Monday, March 22, 2010

the random list.

Okay, after a big trip to Utah, it's always a little overwhelming to transfer all the photos, organize them, and all that jazz... So, don't be so mad if it takes a while for me to have the energy to post. This is a NO HATE zone. Good, glad that's settled.

Consider this... me taking my fine time to post what I want, when I want. That's the privilege you get with creating your own blog (ok, I guess since Aaron has posted a *few* times, it is KIND OF his too, but that's beside the point). So, there you have it, and there you are.

Let's go back to the month of January for a minute and remember that I birthed a large man-child. Well, silly me, I decided to take on a few MEGA projects that month as well. Which MAAAAY have made me a little crazy, and stressed, and I dare say---irritable. Sorry family. Well, Tillie was clueless b/c most of the madness happened at night, and Calvin? Well, he sleeps most of the time---so I guess the apology is mostly for A-dawg. Remember, we live in a NO HATE zone (thankfully for me).

So, here's what I did. Aaron's friend from school is getting married this upcoming December and asked me to help with her "Will You be my Bridesmaid?" cards. Love this kind of stuff, so naturally, I jumped on it. Yes, the timing wasn't the best, but I love me some good wedding fun. Seriously, I love all things wedding!

So, here are the things she sent me:
These were going to be her bridesmaid dresses (yes, from fabulous J.Crew). So fun with the knot. And, she had seen this idea she found online. Love it.

Great start!
So, I pulled out my trusty scissors and attempted cutting out 8 paper-doll bridesmaids. Umm... yeah, that proved a disaster. And took WAAAAY too much time. Remember how the birth to our man-child was just one week prior to the paper-doll fun? Yes. Good.

This is what I came up with instead (scrapped the ACTUAL paper-dolls and made them virtual=much easier):




She was happy. I was happy. Aaron was happy (that it was done).

Let's see... remember how this was the month of insanity? Good. Okay, glad you're still with me. Guess who decided to take on a Z-fold birth announcement too? That would be the sucker named Melissa. You see, I had this idea in my head and I just couldn't let go of it. So... a billion hours later + a million FOLDS, this is what I sent out.

And, yes, many of you, (insert APOLOGY here) didn't receive one. I have a list of half addressed envelopes STILL on my little shelf waiting for me to find the gumption to just FINISH them and send them your way. Please don't take offense if it doesn't show up. I think I lost my steam. But, I might find it again. Cross your fingers...

Until then, you can take a look at what it was/is that I sent out:
i just loved this one. he has the most expressive faces i've ever seen. and the back rolls... who's with me on those? love love love them. (the impressive jen wildey took them. remember these? feel free to book her amazing talent).

enter the infamous Z-fold. yowzah. never again (unless i involve professional help).



Anyway, those were the latest PAPER projects that I have undertaken. Since I just opened up my Etsy shop again, I have a few more custom orders on my queue. Luckily, I'm feeling MUCH more on top of life and am excited to start on them ASAP!

----now let's change gears to a few photos taken RIGHT before we left to Utah. Do you think this kiddo looks like his father, or what?!

his faces kill me. i wonder what is going through that brain of his...

And then here is Miss Tillie. She loves to dance (wonder where she gets that from?). Remember how I told you about her rain-boots that she is in love with? Well, here they are (p.s. my sisters were very upset that I didn't post pictures of her in the boots when I first mentioned it here).







now she has finished dancing and is singing as she leans on the glass. she can be so deep sometimes. the toe point says it all.

Good times. Good times. Th-th-th-that's all for now, folks.


a pair of pettijohns said...

oh heavens. tillie the "dancing queen" is way. too. cute. and the rain boots? presh. and cal's cutie face? too darling.

please don't even get me started on the bridesmaids cards. they are 157% FABULOUS! seriously, melis. fantastic! please add them to your etsy shop, like yesterday :) unless you never want to do them again. ever. which would be so sad for the rest of the world.

you're so awesome possum!!

Jenni K said...

ummm, how cute is everything you do with paper? Seriously? I love the bridesmaid cards. Is that a font you used for the "Will you be my bridesmaid" or is it your own fancy handwriting?? And the birth announcements...ADORABLE! Where did you have them printed? I love the text and colors, so cute!

erin said...

Your January paper projects turned out so cute! And, i'm sure their wedding is going to be extra fabulous since it's on Dec 18 (our anniversary!).

Also, that is too funny that Matilda likes eating toothpaste! Ella has a problem with that as well. Crazy little girls...

emily snyder said...

love love love it! glad you're back. glad you posted the beautiful bridesmaid cards. i am so in love with them! if bridesmaids are sisters, do we need cards?? ;-)

i am personally thrilled that you love all things wedding!

and i especially love the onesie with the boots! she is so her mother's daughter.

love you

sarah said...

I remember sitting in Utah History at old MJRHS and watching you doodle the most amazing designs...I would secretly try to recreate them until I realized that not everyone (certainly not me) can make amazing things like you!!! What would I give for your talent? Seriously.
Your kids are so adorable. I wouldn't expect anything different coming from you!

Becker said...

HOLY schmolies I love everything about this post. Those bridesmaids announcements are ADORABLE and of course the birth announcements are amazing. WOW. No wonder you've gone into business...

As for crazy months. Sistah. I can feel you. Remember how the last time I posted was like--3 months ago? I know. BUT, May is our crazy month. Graduation from a doctorate program? Check. Caleb's third birthday? Check. Getting a "REAL" job? Pretty sure check--or within a week or two. Moving? Check. Moving states? Check. Buying a house? Check. Oh yes, and the icing on the cake? Birthing a child? Check. BUT, if you can make time for beautiful, it will inspire me to make time to make time for necessary. :)

Adams Family said...

SUCH darling cards!!!
the bridesmaids!!

WOW. You really have amazing talent girl! Can't wait to see more.

Thanks for the fun link too!

Oh and Tillie + cal = completely adorable. :)

Rebecca Snyder said...

wow you're good at life AND you have cute kids.

Nancy and Spencer said...

Too cute! I love the announcement!

Katie said...

Sorry, that last post was really me, my friend is in town and I didn't realize she was logged into her gmail. LOL.

BETH said...

too cute.
I have to agree on the z-fold thingy. I made Jacob something like that and it took fooooooooorever.
Love the boots. Tille and Grace need to get together because she has the raincoat that matches. It was a hand me down from her better dressed cousin.

Any way awesome stuff all around.

Kate said...

The announcement and bridesmaid card both look great, you are so talented! Calvin is such a handsome baby and Matilda looks like she has such a fun personality- what cute kids! I'm excited to see you tonight.

kanishk said...

the birth announcements...ADORABLE! Where did you have them printed? I love the text and colors, so cute!
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