Wednesday, July 9, 2008

utah trip, part two: wood family reunion

here we ALL are. this won't happen again for at least another two years!

another group shot.

we're making the same face. ahhh, mother and daughter do have some similarities!

tweedle dee, tweedle dum and tweedle dum dum. I'm not saying who's who here!
These three are nuts whenever a camera comes around.

nice air, tyler. and good assist, adam.

We got to attend the Wood Family Reunion. Since we're such an integral part of the family (hA!), they made sure to plan it when we were around. Ahh, so nice. It was a fun filled weekend. We went up to Wasatch State Park in Midway, Utah. And, while we were there, Aaron and I decided it might be a great place for us to live (not at the state park, silly. I meant Midway!). It was BEAUTIFUL! The temperature dipped down low at night, so our little family of three made the trek up and down the canyon each day so we wouldn't have to freeze our buns off. :) Actually, the second night (and last night) Aaron did stay and said it wasn't too bad of a temp. But, I didn't feel too bad about being able to take a shower and sleep in the comfort of a real bed. :)
Here are some pictures to prove we were there!

aaron went on a nature hike... by himself. these are what I found on the camera later.

nice, aaron. nice.

paul bunyan came to visit. Err... I mean, Adam. Love this shot.

Bundled up with grandma and grandpa wood at the park. It was pretty windy.

the next morning. tillie mae looking so cute in her bonnet with
Uncle Aaron and sweet cousin Lydia.

crazy dad and darling matilda.

what can I say? I loved the bonnet (and the girl inside it, of course!).

We were also in love with this little number that my mom dug out of the baby clothes box.
Like I said, the temp. was pretty chilly in the evening, and she was cozied up in this delight.

"wha choo you lookin' at?"

aahhh, the starr family. LOVE this group shot. hA!

Aaron being experimental again with the camera. Pretty freakin' rad. :)

and I loved the spark that the camera captured in this one.

the major bon fire was appreciated by all. Especially when K' ceremonially placed the huge card board box in it. AwEsOooOmE!

a family that golfs together, stays together. right? :) and, pretty course, right?

So, there you have it, a low down on the Wood Family Reunion. Good times, all around.


Becca & Jonathan said...

My favorite is the matching mother/daughter pose! I feel like I know little Matilda Mae! You're in San Antonio right? That's pretty doggone far from Dallas, huh? Because we'll be there in August and it would be oh so fun to meet your cute little mini-me.

elements: overexposed said...

I must have been browsing your blog while you were browsing through mine. Just saw your comment. So great to hear from you and little Tillie Mae is a cutie patootie! Utah fun, what good times. We just returned from a trip there as well. You might have seen a few posts about it. My little bro. entered the MTC, sad, but true...but happy too! I'm a poet, I guess.

Chris said he got a message from Aaronias last night, hope they can touch base soon! Please tell him hello for me.

As for the golfing shoes, no, they are just my Pumas purchased for my European vacation that I now where anytime I will be doing some walking or sporting type events. However, I am planning on hitting a few golf balls with Christine to see if I am interested to take it up.

Oops, clearly this is turning into a novel as well. No problem about Kristin writing, hello, I love playing travel planner/guide.

Loves xoxo

Logan and Emily said...

I'm coveting that darling little bonnet! oh and...I'm pretty happy for all the super fun fun you've been having!

Russ and Nat said...

Can we call that little number "The Abominable Little Snowman"?? That is the funniest little outfit ever!! I LOVE IT!!!! It looks like you have been having a great old time!


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