Saturday, October 3, 2009

air travel

so, I am back in Mexico. ---oh wait, I mean Texas.

[okay, enough of my rotten-ness. I am TOTALLY kidding. Just so you know, I love having many different neighbors from all sorts of places in the world (most just happen to be of Latin decent). Seriously, I am a fan. And, because I AM a fan, that fact allows me to jest. Our very next door neighbors are probably my favorite neighbors we've ever had in the world.]

So, there.

I'm okay. You're okay.

This was SO not where I wanted to take the post tonight.

You see, I'm having a GIRL'S NIGHT OUT (and some of you out there like to use the acronym "GNO"---i think it is weird and frankly, kind of sick-looking, but for the occasion, I'm going for it). But the catch is---we didn't go OUT. We stayed IN, while Aaron was a good boy and attended the General Preisthood Meeting. Blessings in heaven. And on earth, I'm sure.

Matilda and I had a WILD night where we threw spaghetti all over the floor. Then decided to scrub her down and clean her up in the tub. Next read some books. Put her to sleep. Cleaned up the mess of toys and spaghetti. Then I had some good time to relax and skim the 116 posts on my Google Reader. Nice one, melis!

Now that I am "caught up" in my cyber life, maybe I'll decide to attend to my HUMAN life. Oh, you know, the one that has two full suitcases from our vacay to Utah? Maybe I'll decide to look at that pile of mail (aka junk) and sift through it all. Or maybe, just maybe I'll attend to the things I was GOING to do BEFORE I left but NEVER got to it.

Maybe one day those things will happen. But for now I want to reflect.

Is anyone else amazed by air travel? I mean, the whole concept of waking up in one state and then going to bed in another? And, I'm not talking about the EAST COAST here (where the states are mini and it takes 20 minutes to hop from state to state). I don't think I'll ever get over the miracle of it all.

And, today, I was especially aware of the miracle because I had a 60+ year old woman next to me who had never flown on an airplane before. She was funny. She was nervous. And, let's face it, she was stinky (major smoker and with every move of her muscle I was reminded of that fact when I was magically wafted in the face).

But, I will say this, it was a pleasant reminder of how AMAZING modern technology is. I had to sheepishly tell her that Matilda, in her LONG 17 months of life had taken almost 10 airplane trips (that's not counting back and forth either). Nice one, Tillie. That was a crazy realization.

Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out to the Delta crew who got us into San Antonio in 2 hr. and 14 minutes and an even BIGGER shout out to Miss Matilda Mae. She felt like it would be a nice gift to sleep for the majority of our journey. Praise her AND the Lord. :)

And, while we're giving shout OUTS, let's give a big cyber high five to Aaron. Man, he is the best and we are SO glad that we had a fun trip, but we are even HAPPIER to be together again.

"Reunited and it feels so good!"

So, thanks for letting me speak my mind. Yet again. Back in the Lone Star State.
yee haw.


The girl said...

Your funny. Welcome back!

Blake, Mandi, and Browen said...

You ARE funny! love the airline reflection.

emily snyder said...

glad you came. glad you are home. glad you have aaron and miss tillie. glad we are friends for eternity. glad that tillie gave you the gift so sleeping. and soo glad that delta and southwest are around so that we see you as often as we do!


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