Saturday, July 26, 2008

the big news!

"hungry? why wait?" just grab your hand.

yeah, she loves her hand.

this is what happens when I moved her hand. is she confused or what?

the elephant shirt. i was messing around one day...
it's dangerous giving me a blank onesie. but, this turned out to be a good crime.

feelin' good in the neighborhood. This is where she just performed the trick
of LaUgHinG for the very first time! Too cute!
p.s. the darling quilt is made by my wonderful mom. of course!

For the BIG announcement that I eluded to in the last post (thanks, Margaret, for reminding me!)---Matilda rolled over! On her 3 month birthday, no less!!

So, no, we're not pregnant and we're not moving or something crazy like that... we're just nuts over this little girl and every tiny thing she does! :) hA!

So, sorry to disappoint if you were thinking it was something even more glorious than that! Don't worry, team, I totally caught it on film. Be impressed. We always have our camera at a moment's notice. And, only if you promise to turn the volume down completely on the video, then you can watch it. Seriously, I remind myself of a chipmunk and don't want you to have to subject your ears to it. But, what can I say, I guess I am a dweeb. Luckily, Tillie doesn't know any better. So, it's all good.

Here she is on her 3 month old birthday! We decided to celebrate by reading a book for the very first time. We thought this one would be the most appropriate. Sweet Laura, one of Em's BFF, sent this book to us!! And, it is out of print, so she had to look extra hard for it! We LOVE it! Matilda was enthralled the entire time. And, being that last night was the first time she laughed when Aaron was tickling her, we thought it was eXtRA special. Thanks, Laura!

she's biting her nails in anticipation! "Who tickled Tilly??"

Warming up before the big roll.

video was supposed to go here, but i can't work the internet.

p.s. Aaron was wondering if I had made it harder for her by making her roll on the bed. Is seems like it is easier to me. What do you think? Would the floor be easier? Well, she's a champ, either way.

Now, before you view this last picture--- No, it isn't how our bathroom looks everyday. Let me explain. Remember Hurricane Dolly? yeah, we do too. Only because the newscasters told us that because of it, we'd be getting tornadoes. Yes, I said tornadoes. First we were on "tornado watch" --- which has happened many times since we've lived here. But, then they said that we were having a "tornado warning"--which is a much bigger deal. Then the map on the tv said it was heading right in our area. Next thing I know, the weatherman is telling us to go into the innermost part of our homes, and we'll know if it is there if we hear a "train like" sound outside. He suggested the bathtub with a blanket on top is one of the safest spots to go. Yeah, the warning was up/on for a few hours. Can we say "scared"? yes. thanks.

Well, being Matilda's 3 month birthday, I wanted to make sure she lived to see her 300 YEAR birthday, so I didn't take any chances. Here's the bathroom. Kajsa and I kept texting back and forth during the storm. I eluded to the fact that I had a few "emergency essentials" in the bathroom with us, but I don't think I told her that I had our 72 hour kits in the hall too (it was a big box and didn't fit comfortably in the bathroom with us).

Team, I was afraid. I am not a dork. Take special note in the picture below a few "essentials" like our extra hard drive, cell phone charger, file of important papers, cds with more photos, scriptures for some light reading, :) , diapers, toothbrush & paste for fresh breath and some comfy blankets and pillows. You can never be TOO comfortable in a tornado, right?

Well, the storm passed and I didn't have to duck into the tub with my baby. But, it made me think twice about what I would do in an emergency. I need to assemble a 72 hr. kit for Matilda! I don't think she'd eat the granola bars in mine at this point. :)

wow. big post. hope you enjoyed the craziness.


marc, michelle and Jackson said...

I am glad to hear that you guys are safe and sound! How scary! I would be more than scared with a little kiddo, what a little adventure you have to share with Tilly. Oh, and CONGRATS to matilda on rolling over on her three month birthday! Way to go cutie! Love all the pictures.

lizzy said...

she is adorable!!! i can't wait to come and hear her laugh!!

aunt liz

Logan and Emily said...

WHOA scary. I am now, as I type this, compiling a list of things to buy for a baby 72 hour kit! LOVE the elephant onsie and your little Tilly is total eye candy. Oh and on a side note...LOVE the soap dispenser that you have in the bathroom. I have the exact same one. Is it possibly a quilter thing? Haha.

azufelt said...

Yeah, my hubby called home to ask if we were in the "basement" (where we come from, that's where ya go!) And I had no clue what he was talking about. I had heard there was a tornado... I noticed it pouring cats and dogs outside... but never thought to put the two together! It's good a thing we were all safe!

BETH said...

your bathroom is totally hilarious-
I was completely oblivious to the fact that there was a tornado until I was headed back to work after lunch and I heard it on NPR. It said there was a hurricane spotted by sea world and to get under cover if you were in a car. I looked out my window and I was passing the exit to sea world- sort of freaky. But I figured it was better to keep driving away from sea world so I went back to work.
Oh yeah and way to work those muscles little Tillie

BETH said...

bgenho at

Lyssa said...

LOL you are hilarious about the tornado. I guess I wasn't scared or freaked out cause I guess i'm just used to them always posting that on the news and then also the big storms...I love the bbig storms. They are so cool to me. Emma and Kate were playing on the balcony during it...bad parenting? No, just want them to explore, right?
She's getting to be quite the toddler! I can't wait to see her this Sat.
Peace out and loves

a pair of pettijohns said...

melis, she is SUCH a cutie! and let me just say... the quilt your mom made is A-MAZING! love it!!

Shanda said...

She is soooo cute. I love to see what cute clothes and headbands she'll we wearing next! :)

Kelsey Shelley said...

I can not believe how old Matilda is looking! She is so adorable!And all the tornado scary! Your blog is so fun to read!

Madz said...

Wow she looks so old and cute! She has the bluest eyes i've almost ever seen! Wow! I love the captions you put on each picture! I loved the "who tickled tillie" and the elephant shirt pic! Too Cute... too adorable.... and congrats on the big... drum ROLL please.... ROLL OVER!

The Cook Family said...

Wish we were that prepared when we were hunkered down in the bathtub! You are a pro!


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