Friday, October 30, 2009


So, I'm curious to know if anyone else is REELING over that fact that October ends tomorrow? I have no idea where this past month went. Seriously.

As we went to Matilda's 18 month check up a few days ago, the doctor said, "Oh, I was going to tell you that we won't see you for another 6 months (when Matilda is 2), but actually, we'll be seeing a lot more of you really soon." Confused, I asked her, "Why?" Her response was, "Well, isn't this baby due in January?"

oh my. what?!

I may or may not have had a mini panic attack.

Anyway, we are torn between wanting January to come AsSoonAsPossible, and then at the same time are hoping that these next two months won't go by TOO fast. You ever have mixed feelings about life? You see, all our big life questions will be answered that month. We'll find out about school stuff and what our plans will be for the next year. How will we adjust with two kids? Will our baby be "healthy and normal"? ----all good things to know. Right? Right.

But, for the time, let's talk about things we DO know. Like, how funny Matilda is.

*She was sick with a pretty gross cough for about a week. Aaron had her car-seat brought in and she used it as her mini throne. Here is Princess Sicky. She loved watching Finding Nemo with her setup. Normally, she likes to have TWO sippy-cups of water, but for some reason, there is only one featured here.

*On another front, I re-organized my pantry. I'm kind of embarrassed to put the BEFORE picture, but because the AFTER product turned out so great, I feel like I definitely should put both up. I guess I really AM my mother's daughter! She has introduced plastic storage into my life, and I'll never be the same (sorry Jen, I know you are anti plastics, but I'm in love). Who knew re-organizing could make you feel SO happy day after day after day after day... Every time I open the door I'm in a good mood.


*With my good friend, Melissa, (great name, I know) being pregnant right now, it works out pretty slick that we can trade babysitting for our OB/gyn appointments. These two knuckleheads are pretty funny together. Even though Easton is two months younger, they've been pretty much twins from birth. See?

*I don't know if any of you have the "BOO" situation in your neighborhoods. Basically, you anonymously take a little ghost picture and instructions to two households with a Halloween treat. If you have been "BOO-ed" then you put the ghost in the window so people don't do you twice. It's cool. I was excited about it. Remember last year's disappointment? Yeah, not cool.

Anyway, I had our treats all prepared and wanted to take them after dark. But, by that time, Tillie was in bed and we couldn't do a Bonnie and Clyde situation and feel good about leaving the child unattended in her crib. Good parent decision.

So, Aaron graciously decided to be the runner. We were brainstorming about how he should do it---all by himself---with out getting caught.

He said, "Hold on, I have an idea." Next thing I knew, he had gone into the bedroom, turned his black shirt inside out (to blend into the dark of night) and then pulled out his roller blades. We both were laughing, because if you know Aaron and his roller skills, you'll know that he SHOULD have been a Classic Skating referee. He is way fast and smooth on his blades. No way did he get caught.

I wish I could have come along to record it all, but I can picture it all in my head. Here's the beginning visual for you. Talk about awesome to the 10th power.

*Another great story about Aaron and his goodness? Okay, I'll tell.
We've both been pretty sentimental about Tillie being 18 months. So, Aaron decided that he wanted to take her on her first Daddy/Daughter date. I had a Super Saturday craft event to attend (good times), and it was the perfect time for them to go. He called our two friends, Tim and Kip, and they, too, decided to gather their kiddos--ALL BY THEMSELVES---and take the kids to SeaWorld and McDonald's for Happy Meals.

Pretty sweet. It ended up being ON Tillie's actual 1/2 birthday, so that was cool. Mega props to Aaron. What fun dads. Here are some pictures he took.

Apparently Tillie kept doing the fishy sound (opening and closing your mouth) and it was a good day.

More on the 18 month weekend to come. But, here's her with her birthday crown that evening.

Good times.

p.s. get excited for the post about the prints I've been talking about. Officially printed and waiting to get photographed. I'm excited = you should be too.


Rebecca Snyder said...

waiting to get photographed? what about all that setting up I did in Texas?! Did you already put those up?

Kristen said...

I love seeing what food other people buy. I laughed when I saw the cans of "Clams". You must tell me who eats those and what you make with them! lol It wouldn't have been as funny, but you have 2 cans!

I bet Tillies loves Sea World. Gunnar was in love with Finding Nemo too. For about 6 months straight he would watch it everyday. He loved Sea World b/c Dori and Nemo were there.

a pair of pettijohns said...

you know how an organized pantry makes me smile from the inside out, right? right. way to go, melis!

i too enjoyed seeing all the delightful treats you have in your pantry and next time i need a rice or pasta side, i know who to call :)

good work!

LOVE that aaron took tillie on a date - they are mega cute together. i can't wait to see baby boy wood in the mix! he's going fit right in.


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