Friday, October 23, 2009

september utah trip-2009

okay. here we go.

posting the other big Utah trip. This one wasn't 5 weeks long, it was only 2 weeks. :) But, the big reason I went this time around was because my parents HIRED me to be a babysitter, for the little baby we'll call Lizzy. Never mind that she is 13 and probably more responsible than I am, but I will say that she is VERY busy. And, being that I have a driver's license, I was able to help her a little bit in her life.

We got to hang out with my parents for the first few days, then they boarded the airplane for NYC for the beginning of their "Fall Foliage Tour" in New England. Pretty fun for them.

We managed to have some fun of our own. Here are some pictures to prove my point. Be so proud that I am FINALLY posting everything and getting up to speed. :) I know. Pat on my back.

**My dad thought it would be a good idea for us to go to the very first BYU football home game of the season. So, we dawned our BLUE and headed down. It was pretty fun---but the football players weren't, how we say, ballin' it up. They were stinkin' it up. So, we ended up leaving after the third quarter. We're what we like to call FAIR weather fans. :) No die-hards here.

nice belly, melissa. remember how my dad wanted to find me a BYU maternity shirt? no luck.
THANKFULLY! Can you imagine? Sick image.

ok, Becca stole my camera and thought she should take a MILLION pictures of this man. He looks an awful lot like our uncle fred. So, I thought I better put this on too. What do you think, Aunt Deann?

This was a quick shot right before my parents left to the airport! I realized I hadn't taken any photos with them and Tillie. So, we rushed and took this in the garage. Turned out pretty cute, especially for such a quicky.

**We had some fun hanging out with some friends while there. Although there is NEVER enough time to get too much quality time in, we did steal away a few times.

Here are some of cuties Avery, Max and Tillie on Jandee's porch swing. Amelia and Isaac were asleep.

Love these girls and their RANDOM projects. The latest was making dress forms. FORTUNATELY, I missed the previous Friday's beginning of the project, where they actually took the paper mache' and made their forms. hA! Sounds like a ton of fun. Apparently they kept their old t-shirts on and did the mache' on TOP. Way to keep it modest, girls! hA! Here they are making some adjustments where pieces had sunk in. Apparently the t-shirt underneath made things not as accurate. I'm sure they will be really fun in the end, but they looked a little crazy from where I stood!

It was hot so Tillie thought it would be fun to play in the water. I didn't want her to get sunburned,
so I left her onesie on. She and Avery had some fun.

Pretty fun stuff. I really like these crazies.

**We went up AF canyon with the Woods for a picnic. It was GORGEOUS with all the pretty fall colors!! We couldn't have asked for BETTER weather. It was a great time.


**After our trip up the canyon, I told my sisters they shouldn't miss out. But, it was late in the day, Tillie would need to go to sleep soon, so we opted on a neighborhood walk instead. Umm, yeah, it was THIS pretty in the neighborhood. Not too bad.





helloooo, amazing? wow.

**Another perk of Utah goodness is the great FRUIT that my in-laws are able to produce each year. We had an APPLE fest where Steph and her family came down from Magna, and Kirstin came over with her boys for the fun. We spent the bulk of the day canning Apple Sauce and drying apples (we took some dried apples home to Texas, and I'm sad to admit that we had eaten them within the week!!). It was a lot of fun, and now canning doesn't seem AS scary as it used to! It was definitely a fun day.

I asked Max to say "cheese." This was what I got.

I asked Tillie to say "cheese." This was what I got. Hmmm... maybe they are related after all? :)

Lydia is older than Max by 10 months (right?), and Max is 9 months older than Tillie. They'll all be good friends.

**We went to visit Jesse up in SLC at the pizza place he works at. Let's talk about delicious pizza AND how fun it was to see the big bro.

Tillie loved having root beer in her cup. Can you tell?

Tillie still isn't too warm with Jesse yet, but she is doing MUCH better. :) Here she is diving for Becca.

Jesse wins the longest hair in our family of mostly girls. How lucky! I keep telling him that I really want to do a french braid!! But, so far, he hasn't let me. "How rude!"--(like stephanie on Full House).
One day, he'll let me... It will be so fun.

just walkin' around the city of Salt Lake. Fun place.

don't mind my enormous shadow. did i mention that I love being big and pregnant?
big, bold, and beautiful, i'm sure.

That's a wrap. Utah in the fall is always a good decision. Light jacket. Fall colors. Good work.


Adams Family said...

LOVE those fall colors.
You take amazing photos!!
Looks like ya'll had a blast with your family! :)

a pair of pettijohns said...

golly, does utah have to be SOOOO beautiful? and does tillie have to be SOOOO cute? especially in that cute little green-stripey number?

you are one cute pregnant self :)

great work on the updates. i thoroughly enjoyed!

Kirstin - Klinton - Max - Krieg Starr said...

So much fun...I love all the pictures that you have taken...thanks for being the family historian. I am way looking forward to Thanksgiving...I can't believe it is less than a month away.


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