Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September's randoms... 2010

September.  Good month.  Let's see what happened...
A photo shoot?  Always a good idea.  One day mom will learn to use the camera and edit correctly.
Until then, the OVERLOAD begins.
sometimes I worry for my son's life...

::: Because we were going to be getting family pictures taken soon, I wanted to see what outfits I liked best.  I was shocked to see that the khaki pants I had looked like thug-Hammer-esque-pants.  This is why I do such things.  And, no, I did not post that picture for your viewing pleasure.  Tillie saw me getting pictures taken and decided she wanted in on the action.

::: Tillie has a little friend named Mia.  We were able to watch her for a little while her mom was in the hospital on bed rest waiting for her new baby boy to arrive.  Tillie and Mia had a TON of fun together.  They both wanted their hair done in piggy buns---how could I refuse? 
Cute girls.

::: Tillie typically wakes up before Calvin.  Once Cal wakes up, she wants to run in there and rescue him.  This particular morning, I let her go in and chat with him before I was ready.  When I came in the room this is what I saw.  I was SHOCKED Tillie figured out how to climb in!  Needless to say, I decided to raise BOTH sides of the crib after this. But, don't they look happy? 
Makes for a cute picture, but seems pretty dangerous to me.  So, I nipped that one in the bud.  :)

I love Cal's sleepy face.  Too cute.
::: We went to our local restaurant supply store to find a few odds and ends.  I have a new favorite store.  We "needed" to get a new big bowl for when we make caramel popcorn.  :)  We found one that was SUPER lightweight and perfect for the job.  We also found a few other things that have to do with cupcake decorating. What can I say, I'm a sucker for all things cupcakes.
Anyway, once we got home we realized just how huge the bowl was.  Here are some a million shots with Tillie for a size comparison.  The kids LOVED playing with it in the kitchen.

this is our version of the classic Olan Mills Photography portraiture.  Do you remember the classic lean down pose over the mirror?  You know, where you see a double shot of the poser?  Sigh.  Gotta love the 80's and early 90's.  This is our ghetto version.  Work it, Tillie.
The end.

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emily snyder said...

love love love all of this!
HOLY BOWL!! that thing is massive! where are you going to store it?? do you ever make that much caramel popcorn??!!


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