Monday, July 14, 2008

father's day.

ok, can we take a time out to appreciate how great this photo is. The incredible Catherine Lopez took this one too (remember all those fun ones of Matilda? yeah, same photographer). She took this shot in between the real "poses" as Aaron was trying to calm her down. I just love it. I love it so much. SOOO soo much. So, let's all pause and admire it, together. ok?
-pausing- good. Thanks.

There were lots of days that were enjoyed in Utah.

Probably the best day of them all was Father's Day. This was the day that Aaron blessed our sweet Matilda Mae. It was great to have our families around to be there and to love on our sweet baby girl. We also had some friends show up too, and we're so glad they could make it.

I loved that before we left to the church it was just me, my dad, Aaron and little Tillie left. We dressed her up in a special white dress and bonnet. We were all there in the bathroom (yes, at one of my mom's designated changing stations) buttoning up her tiny little buttons and admiring how beautiful she looked. It was one of those really great moments in life that you hope you never forget. You know those kind? Yeah, love those.

Aaron did such a wonderful job. A few people came up to us afterwards and said that the blessing he gave was perfect. He blessed her with so many special gifts. It was such a sweet day, for all of us.

It was wonderful to have the fathers in my life present. Here are some great shots of them featured below. To them, we say thank you for being such Good men (good with a capital G). We couldn't be luckier.

Here's some of the first dad I ever knew (you know, MY dad!). He is the bomb.

my dad purchased this outfit for Tillie as his father's day gift. :) love it. So, did she.

hanging out in the backyard after her blessing. love those pictures.
(and yes, we have a whole post that we'll dedicate to Tillie in her dress, duh!)

My second newest father, who welcomed me to the family with open arms. Big fans of Mr. Scott Wood.
I cropped this one from the family photo... it's a great one.

a little bit of a repeat from the family reunion, but I love it so much. two times the fun.

And, last but not least, the newest father of the bunch. Even though he's not MY dad, I sure do love him. Basically, he rocks. Even though he's new to the job, he is already a seasoned pro.

Ok, ok... I have to give a "holla!" to Aaron. I know I've done it before in this venue, but well, he is the bomb-diggity and deserves another shout out. Ok? ok. good. He has been so incredibly involved with this sweet little lady and is always completely happy and ready to take care and dote on her. He never once has complained and is usually the first one to jump up and hold Matilda to help her be happy.

The amazing thing is that Matilda never cries when Aaron holds her. She can be screaming her guts out in my arms (nice, i know) and once I hand her off to him, she's as happy as a clam. "What?! No fair?" you say. But, luckily, he's on my team, so it's fine by me. If that's not a definition for a "daddy's girl", then I don't know what is. I couldn't dream up a better dad for little Matilda.

And to the dad's in our life, thanks. We really love you a whole lotta times over.


elements: overexposed said...

Ok, how great is that first foto!?! I will answer, So great! Little Tillie Mae is certainly a cutie! It's crazy for me to think that you and Aaron are it weird for you too? Maybe, because when we left you didn't have kiddos and I think of you as single still, without children, like the day we left. Good times! xox

TheSandsCrew said...

She is adorable. I'm sure that your dad is the bomb as a grandpa. He is a great uncle.

Lyssa said...

Sorry to say but she just cries cause she knows she can get away with it with you :)
Such a sweet plethora of pictures! She's getting so big and so so beautiful! And I love her big big flower on top!

Natalie said...

Well Hello!!! It's Natalie Park Benson! Craig's little sister, Taylors cousin. Also remember me from Art History and World Civ at BYU! I am sure you remember me, anyway! I found your blog from Liz Shelleys She lives in my parents neighborhood and is a friend and high school friend of my little sisters. Crazy to finally see what you are up to. SO is that cute baby your first??? I saw Sarah at the Zoo a month ago and she said you just had a baby named Matilda! How darling. I just had my second little girl on April 28th! Where are you living? I am going to add you to my blog, okay??? Take care and I am so glad I found you!

annie and jared said...

she is getting so big, and yes, i do love that top photo, i love how aaron is looking at her. so so cute. i also love that the bow is waaaay bigger than her head, ha ha, too cute.

Russ and Nat said...

So when I first saw this post I was like "Oh No!! How did I miss Father's Day!! But then I realized it was long passed and I really didn't forget.....Phew!! So your dad really is awesome! Go Roland!

Kristen said...

Aaron amazes me...the day you showed me the dress that I got for Tillie, Aaron was EQUALLY excited as you were about how cute it was and how darling Tillie was in it. I don't think there is another man that pays that close attention to details. How cool is that? Such a good dad.

lizzy said...

she is so so cute i love how she is interactive now!!!!!
i come in 19 days!!!!! i am so so super dee duper excited!!!!!!!!!
love Aunt Lizzy


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