Friday, October 30, 2009

18 months.


Aaron and I have both had a few tears shed over the fact that our Tillie is now 18 months. Let me correct myself... I had a full break down and Aaron got a little misty-eyed. There. I said it. :)

In our church, once they turn 18 months they are eligible to go to Nursery. It's a big rite of passage, and we're both a little sentimental about it.

So, the day after she turned 18 months, it was a Sunday. And, we gave it a go. Since I am the chorister for our primary, Aaron has had Matilda on his very own for the last while. They have been great buddies. Aaron knows exactly what he likes to pack in the diaper bag for her and they both love hanging out.

Back to Sunday---I was out of commission for the bulk of the time, but was able to sneak out for a minute to go check on her. Aaron was already there, and had been for the better part of an hour. They have little windows where you can peek in. So, as I looked in, I saw our little pink girl with a red-blotchy-tear-stained face in a little mini chair eating fishy crackers. Aaron told me that she had been signing that she wanted a drink, but they didn't know what she was doing. I think it took all that Aaron had to not swoop in there and rescue her.

Afterward, when I talked to her little teachers, they explained that she was having a hard time in the TRANSITION time. Once she got to the next thing, she'd get used to it and be okay.

It was a hard day for all of us. But, at the same time, it is a fun thing seeing this girl grow up. It's crazy, because we thought she maxed out in the FUN department long ago... but every day she is more entertaining and fun. Not to mention that we adore her more every day.

So, let's take a look back on her LAST 1/2 birthday. Shall we?






and here we are today:


nice matilda. NOT!



Pretty cute girl.
Happy 18 months, Tillie Cuckoo.
We love you. A lot.

p.s. no, I never let her wear necklaces for fear of choking or strangling, but I allowed her for this hour of life since I had a watchful eye on her. In case you were wondering...


Rebecca Snyder said...

oh my goodness. I am crying at work, how embarrassing. She is a doll. From now on I will just come every Sunday and we will have our own nursery so she never has to make any transitions.

Adams Family said...

i'm pretty sure she is the cutest little 18th month old ever.
i LOVE her smile.
i know i've told you before...but her eyes are amazing.
what a beauty! :)

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

She is soooo cute! You are such a great Mom!

Lindsay said...

Awe! What a difference a year makes. Even I got a little choked up just reading this. With our second we haven't taken enough time to get sentimental. I kind of miss it. Matilda is so beautiful and life is so exciting!

Tim and Melissa said...

Too CUTE! It is sad how fast they grow up, but it is so fun to see them grow up too. Tough! We love Tillie!!

Kristen said...

She is so lucky to have you as a mom. She gets to look back and see adorable pictures with a crown that her mommy made. How awesome is that?!

tara said...

sooo cute! I will come and watch her during church for you, mmk? k. Can we have another play-date soon? Jared needs more practice.

Horner Family said...

How adorable is this? Love it! What a cute family you are!


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