Friday, October 23, 2009

Meet our little boy.

Meet our little boy?
no, just kidding.

This is still Matilda. No, I didn't have the NEW baby boy yet. Try me again in January.

But, while Costco has their Carter's super warm fuzzy blanket sleepers for their GREAT price ($7.49--normally they are close to $13 in other stores), I thought I'd better stock up. I love these. And, even though we live in Texas, we have a little toddler who doesn't stay wrapped up in a blanket at night. Putting her in warm pj's are the only way of assuring her worry-wort-of-a-mother that she isn't freezing to her death.

So, alas, here is our little boy's new sleeper jammies. But, being the frugal parents that we are, we decided to RETURN the darling GIRL ones that we bought for Tillie and consolidate on purchases. So, for the meantime, I'll put my mock BOY to sleep at night.

By the way, she LOVES these jammies (as you can tell by her cheeser grin), so I feel that we're not damaging her identity TOO much. Aaron and I would rather do this option that put our little boy in tons of pink (which we're already planning on doing, since Matilda has/had way too many clothing options in life).
The joys of being a second kid and getting hand-me-downs from your older sister. hA! We all have our lots in life.


Rebecca Snyder said...

oh she is cute as boy or girl. i have never seen her cheese it that hard. way to go on all those blog posts.

alpineavery said...

sorry, but Matilda could never look like a boy!!! Those are the cutest PJ'S on the cutest little girl!

Adams Family said...

cute. cute. cute!
i love these sleepers! i just picked up a bunch for my kiddos to the car and then went back in for more! :)

Kelsi said...

Haha, poor Avery is wearing the same ones from costco that I bought Jack a few years ago! She is rockin the blue and green! Gotta love hand me downs! I love all your Utah pictures too! The ones on your walk with your sisters are to die for!


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