Monday, February 25, 2008


ok. prepare yourself. there are LOTS of pictures on this post. you'll thank me later.

What a week, boys and girls! If you didn't know, my mom was here all last week and sadly I had to take her to the airport this morning to go back home to Utah. Don't worry, I cried my eyes out. Her trips here are never long enough! We accomplished sooo much! She really knows how to crack the whip, and I am good at taking orders (not!), so sometimes I had to say, "Denise, calm down. Let's take a break and EAT FOOD!" I had to keep asking her all week, "Aren't you hungry yet?" and "How do you have sooo much energy?" Her response was always, "Melissa, I'm not 7.5 months pregnant." Go figure.

I can't believe we got as much as we did done. It was nutso and so much fun. We were able to make some good decisions about baby purchases and totally re-hauled two rooms in our house. So, you wanna see some pictures? Of course you do! (OH! I wanted to add that we are painting a darling big bookshelf that will be where the stroller is currently. And that little nightstand circa 199? built by Aaron will be painted white too).

Ok, I'll show. I was kind enough (i know, I'm good like that) to do some 360 degree shots of the bebe's room.

So, No, we aren't finished with this room. And no, we aren't going to have that picture of Aaron & I there... I don't even know where that came from. Picture cute little booties and other delights hung from the little pegs. It will be SOOO cute. Also, mind you, even though the next shot has lots of great Beatrix Potter prints, it will NOT be a bunny room. We are going to add other good things, so don't be SO mad that there are lots many bunnies. Okay? Fine. Good.

close up of the adorable stroller. i love that it matches her room. yeah, smart like that.

mind you, this crib quilt is HAND QUILTED by my mom. Isn't it incredible??

ok. breathe. I know, that was a whole lot of baby room goodness. But, now I have some more glorious-ness to show. Remember when I showed my OLD "craft room/office situation"? Well, we've added MORE storage (you know, we had to make room for the babe) and a makeshift desk for Aaron. (I guess it isn't totally fair for me to have 2 rooms to myself). Prepare to be blown away. I love it in this room! I took some more 360 degree shots... you know, to get the FULL effect.

this is a salute/tribute to the Jazz, and Aaron for that matter. I needed to make the room a little MANLY for his sake. What do we think?

oh, I forgot to move that number thing to the right of the desk. Get excited for Sharing Time my little friends. :) My mom and I worked on that little ditty too. But, it is covering my card-stock paper holder. Sorry.

Here is a little shot of TEAM STINKIN' AMAZING. (I just decided that was our team name). We took this late Sunday night...and I am looking "oh, so cute" -- oh wait, darn. Sorry, mom, to bring down the shot a few notches. But, we had to get a shot of the Team for posterity's sake.

I know, you are all jealous of my mom's Mad Skills. It was a fantastic week and I love her soooo much. Thanks, Mom. You truly are the Love to you!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Ok. It was my birthday on February 10 (even though melissa seems to have to ask me each year what day it is... she really wants the 11th to be my birthday... as long as I get presents it doesn't really matter). I think Melissa's best present to me this year was the lasagna she made for me. Usually I have a hard time saying I have a favorite anything. Utah Jazz... love for Melissa excluded, I think: all restaurants are good; all colors are nice; a monet, picasso, or barry mcgee piece of art is enjoyable; I like rock, country, jazz, r&b, ghetto, classical, electronic; soccer, basketball, football, racquetball, and golf all have a special place in my heart.... but i think i might, at least for now, say this lasagna that melissa made just for me is my favorite food.

And next up is a picture of me, as happy as I've ever been. I have a great family, melis is pregnant with our new little girl, and I get to be eating lasagna. If you look very close you'll notice I already have lasagna in my mouth.

The night before we went out to eat at "The Scenice Loop Cafe". The drive up there is pretty, and the setting there is perfect. Just after we started eating they lit the fireplaces dotting the porch. Usually there is live music there on the weekends but we were there too early because I was too hungry! I got a $25 steak, depending on who you are reading this, that may sound like a lot or a little, but for us it was a new adventure. And it was a good one.

After we'd had lasagna, some of our friends came over and brought their kids. We had angel food cake with strawberries and whipping cream, and an overall great time.

Luckily we had some bows so Dylan would was able to get his personal style going.

Here's a great photo of Melissa J. and Melissa W. I think Melissa J. is due in the end of June? And my Melissa is due in April. Don't they look great!

Here's another cute one of Melissa at church doing her job as Primary 1st/2nd counselor... I can't remember what one she is, whoops! :)

We went to the Guenther House for lunch on Friday afternoon. I was so sick of school you can't believe it. Should've stayed there and worked on crowns and bridges-type stuff... but I had to get out of there as quick as I could. Oral Pathology is not one of my favorite things.

I think this is a great one of melis and her mom. They are a great team. Melissa's mom has been a great help around the house this week helping us "nest"

Monday, February 11, 2008

chocolate lovers beware!

dear friends...

yet again, aaron has enlightened me with another disgusting news story that he found "who knows where" on the internet.


