Sunday, May 8, 2011

She's THREE. happy are we.

Even though her birthday was a week earlier, I wanted to have a sit down with Tillie and take pictures of this crazy kook.  I love these---probably, because I adore her.  She is sweet & kind.  She has Cal wrapped around her little finger.  She is a chatty Cathy.  She is curious.  She's a singer.  She's a dancer.  She is a lover of all things princess.  She loves edamame.  She loves PB&J sandwiches and would eat them for every meal if I let her.  She also loves cereal (hallelujah!)---favorites are Berry Frosted Mini Wheats (they are delicious), Raisin Bran, and Rice Crispies.  She still loves books and piles them all over her bed for naps and bedtime.  She loves to pretend and create little scenarios, and you can hear her singing and doing different voices for hours after I put her to bed.  She loves picking flowers and always tries to escape to the side yard to find some when we head out the door.  She's learning to be a good sharer with her brother.  She loves pink and purple cupcakes and always thinks we should be making them.

She loves watching "her shows".  When she is hurt or pretending to be hurt, she starts crying and says, "Mom, I need to watch a show and then I can feel better."  nice.

When we drive by a playground or somewhere fun, she says to Calvin, "Oh, I love going [there].  Maybe we can go there tomorrow or another day, okay Cal? Wouldn't that be so fun?"  Makes me happy and guilty all at the same time.

Driving in the car, after a big meal where she had just eaten TWO corn-dogs, she let out a huge burp.  From the backseat she says, "Whoa. Excuse me, guys!  I guess I'm still hungry?!" 

She is such a delight.  We adore her and can't wait to see all that she becomes. 
Enjoy the billion pictures.

::: so, here was the inspiration for finding a bright yellow background for Tillie.  My mom had this picture taken of me in Hong Kong when I was two (we lived there when I was little).  So, I bought a big piece of matte board and have tried it out multiple times, but it always seems a little green.  So, I always change it to b&w when I'm editing them.  But, a few times I have loved the blue matte board I got.  You can see what that looked like too.

::: Oh, and I can't forget Cal.  He was sitting in his high chair eating string cheese throughout our session.  This kid is pretty amazing too.  Love that cheeser smile of his.
happy are we.  happy are we.


erin said...

Sooo cute!! All of these pictures are just adorable. Happy 3 to Matilda! I'm thinking she has exactly your smile, Melissa! :D

Marc, Michelle, Jackson, and Bennett said...

These are adorable! I am seriously in love with them. I love the yellow background, but I have to tell you the black and white on these images is awesome. I can't believe she is three! Happy 3rd birthday Matilda!

The Girl said...

Who knew she could get cuter. I really really like her. I wish I was there to hear the funny things she says! And Calvin is getting big!

BETH said...

Too cute. I love little Tillie.
Since it looks like we will be in FL for a while longer I think you should just follow us. It is not as hot.
Tillie and Grace are meant to be BFFs.

Any who.

What ward are you moving into? Any luck on selling?


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