Friday, October 23, 2009

big sigh of relief.

ok, so I finally did it.
it wasn't easy, but I conquered.

remember how we spent 5+ weeks in Utah this summer? Well, I recently decided to make a LIFE GOAL list for the next few weeks. One of them was to have that that BIG FAT MOTHAH-LOAD of a post uploaded by the end of this week. Check, check, check. Did it. Be proud.

Oh, and don't feel like you need to read it or even make it through all the pictures. I was even tired of scrolling my mouse down in the end. There are THAT many pictures. But, for our second BLOG book that I'm gonna do on (nice plug, I know), I wanted to get our blog up to date.

You see, I'd like to get some of these things off of my to-do list. Can you blame me? I mean, that trip happened how many months ago? Yes, it was a while.

So. There. Be proud I actually did it.
thanks for the support. (but, seriously, don't go check out the post in the name of "support" b/c you might fall asleep. It is only exciting for OUR family, I'm sure).

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