Thursday, July 24, 2008

calling all parents of kiddos!

Hey team,
just saw this neat thing that Regal Theaters are doing.
Free Family Film Festival.
FREE movie for kiddos and parents on these days during the summer. All's you do is select the state and it lists all the theaters doing the free movie showings.
Check it out.

and for all of you without kiddos, or super mini kiddos like us... I bet you could go too.
p.s. read the top paragraph on the link. details are listed there.

p.p.s. big news in the wood home. we'll post hopefully later today about it! I gotta get downloading pix and fiLm! oh, and remember how we're under tornado watch today... this whole Dolly business is not cool. It's nutso outside.


erin said...

How fun... I'm going to check out those free movies! Thanks for the info :) Also, the pics of Matilda in the previous post are adorable! What a cutie :)

The Starr's said...

Good luck with dolly! I am thinking of you guys. That picture of Matilda in the blue shirt blows my mind, she has never wore anything like that yet.

Heather's Fave Books said...

You just won an award on my reading blog, come check it out.

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

We've been going to these movies all summer. THey have been SO much fun! Definitely hit it up when Matilda is a little older. She'll love it. And you'll love a reason to get out! :)


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