Sunday, October 25, 2009

we like friends.

Ahhh, what would life be like with out friends?

I remember when we first moved here, I was NOT a big fan. We didn't really know anyone and it seemed really lonely. Well, that all changed as soon as we made some friends. Isn't it amazing to think you could really live ANYwhere, as long as there were people you liked around?

Well, we have been really lucky to have a bunch of fun people to spend time with when we decide to venture out of our own four walls.

We must admit, we really do like hanging out with just us 3 here (it seems like by the time Aaron gets home, we relish all the time we can get with him). So, it doesn't really occur to us to invite people over or go hang out with other people, b/c we like each other THAT much.

But! When it does happen and we go out, we are always really glad that we went. We have lots of fun with OTHER people. Crazy concept, I know.

So, this fun little get-together was no exception. And, yes, Mandee, I know YOU are especially proud that I finally did this post. Apparently you've been waiting for some of these pictures? You were so subtle in YOUR post. :)

Aaron had the camera for most of the night, and felt like he should take a lot while I was doing my diva singing action. How lucky for everyone involved. Oh well, there are some good group shots in the mix. Enjoy.

I hate this nostril shot of me, but I like how Aaron is looking at me.
He is OBVIOUSLY so in love with me AND my singing talent. Can't you tell? Oh, yeah.

the gals.

the guys.

the infamous group shots.

I love that I snapped this next one without most of them knowing. hA! There are some nice poses that happened. I'm so glad I caught it.

the end.


emily snyder said...

love love love it! i definitely remember the conversations of you not loving texas and how just a few months later, when you found a few key people, everything was better. how much i love that you have a bit of family away from us!

Adams Family said...

fun pics! i am going to have to steal some of them...capesh?

...a not so muy attractive picture of krista...note to self...that angle is sooo not working for ya girl. :)

erin said...

Looks like a fun night! We miss everybody there!
And, so true, you can really live anywhere as long as there are friends around. :)

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Looks like you guys have been having a blast! I really do read your blog Melis...I just rarely comment. Sorry. :) I love you dearly, but usually have just enough time to catch up and rarely enough time to write a little note. But let me make a few comments to you (while the boys are in bed and Marc is up on campus studying until who-knows-when?!) :)

First, WAY TO GO on the fabric line! I am seriously lovin' it! You and Becca have a great eye for color and design. I already have my eye on the greens and greys! Love them.

Second, a trip to Utah! Jealous. We were just leaving Utah as the colors were staring to change. We were up there the first two weeks of September and really I was missing the fall this year. I love the gorgeous mountains...all those great colors! I seriously can't get enough. I love crunching leaves and am missing that sound. I am glad you had such a great trip and wish our time there would've overlapped a little.

I am wondering when I will ever get to see you again? WIth your little guy on the way soon...

Also, here here to having great friends! You REALLY can live anywhere as long as there are good friends around.....buuuuuuut, I'll be honest I would love to see your cute face down our direction for a little pedo school. :)

I sure love you! I think you must have been in Utah when I tried to call you a few times, but I sure hope you are doing well!

The Cook Family said...

Can we come next time?

Kajsa said...

some of those are funny! i look like im super into it on that first pic! ha!

Kajsa said...

oh and im so thankful for good friends too!!


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