Sunday, May 29, 2011

last week of may 2011

By the look on Cal's face, May was a good month for us.  What a happy kid.  I love that he is 15 months here.  He looks like he's about 4.  I think it's because of the teeth.  What a big happy boy!!!  
Let's see what we did at the end of the May 2011...

::: Sea World.  Big surprise.  Love Til's swimsuit.  Love Cal's ensemble.

the gazelle run. love it.
wow, he is too cute in his little hat.

proof that I was there.  

who's spying on me?

::: Tillie was playing with their blocks one night and she told me to come look at her Temple.  It was pretty cool to see, and then I heard her say to Calvin, "Hey Bubba, this is a temple. It is a house of God. Do you like it?"
That was a good moment.  I'm glad she is remembering things we are trying to help her learn about.  Had to record it.
The last one is a shot of when they were HAPPILY playing the mini piano together.  That also was a good moment.  I have to remember these good moments, b/c often times they are actually crying and screaming and stealing toys from one another.  Ahhh... the joys.

::: One afternoon we were eating Mac N Cheese for lunch.  A family favorite.  
Tillie was messing around with her noodles and rubbing them on her face.  In so many words, I told her that wasn't a good idea to put them on her face... especially in the nasal area.
Well, guess who decided to shove a noodle up her nose?
I tried to get it out, but of course between her sniffing power and me not knowing quite how to get it out... it went UP! out of my tweezer's reach.
I freaked out (on the inside, but stayed calm on the outside) and called Aaron.  Luckily, he worked 5 minutes away and was able to take an early lunch break.  Here he is helping her get it out with his dental instruments.  As he was fishing around up there, he couldn't find the noodle.  hmmm... so, it either fell out on her walk from the high chair to the recliner, or is floating around somewhere in her head.  :/  I think it's the first one.

(mostly) Good times in the month of may, 2011.

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