Sunday, July 20, 2008

snyder family pics...the last utah pictures.

Ok, we're rounding up the Utah pictures. Here's the last of them. Since all of us happened to be in Utah at the same time, we decided to follow the Wood's example and take family photos of us too. Alas, here we are. Same color scheme, except we added jeans to the mix. How exciting. Here we are.

Loved these pictures with Uncle Jesse.

my favorite is this pose. he asked us what he should do in the pose, we had no reply.
so he pulled his "proud uncle" face! hA!

just the girls. (my dad, jesse and aaron thought it would be weird if they did "just the boys" in a shot. so, we didn't).

little wood family. because of the speed that I was swinging matilda, she looks a little blury. sorry, babe.

"our last supper"--per special request. becca and dad are a dynamic duo. they are in love with that bbq. Here's some of the delights. Yes, a little salmon, a little steak AND shrimp too? Yes.
Was it heaven? I think you know my answer on that one.

i think i captured this dish really well. the lighting was great, huh?

gathered around the mulberry bush. or table. whatev.
everyone loved that I was taking their picture.

Now for a few random shots of the wee one. Of course we had to add a few randoms, right?

this was our experiment to see how much hair she really had. The nice spikey look. Not a lot on top.

just out of the bath. sucking on her beloved hand. always.

ok, wow. so there you have it! ALL of the Utah pictures! Now, onto more exciting pictures of the dolly! I am compiling them right now, so you can see this BIG smiley doll-face! I know you are all REeLinG!

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lizzy said...

so so cute i could eat her up!!!!

love aunt lizzy


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