Tuesday, July 1, 2008

addendum to the favorites.

ok, I knew this would happen. But I forgot a few of our favorite things!

Remember the PRO I was talking about? Denise? Yes. Well, this is something that I don't necessarily love to "deal with" but alas, they are great. We use them as Matilda's little wipes. I just get them wet (when she was a new-born and I was really nice, I would wait for the tap to produce warm water... but now that I am impatient, I just get them wet). Her skin is sensitive, as are most babies, and prone to get little diaper rashes. It is nice that I don't have to use the harsh chemicals and alcohol that are used in disposable wipees all the time.

All you need to do is rinse it off afterwards in the sink. I have a little laundry hamper in the bathroom that I use to hang them on to dry. Trust me, I don't like doing sick things in life, and this really isn't all that gross. And, if she has an extra messy diaper, I use a disposable wipe first, and then finish with the handi-wipe. Then I wash them up in the regular washing machine with her laundry and we're good to go!

Mind you, I use disposable wipees in my diaper bag (i'm not going to carry around a gross used wipee all day in my bag. thanks, but no thanks). But, for everyday use, I like these.

You find them in the cleaning section in your regular grocery store. You know, where the dish-washing gloves and dish scrubbers are. So, there's another favorite.

Night.time nursing bras from Motherhood Maternity...
ok, this one I won't post the picture (let's keep it G rated, now), but I was super curious about which ones to get! These, as I found out from Michelle and Sarah, are the fave's. Super comfortable and you don't have to mess with annoying clasps and such. Nuff said. oh, wait! I found these at the store for $11, but on the website it is more? strange.

And, sorry to you male readers out there, but what do you do? I was asking Aaron if it was okay for me to post this last favorite on here, and he was like, "Well, isn't it one of your favorites? Then, sure, post it."
I got the approval, so there. ha.

Anyway... there you have it. S'more favorites. I'm sure we'll keep the addendums going. But, for now, "whoop there it is."

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Aubrey said...

I definitely agree w/ you - I think I wore those for 9 months straight! :) So comfy! And I'll have to check out your wipes tip - thanks!


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