Friday, October 16, 2009

good buzz! melimba & beccabury fabric!!

ok, okay. I'm containing my excitement a WEE bit because of what I found doing a google search this morning. Tillie is asleep in the room next to me, so I have been silently CHEERING and LITERALLY pumping my fists in the air... all by myself.

So, let's share the good news, shall we?

My search used words like, "Riley Blake Designs booth, quilt market 2009"---you know, because it was just the big INTERNATIONAL QUILT MARKET this past week, and that is where our fabric line, Rainy Days and Mondays is being PRE-SOLD at.

So, of course I'm curious to hear some of the buzz---good/bad/whatever.

Well team, there have been some good cyber love happening as of late with the company and I thought I'd share THIS specific blog, TRUE UP. Have you ever heard of her blog? She is always putting up new fabrics and reviews and interviews... it's great. I've followed her blog for about a year now.

But, what is even GREATER? She did a Give-Away and our little line was shown in it... over 190 comments later, we see that there is SPECIFIC LOVE for our Rainy Days and Mondays fabric line! Check it out, boyzzzz! And, why not vote and win!

Here are some of my favorite comments (and yes, I put probably WAY too many on here, but hey, this is a good moment for me. p.s. some of my reactions are in green italics):

"It would be a hard choice to choose between great and greater. They are all so colorful and crisp. Rainy Days speaks to a part of my soul, however, so guess that’s my best favorite."
holla! speaks to her SOUL, no less!

"Rainy Days for me, I love those little umbrellas!"

"I adore the Rainy Days and Mondays collection! It’s so whimsical & fun :)"

"Riley Blake’s umbrella line is perfect for the Seattle weather. I’m always looking for a cute umbrella."

"I love Rainy days and Mondays, but Summer Songs and Wheels would probably be on my purchase list too!"

"Being in Oregon I need some of that rainy day – love it!"

"I’m loving the Rainy Days & Mondays! The umbrellas are too cute and I love the rain drop stripes and the honeycomb dots. I love the whole line!"

"wow – love the rainy days and mondays – would be very happy to start cutting into some of those this morning! Very appropriate for our weather here at the moment too."

"Love so much of it! But the umbrellas & coordinating honeycomb??? The best!!"

"I love those Rainy Days prints!"

"It would have to be Rainy Days and Mondays for me – the green colorway. Love those geometric prints."

"As for Riley Blake, I would have said “Be Merry”, but now I think I have to say “Rainy Days”! I can’t wait to see that one when it comes out!"

"My favorite is Rainy Days and Mondays – I can even see myself with new bag and skirt going to work on rainy Monday :)"

"love, love, love, rainy days and mondays… can’t wait to see it in person!"

"Rainy Days and Mondays is just too good. I love it. and the reference."

"Rainy Days – the sound of spring rain in my garden and the smell that follows – bliss."
oooh, how poetic!

"The “Rainy Days & Mondays” collection is giving me goose-bumps with excitement. I am visualising gorgeous one-of-a-kind creations for bridal & baby shower gifts."
goose-bumps?! wowzah! now that's nice!

-----COOL, right?
Here's her Facebook "notes" page with the same article, but 5 comments. Cool that 3 of the 5 talked about Rainy Days and Mondays being their FAVORITE!

Whoo! Whoo! Can I get a Whaat Whaat?

More buzz? Okay! Okay! I'll share. Sheesh.

Here is this blog... which I don't even KNOW what language she speaks---or TYPES in, for that matter----but she did an ENTIRE post on our line. NEATO! hA! I did understand the words, "Melissa and Rebecca" though. :) Russian? Ukrainian? If anyone can translate, let's hear!

This person
must have pre-ordered the fabric, b/c it's coming soon to her Etsy site. Nicccccce!

Pretty rad. I'm excited. I know Becca will be excited once she finds out all the joy (she's at work can't talk on the phone. boo.)

But, here's a link to Riley Blake Design's website so you can see our fabric line in a bigger form. Enjoy. Pretty fun to be mixed in with so many fun lines coming out from them.

Cyber high five to Becca, my sister!
Go, team melimba & beccabury, go!

man, it's a GOOD Friday indeed!
if any of you hear any more on the matter, let us know! we love little silent cheers next to our computer. Thanks for letting us share.


Rebecca Snyder said...

silent cheers from provo! too bad I'm stuck on the computer!

hannah :: sherbet blossom said...

holy crap, melissa! those are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

racharooo said...

Way to go team! You will be a huge success. I wish I could have a cool job like you!

Kim said...

Well hi! I'm so glad you found the entry. You've made a wonderful line and I'm so glad I found you! Your non-fabric work is amazing too. We'd love to interview you when Rainy Days & Mondays is out in the shops!

Tyler and Erin said...

That is wonderful! I love all the fabrics. SO stinkin' cute! Keep up the adorable work.

erin said...

SO awesome!! Great work Melissa!

alpineavery said...

I seriously love your fabric!!! Way to go on all the positive feed back. Truly Amazing!!!

Sarah said...

Boom! Baby!

emily snyder said...

slovakian. the blog is in slovakian. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristen said...

it's pretty dang cute fabric. hooray for your talent bring joy into the world.

a pair of pettijohns said...

of COURSE they love it! what's not to love?! you are wonderful :)

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

You got it...WHAT WHAT!!!! Congratulations, hopefully there will be more of the fabric line to come...and many more great comments!!!

Kirstin - Klinton - Max - Krieg Starr said...

Is there anything you can't do? You rule the world.

kimmy girl said...

holy mother of all things fabric. im sooo proud of you. sooo excited for you. man, im friends with a celebrity.

Lindsay said...

Congratulations Melissa!! That's so exciting. Of course everyone would love it. Did you ever doubt?

Jordan and Jandee said...

I will definitely give a "what what" deserve every nice comment!

BETH said...


Kajsa said...

yay! im so excited for you! you are super talented!

elements: overexposed said...

I feel like crying...I think I might! I am soooooooo happy for you and the sis. That is amazing! The two of you are amazing! Love the fabric, love colors, love you! Many many cheers from the Pac Norttwestt.


The Smiths said...

Awesome! You two rock!

Whitney said...

Congrats! This is amazing! You guys really do make a great team! "Sisters, Sisters"

annie said...

I love love love your fabric melissa. I am so impressed with you guys.. seriously, I would never even think to do that, let alone DO it! Congrats!!! (and yes, I will be buying some of that when it comes out)


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