Monday, December 17, 2007

this is what we've been up to...

Wow, guess who hasn't posted for a long long time? Well, that would be me... and Aaron for that matter. Remember how it is now December 17th and Christmas will be here in 2 minutes? Yeah, I remember too.

So, why have we not posted for so long? Well, Aaron took a leave of absence because that thing called dental school was calling his name...and now he is proud to announce that finals are over with. What has he spent his days doing since this past Thursday? We'll never know...but he sure is enjoying it. Oh wait, I know what he's done ONE of the days. Friday was spent preparing a turkey for our ward party. What a beaut! (I have to say, I didn't have a lot of confidence in his turkey skills...but alas, he proved me wrong).

Oh, Aaron has also been touring with the Babcock duet... look how pleasant his face is here.

Me? Oh, well, you know... stuff. Like this:

you know, things like these holiday cards and tags for all my many customers (ok, only a handful this year...but it was by choice). I haven't taken pictures of the "finally finished" stockings (three years in the making) or the wreath I created OR the printed Christmas cards. You'll totally be impressed, I know it. ha! totally. CRAZY month, my friends. Crazy month. BUT I LOVE IT! one of these days I'll take pictures so you'll believe me that I haven't been sitting on my rump the entire month (and no, I didn't mean to rhyme).
We leave this week to UTAH! Who's excited? me. real excited. Hopefully we'll post again soon. No promises though, especially to my sister Becca AKA the "wah wah whiner" that we hadn't posted for a long time. Happy now, becc? good. oh, and Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

we weren't joking...

So, I kid you not. This baby thing is for reals!
Being that today is my second to last day off BEFORE we go home for Christmas, I plan to accomplish a lot. And since I don't really sleep in anymore, I thought I'd get right to it this morn.
Okay! I know you have ALL been waiting for ACTUAL proof that we indeed are having a bundle of today is your lucky day. I tried to scan the ultrasound pictures when I came home, then tried to take screen shots of our little DVD, and then we finally took pictures of it...and that is when the magic appeared. Before then, it was just empty blackness.

Introducing Sweet Baby-Face Wood. She is such a dolly!
I know you'll agree!

yep, she was ready for her close up. I swear she's got our profile!

who's number one?

that's right! she already knew she was #1!!! she is so smart at such an early age! (she totally takes after me--well, maybe aaron too. I guess he was the one who got in trouble for reading the Encyclopedias too late at night. Maybe that means he was smarter...hmm...).

Really, though. It was such a fun/wonderful experience to be there with Aaron. She was moving around so much and we were amazed at all we could see! It was crazy. We came home and watched the DVD two or three more times!

It is amazing, because we already love her so much. We can't wait for her to make her debut! I love that Aaron says every night how excited he is for her. Good times, good times. Oh, and here's another visual But this is what I look like now. P.S. Aaron kept saying, "Ok, hon, straighten your back a little bit..." but I couldn't! This is as straight as I go. Weird, I know.

and doesn't everyone do a side shot at 20-something weeks? okay, so we joined the club. It is so weird to see myself in a mirror and think..."is that really my stomach?" yeah, crazy, but true.

SO! There you have it...we weren't telling a joke or making up a story to be is the actual truth. (I was going to write "a belly never lies" but decided not to, b/c that sounds lame). :) Hey, get excited...only 21 days till Christmas!??!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

some good deals

Melissa says she doesn't want this blog to become a coupon site, but i just think there are some great deals out there and wanted to let the world know. If you have an american express card they have this thing called "my wish list". I really wanted to get the TV they were selling the other day (42", $700), but didn't get picked. you have to be ready to click at certain times of the day. The wish list sale goes to december 13th and they are giving away 3 cars that day. Other prizes/purchases left to win include a camcorder, trip to china, BMW motorcycle, las vegas trip, xbox, diamonds, and other stuff. Good luck!

ps - we just got some great wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby (50% off) and melissa has been loving looking at it all day. She's like a busy elf getting ready for Christmas lately with different cards and tags and wreaths and things. It's nice to have her around because Christmas feels like Christmas when she does so much good stuff.

And we have been loving buying hot french bread lately anytime we go to H.E.B. or walmart and can't even make it home without eating it.


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