Now, when you go to it, you have the choice of reading the article or just pushing play on the right hand side of the screen. (yeah, you can guess what I did...pushed play.) :)

I just wanted to help you valentine shoppers out. Take heed to my advice. Oh, and as many of you readers know, I've learned this the hard way--LOOK AT IT BEFORE YOU POP IT IN YOUR MOUTH! :) I'd hate for you to have big crawly worms in your big chocolate kiss.

This is Dr. Melissa, signing off.
p.s. I was going to post a picture of a big hershey kiss, but came across this delight instead. I knew you'd all enjoy it more. GAG!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

happy birthday, baby cakes!

ode to the birthday boy!!! (isn't this picture fantastic??)

So, Michelle tagged me a while back and I was waiting to post this for a good reason. I figured since most of the responses I'll have are about Aaron, we'd turn it into a tribute of sorts... you know, because it's the man's birthday! For he is a MAN of 26 years TODAY!

In honor of the occasion, please feel free to stroll down memory lane and get a glimpse into Aaron's checkered past. There are many pictures to wow and amaze you... or merely to make you laugh. Ahhh, the many faces of Aaron Wood. Lots of love to the birthday boy!

(pre dental school pix... such a doll face!)

What is his name? Aaron

How long have you two been together? Wow, let's see... married for 3 years, but dated for almost 2 before that... has it been that long?!

(who can forget the classic JENGA! face? em hutch, this one's for you!)

How old is he? 26 years old today!!! HaPpY bIrThDaY!!!

(alaskan adventure with the boys... he LoVeS alaska & I'm sure his love started here first with their infamous trip.)

Who eats more? It depends on what we're eating. If it is anything sour, skittle-y, or sugary or something like a huge slab of red meat? Aaron. Hands down. Now if we're talking about chocolate, that's a different story...

(speaking of eating habits...)

Who said 'I love you' first? That would be Aaron. Let's just say, when it came to our relationship, he was always more "ready" than I was. If you want the full story, we can talk later.

Who is taller? Aaron towers above me at 6' 3" on "good day" as he says. On a regular day, he is like 6' 2.5". Luckily, even wearing my highest heels, he still remains inches taller!

Who can sing better? He would say me, only because he chickens out during things like choir practice and doesn't like people to know that he can hold his own. Sometimes he can be a weasel in that regard.

Who is smarter? Street smarts? yeah, me. All the way. Book smarts? that would be Aaron. Well, let's be honest... Aaron knows more RANDOM knowledge than ANYONE I know. (well, his dad is a competitor, that's for sure). He reads more on wikipedia (his true love of life) and a billion online newsreels and retains all that knowledge like you'd never believe.

(i just love this picture... i mean, what a looker!)

Who does the laundry? Pretty much me... although I never can get to the whole "putting it away" stage. I am really good and blitzing all of it and getting it folded... but unfortunately, the job of putting it away sometimes lies on Aaron's head (i.e. when he is sick of trying to find his clothes in the nice neat piles in random baskets) Sorry, dude. I am what I am. :)

Who pays the bills? It was me for about 5 minutes (okay months) until Aaron decided to go "digital" and do everything online. Remember how I said wikipedia is his true love? Quicken might be it's tough competitor. He LOVES figuring out our net worth (which is awesome right now, as you can imagine) and plotting out where all of our money is going. Me? I love it when he shows me the pretty graphs.

(what a cute face!)

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? So, if we are looking at the bed, the right side would be me. This way I am closer to the restroom (something that I never cared about until as of late) AND that way he is closer to the window. My theory is, in case anyone tries to break in, Aaron can karate chop his face before they get to me. No joke.  I'm serious.

Who mows the lawn? Why don't you ask the man who is in LOVE with his mower? Seriously, I don't know why I don't have a picture of him mowing (aka his favorite past-time). Ever since we became home-owners and got a front lawn (don't ask about the backyard), he decide to invest on the environment friendly no engine, no battery, and no gas operated mower. You know, like the old fashioned kind that clips the grass? Well, that is the one we have, and believe you me, he is the CHAMP in the neighborhood. Many a neighbor has asked to use his beloved green monster, and they all share the LOVE. He thinks its great. And because of that, I think it is great.

Who cooks dinner? That would be Aaron and then sometimes me. You see, lots of times he is home before me, so... by default, he wins. BUT, you see, Aaron really does enjoy cooking and makes these gourmet meals all the time. For example, I say, "let's have some egg sandwiches for dinner" (very common meal at our house). I ask if he wants me to make his, or if he'd like to do it. He wants to make his own. So, I get out the mayo, bread and call it good. Aaron, on the other hand, gets out things I've never heard of -- like paprika, or garlic powder and salsa or bbq sauce and cheese, and goes crazy. He ends up with this major situation... and I sit with my sad little mayo and bread. Yeah, he's crazy like that. So, he gets to cook a lot.

Who drives? With such "sweet moves" (as pictured above) I allow him to be at the wheel. Oh, and how could I deny the one who's life dream is to become a truck driver and drive forever? Not I, friends, not I. (and I'm not kidding about his life dream, ask him about it one day).

