Tuesday, October 6, 2009

fun fun

This was a fun little surprise to find!

Thanks, sarah for letting me know that some of my cards had been featured on the The Stationery Place blog.
Neato, neato.

In other news, I'm working on a print right now that will be in the etsy shop AND up for grabs in a little give-away, here in a minute (not literally a minute, but figuratively).

So, keep your eyes PEELED for that (kind of a sick image, don't you think?)----Or, in other words, be watching for it.

I'm so excited to use my new printer... it's killing me!!

on another note---this little face is killing me. Man, could she be any cuter? Nope. totally not possible.





her face is PRICELESS on this next one. I have this as my desktop background image, b/c it makes me laugh SO hard every time I see it. I think she aged 67 years in this one! She totally looks like a little grandma.




ok. you've humored me.
gracias and good day.


Kristen said...

I think Tillie favors you Melissa. And I love that cute dress. Where did you buy it?

Sarah said...

I am glad Lyndsey posted about you. I am surprised she did it so fast after I suggested you :)
And no - she couldn't get any cuter.

erin said...

I agree with Kristen... in that second picture, her smile is SO your smile Melissa! Too cute!!

aaron said...

love these pics. great post.

alpineavery said...

As Always, I love your posts!!! Thanks for adding one of you and Aaron, we miss you too!

Rebecca Snyder said...

best outfit ever. go tejas garage sales. oh yeah the kid is cute too.

Katie said...

She is the cutest little snyder ever! I love that grandma face! And way to go jogging at 27 weeks, you're amazing!

Jessica and Jon said...

Love the Grandma photo. Laughed for a good 5, maybe 7 seconds...love your posts!


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