Monday, July 7, 2008

dedication #1.

this post is dedicated to Matilda Mae.
I just wanted to give you a cyber-high-five for having a blow out in your diaper.
Thanks for that first time experience this morning.


oh gosh, but gotta love that smile she gave me afterward. it looked a little like this one.

thanks, really.
sigh. now I gotta go do some more laundry a.k.a. my most favorite activity in life.
ah, but she's worth it.


Jami Black said...

gotta love the explosions that surprise you! What an adorable grin though!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Oh, the blow outs! What a fun surprise those are....ha. Well, she did give you a really adorable smile though, its hard to be frustrated with a cute face like that. Oh...and the Tie Dye, was great fun! Definitely do it next year. You'll love it.

a pair of pettijohns said...

hilarious. cutest smiley pic EVER!

Madz said...

that is adorable!!!!

Yvonne Kizerian said...

At least is was while she was diapered and not while you were changing her. :)


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