Wednesday, July 2, 2008

utah trip. good times all around.

well, I thought that I should really start putting up some of the many pictures we took while on our month long vacay to Utah. It's amazing how much a baby can grow up in a month. Especially from month 1 to month 2---from newborn to real baby. So, we were really happy knowing that we could spend some time in Utah to let our ENTIRE family get a load of this dolly.

she loves to fly on airplanes. this is her getting excited at the gate.
she did great, by the way. a perfect angel, as usual.

meeting two of her aunts for the first time. mind you, they were huffing and puffing.
notice the wind blown hair on both of them. they had run to the wrong terminal. nice!

meeting grandpa snyder for the first time (he was circling around in the car waiting).

love this.

meeting her other grandpa and uncle tyler for the first time. LOVE this reaction too!

just met aunt melody (aaron's sis).

We set up camp at my family's house (snyder fam) and it was equipped with a pack n' play from Deanna and TWO diaper changing stations (one upstairs AND downstairs) and my mom had pulled out blankies and all sorts of baby delights to make our stay wonderful. :) Way to be, Denise. Way to be.

not the best shot of great grandma johnson, but Tillie's face was priceless!
we celebrated her birthday and it was great.

em loving tillie. (notice my mom's quilt that she made in the background?! i know, beautiful).

lizzy loving tillie.

Unfortunately, when we got there, Lizzy was sick with an eye infection, runny nose and sore throat. Talk about heart break of the century. Poor girl had to leave right before Tillie was born and now she couldn't be around her when we finally got to Utah. We all felt awful for her, but luckily she took her med's round the clock and got healthy quick. She was great with Matilda. You see, she just turned 12. To have a new baby in the mix is like a dream come true. Trust me, I know. Lizzy was born when I was 12 and ask anyone (including my mom)---I pretty much raised that girl. True story.

tillie mae has a real life "uncle jesse"--- just like in Full House. she is too lucky.

Then we went to our nephew's baseball games one afternoon. It was fun to watch them play! They were such great little players! Aaron is now considering a career in sport photography, he was filming and doing all sorts of tricks with the camera. Nice.

Caden in a super cool action shot. Here he is pitching.

Funny Garrett showing us how strong his muscles were.

Weston in the dugout, loving his drink.

Then we did some hanging out with our family again (that was the theme of this trip. lots of hanging out with family, which was fun to do). Luckily, Aaron's family lives 3 minutes away from mine, so we were hopping back and forth through out our stay.

here she is rockin' to some tunes with her uncle tyler (who leaves on his mission in just a few weeks!!)

and, what Utah trip would be complete without a hangout with the gals. we take a picture each time
we get together and this time it looked a little different with kiddos and pregnant bellies!
And, I need to mention that we had a baby shower for whit, but for some reason I have no pictures from the event! Darn! But that was super fun too!

Why such a long trip? 3 weeks, mind you. Well, Aaron had a school break and I was finally in a position (meaning no work) to leave for longer than a week and a half! YES! We took full advantage of this. Aaron had to get major studying done for the Dental Boards, but we figured that he could study just as easily in Utah! (in hind sight, it probably wasn't as "easy" with a billion invitations to play and have fun with old friends and be with family, but it was worth it!

More pictures to follow!


Tyler and Erin said...

What a blast! Next time you are here I want to meet little Tillie! I can't believe how much she is changing. crazy!

Logan and Emily said...

toooooo much fun! love your mom and the diaper stations! I'm super jealous right now!

lizzy said...

can you believe it i come in only a couple more weeks!!!!! i am sssoooo excited to see lil' tillie man is she cute or what!!! she is getting bigger by the second!! that stinks that tillie and you both have colds! bummer!! love you all!!!!

lizzy said...

till i come that is

Bri, Steff, and Jax said...

That is awesome that you got to visit! The pics of your family with Tillie are so cute! I especially love the one with her and Great Grandma! They are making the same face, and it is so cute! Hope everything is going well for you!

a pair of pettijohns said...

cute, cute, cute pictures! glad you guys had such a great visit home! :) i just wish your family liked tillie more...just kidding, NOT possible!!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

It was SO GREAT to see you guys! I am glad I finally got to meet cute Tillie.


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