sorry. But, probably, in my heart of hearts, I am really wanting it to be sooner than later. I am DYING to see this little darling.

I am a walking contradiction---WhAa! (that was me, pretending that you are a baby, get it?) Good. It's settled. We'll let you know.

Oh, and I've posted some pictures of yours truly when she was a babe in arms. And a few of Aaron face too. Now the real question is, do you know who is who?? :)
Too many words can be tedious, don't you agree? And, who doesn't love to look at cute baby pictures? duh!


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