Who is more stubborn? Me. Sorry. For once, the answer is me.

Who kissed who first? Aaron kissed me. obviously. :) let's just say, he was my first kiss. When new things happen to me, my stomach takes a hit. I was throwing up in the bathroom all that night. Love you, hon. :)

Who asked who out first? Technically, it was me who asked him out. My friends and I had been planning a magical date in Rach's grandma's secret garden for YEARS (seriously, since jr. high) and we finally decided to do it. So, I called him. When I called, he said "How did you know that I was going to call you? I was planning to ask you out this week too!" (or something along those lines). So, technically it was me. It was a BEAUTIFUL evening!

Who proposed? Aaron. That was a good story too. He is a sneaky little trickster and enlisted my sister in the madness. Good times. I'll share that little tidbit one day. Get excited for it.

Who has more friends? With goggles like those? Who wouldn't want to be his friend?? :) What a guy! We're pretty even. I love that we both like each other's friends so much. And it is fun that we have met so many people that our BOTH our friends. Good times.

Who is more sensitive? ok, that would be me. (i love that the only two questions that have been mine are the "stubborn" and "sensitive"-- nice.)

Who has more siblings? Aaron is one of six kids and I am one of five.

Who wears the pants? Lately? Aaron, because I wear dresses (don't like tightness on my waist right now... you know the whole pregnancy thing). Ha! Okay, I guess this one is me for lots of little decisions (that's what happens when you marry a really laid-back-go-with-the-flow kind of guy). But for big ones, we both share them.

What a strange question to end off with. hmmm... I don't know if I really want to end this post with that. Ahh! Got it!

Who is more excited about the baby? (good question, i know). TIE! We are both thrilled. And for someone who doesn't really "get super excited" that often (aaron), he has been a treat! Just in the middle of no where he says things like, "I can't wait for her to come and play!" or "She is going to be so cute! I can't wait!"--this is huge, my friends. Not to say that Aaron is never happy or is a bump on a log --not at all! But, he just doesn't "exclaim" things very often. He is SOO excited about our baby and I am too! Good times, good times.

ok. It's over. No more. Thanks for reading. Oh, and hApPy BiRthDaY to you, Aaron! You are truly the and I love you forever.

I tag ANYONE who wants to do this same thing. Have at it, my friends! Can't wait to find out more about ya'll.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

So glad I'm here.

has it really been THAT long? (sigh.)  Yes, it has.  Excuse? Hmmm... Busy life? nope.   Lack of things to "blog" about? (like that has EVER been an issue). 

Why did I decide to post today? It just feels like it's time. 
Lucky you.

So, what's the happs? (I can hear you asking me that right now). Well, I don't know if you know this, but I started working for my dad's company. Boy, it is a sweet deal. I got a RAD computer (love life), get to do it at home (in the comfort of my pajamas), and it is just a really great thing in my life. The plan is to become a pro right now and then when the baby comes, Ill stop completely at the store and do this (and melimba)... oh, and raise a baby. 

So, this is me, on the new computer.  Bloggin' away.  I could get used to this for a while.  

Aaron is at school.  I just finished bringing Sweet Baby Wood's stuff into her room (for she truly is a sweet gal).  oh! Didn't you know?  I just went up to Utah for a week.  It just so happened that my darling friends threw a BEAUTIFUL BABY SHOWER for me!  It was so great!  And then some other darling friends had a get together in honor of Groundhog's Day/Baby Shower/Birthday Bashes/Sewing Goodness.  That was so great too! 

SO MuCh LoVe!!!  Can you feel it?  I can.  Totally feelin' it.  A Billion Thanks to all involved.  

I don't have pictures here to post, those will come soon.  (If we can all twist Becca or Lizzy's arm to email them to me).  Get excited, because I am.

So, the only picture I will post for the time being is this one.  

Most of you, being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, recognize this man.  But, some of you, my other gal pals, may not.  This is President Hinckley, the former prophet of our church.  He recently passed away.  Since I was in Utah and my sister has "special" privileges, we were able to attend the funeral service at the huge Conference Center in Salt Lake City.  

I have had many emotions this past week.  It is an ending of an era in the church and this man did so much good, not only for the church, but for the world.  I'm not going to say a lot, other than I loved this man.  He was a living and breathing example of what I picture Jesus Christ to be.  His attitude, his humor, his character and just the life he lived.  

I am so grateful for the chance I had to attend his funeral and hear the beautiful music and pay tribute to such a wonderful man.  It was a memory I hope to never forget.  You know when you leave somewhere having such a resolve to be better?  That is what happened.  Love that.  I love having those reminders.  

My little sister was talking about President Hinckley and she said what she appreciated most about him, was that he was constantly reminding us of our Heavenly Father's love for us.  Of all the good things he could tell us, he always was reminding us how much we are loved.  How great is that?  

Well, I don't know how to really end this post.  :)  Just know how glad I am to be here.  I'm so glad I'm here.  Glad you are my friends.  Glad for lots of things.


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