Thursday, July 17, 2008

matilda mae's blessing day!

ok, ok... I know you have all been waiting to see the pictures from her blessing day. And here they are! So cute. I found this little dress at Broadbent's in Lehi, Utah. Love it. And, it was pretty inexpensive too (love that even more!). The detailing on it was pretty sweet and the bonnet looked DARLING on the little darling herself. So, enjoy the pictures.
Oh, and the sweet little bracelet is one of Kajsa's originals. Thanks, Kajsa! (and sorry, I undressed her to feed her that afternoon and forgot to put it on her! so in lots of the pictures with the family, it is missing!) And, the quilt she is on is the one my mom made for her. And, it was hand quilted too. Good work, Mom!

love that toothless grin!

we had forgotten to bust out the camera earlier,
so we caught a bunch of the wood clan before they left!

tillie and aunt lizbert.

tillie mae with nana snyder.

tillie mae with her mom. yours truly.

matilda with the snyder clan, minus jesse. we were sad he couldn't come that day.

matilda with aunty becky face.

and matilda with aunty em. (just like in wizard of oz).

I used some of Aaron and my dad with Matilda in the last post (so, I didn't exclude, ok?). We're slowly almost caught up in life!! Be proud! We're getting there!


Lyssa said...

That is a super sweet, adorable, precious dress and bonnet! SHe looks ravishing in it :) Glad you had such a wonderful day and wonderful family to share it with!

emily snyder said...

so good to know that mom will be nana snyder ;-)

Logan and Emily said...

L.O.V.E. your family and that precious baby girl!

Jami Black said...

What a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress! She looks adorable and I am loving all her expressions!

Katie said...

These pics are so adorable!

And by the way. Preston does take a binky for sleeping only but he sucks on his hands all the time, more for fun than for comfort. I am actually glad because if he does do it for comfort I don't have to keep putting his binky in when he loses it at night. The nurses at the hospital actually said you shouldn't give a binky too much because then they won't suck on their hands which is the natural way they learn to comfort themselves. All these theories! I feel fine about the hands and since he only gets his binky when he sleeps I hope it's not too bad to take away. I mean there is no way you can stop them from sucking on their hands..what does your grandma want you to do tie her hands down?!!

Kristen said...

Too cute. Tillie is just so cute.

TaylorMade said...

She so cute! I love that quilt in the background and the blessing outfit.

Rebecca Snyder said...

Yeah so who decided moms name? Shouldn't mom decide if she wants to be called Nana. I still want to copy the Partridge's and the March's and just call her Marmie.

lizzy said...

she is so so cute we need to get better pic.s of me when i am down there ok okay then it is settled

Love Aunt Lizzy!!!

elements: overexposed said...

I love the second photo of looks as though she is giving her blessing day some serious thought...hmmm should I do it or not? Cute!

The Cook Family said...

Ah, parenthood! So much fun! Matilda looks like a little angel!


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